Coercer: What should I improve to get better DPS output?

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Alarra, Dec 23, 2018.

  1. Alarra Well-Known Member

    Hey Guys,
    Seems to be a yearly thing for me, but could use some help getting better DPS throughput on my Coercer this expac.

    Currently Parsing around 700M - 1.4B on average on named fights
    If you guys could have a look at my current stat's/AA and let me know where I can make improvements.
    Also what are you guys parsing at the moment with Coercers?

    I haven't started on T2 heroics yet, but have enough resolve to do so. I want to impove the DPS so I'm not a crutch to the group before doing so.

    All gear is plat infused btw.

  2. Darman New Member

    Well Alarra I really cant give you any advice but if you dont mind can you give me your basic cast rotation because your Parsing a lot higher than my coercer and we have similar gear. I am having a lot of trouble getting any sustained dps especially on named.

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  3. Alarra Well-Known Member

    Hi Darman,
    My basic rotation is this for named fights:
    Pre-pull on 10 count:
    1. Ether-balance (1 min Dur, 0.75s Cast) (right side Prestige)
    2. Piece of Mind (26s Dur, 1s cast) (AA)
    3. Touch of Magic (25s Dur, 2.7s cast)(Etherealist Ability)
    4. Synergy(Dur 24s, 0.5s cast) (everyone gets this one)
    On Pull:
    1. Perfect Being (Dur 10s, 3s cast)(Charm Proc)
    2. Ethereal Conduit(Etherealist Ability)
    3. Manaflow (Fully Procs Ethereal Conduit)
    4. Spellbind (Dragon AA)
    5. Channel (with Ethereal Rune to give +50 Fer)
    After Pull:
    1. Tashiana
    2. Temporal Mimicry (Prestige)
    3. Puppet Master
    4. Ethershadow Assasssin (Etherealist Ability)
    5. Mastermind (Epic 2.0 Ability)
    6. Cascading Force(Etherealist Ability)
    7. Blinding Shock
    8. Unda-Arcanus
    9. Levinbolt(Etherealist Ability)
    10. Focused Blast(Etherealist Ability)
    11. Levinbolt(Etherealist Ability)
    12. Mind Control (Left Side Prestige)
    13. Nullifying Staff
    14. Asylum
    15. Oblitereated Psyche
    16. Psychic Trauma
    17. Hostage
    18. Puppet Master (procs Hostage)
    19. Arcane Bewilderment
    20. Brainshock/Silence
    Etc....I hope it helps. I use the other abilites like cascading force and that later on.
  4. Alarra Well-Known Member

    if it helps, With trash I use mainly Blinding Shock, Puppets, Mastermind, Unda Arcanus, Psychic Trauma with the odd AoE Type Ascension.

    After finishing the intial burst rotation on Names it is generally, debuff/buff, nuke, giving higher priority to higher damaging abilities.
    Generally the damage priority goes:
    Blinding Shock
    Ascensions (due to slower casting times, the ones above get priority)
    Psychic Trauma
    Arcane Bewilderment
    Destructive Mind
    Spell Curse
  5. Tajar Well-Known Member

    Do you mimic yourself or a DPS in the group?
  6. Alarra Well-Known Member

    Generally a dps in the group. If there isn't a decent dps, I mimic myself.
    The reason for doing it at the start is generally because dps classes offload at the start.
    As mimicry is based on your own fervor, adding fervor before hitting it will increase the output of damage.
  7. Alarra Well-Known Member

    However, Ethershadow Assassin doesn't mimic, so if mimicing yourself leave that until after casting some of the other ascensions that do mimic.
  8. Erssoli New Member

    Your Fervor is really low...aim for 220 or higher

  9. Chillispike Active Member

    Use Arcane Bewilderment right after Feedback Loop to increase it's damage and let it follow by Hemorrage, Brain Shock, Asylum, Simple Minds, Psychic trauma, Blinding Shock and just rotate them for the duration of it. Just rather not use a plain debuff or reactive because they don't trigger it.
  10. Alarra Well-Known Member

    Thanks for pointing this out. It did intrque me a lot so I thought I would do some testing.

    I did some dummy testing and thought I would share the results.
    • I found that unlike ethereal conduit it is not affacted by Mana-Flows power use.
    • Arcane Bewilderment had negligible affect on the damage output I couldn't see any difference after 5 tests using only hemerrage and Arcane bewilderment.
    • Feedback is not changed by Mastermind (70k power) or Charged Warding (39k power) as the target does not seem to be the enemy I guess, although it doesn't seem to imply such a requirement in the wording of the spell.
    • Ascensions power usage does not affact the damage increase, at least levinbolt/Levinbolt II/ Cascading Force do not, but they do proc the feedback.
    • Unda Arcanus and Nullifying Staff will not proc it
    • Simply Casting it will not proc it
    • Hostage will proc it on the first convultion proc.
    • Precasting Spell Curse will make Feedback loop proc on cast.
    • Brain Shock, Simple Minds, Silence, and Psychic Trauma will proc it, but only on the initial hit, it won't proc on future DoT hits.
    • Puppets will proc it once on cast
    • Asylum increased the damage significantly against the dummy, I guess cause it is a debuff, so maybe put that at the top of your list instead of Arcane Bewilderment.
    So Precast Spell Curse, add puppets to your rotation above, change out Simple Minds for Silence due to the damage factor as both take 1 second to cast, and leave them both as the lowest priority to cast.
    Maybe add Hostage as another low priority option as it takes 0.7s to cast, but requires another hit to occur before proccing the Feedback Loop.
    It seems to be broken as it isn't increasing damage due to power usage like it says it should, which is a shame.
    If it were working properly then I would say we would have more stuff to experiment with and that using Arcane Bewilderment (7000 power) or Levinbolt II (33,000 power) would be a decent way of boosting it's damage, it seems like self proccing Spell Curse in it's current form.
  11. Alarra Well-Known Member

    Could you perhaps point me in the right direction?
    In terms of HB, I currently don't have a Heartbound partnet whenever I am on, usually an FTP alt account or someone from the group.
  12. Chillispike Active Member

    Thank you for the testing :)
    Yeah true, i mostly go by Spell curse followed by Simple minds to proc spell curse on the encounter quickly. You are right on single target silence makes more sence then simple minds.
  13. Alarra Well-Known Member

    I just tested this, Spell Curse is only procced once by simple minds on the initial hit only. If you want to proc it quickly I would recommend the same spells you listed for Feedback loop with 0.5s casting speeds.
  14. Alarra Well-Known Member

    Submitted a Bug report about the Feedback Loop, one hopes they read it, not holding much hope for it though.
  15. Balcerak Well-Known Member

    Not sure what is wrong with feedback loop. I cast it early and then do CAs and watch the mobs melt for my BL. I do hit all of my active CA buttons just after I cast feedback. I don't know if it is supposed to do secondary and later hits but my guess is no.
  16. Alarra Well-Known Member

    It is hitting, some offensive Coercer abilities are not triggering it. Also, it is not increasing in damage when you use large power consuming abilities. (it says it is supposed to increase in damage with power usage)
  17. Morx New Member

    It doesn't say it will increase in damage when using abilities with higher power cost, just that it will increase when using any ability that uses power. The amount of power cost for the ability doesn't matter.
    But it's easy to misunderstand it.
  18. Magmag Active Member

    It says increases damage as mana is spent, so I don't think you're correct there amigo. It's a moot point anyway because the damage increase is extremely miniscule, but it looks like it's supposed to increase X amount of damage per 1 mana spent. Or it's possible DBG worded it wrong, but the difference is too negligible to make it worth the testing. If it was supposed to increase like you said then the ability would read "Damage increases each time a spell or combat art is used" and it would be a hidden piece of information that the ability must use power because EQ2.
  19. Mahateb New Member

    I have never played a coercer but any reason for not putting destrucitve mind on 2 mages in raid pre pull...its 7.5 second recast and 21 second duration...
  20. Alarra Well-Known Member

    I will have to try it out, but I would have to macro the people before hand.
    At present I have Destructive Mind macroed with Hemmerage to save on hotbar space.

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