Coercer vs. Warlock

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Rizzo, Mar 18, 2019.

  1. Rizzo Member

    Hey there, I have both of these classes on toons at low levels, just curious as to how they compare and what their different roles are?
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  2. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    Pretty simple. Coercer primarily for power feeding. Warlock is DPS. Coercer and it's counterpart the illusionist, are good example of mage utility. They can do dps, but they're there to make the group and raid better. Warlock is an AOE mage, while the Wiz is a better at single target. That's basically your difference. In this xpac, power feeding is needed, so they are vital. DPS...well, I'm fairly sure I don't have to explain their role, haha.
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  3. Rizzo Member

    Haha thanks alot man. I'm actually having more fun soloing as a Coercer than a Warlock and I'm only level 15 on my Coercer- maybe the skills are more fun?
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  4. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    Play style has a lot to do with it and what you like to do.
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  5. Rizzo Member

    Yup, I like a versatile class that I can survive on my own with, and even though Warlock does huge damage it kinda seems limited in its variety of skills.
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  6. Indrajit Member

    A well-played coercer can come in at one of the top slots in dps as well. Plus, unless a group already has one, they are usually in demand. Raids can't do without them.
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  7. Hellfiren Active Member

    You cant compare apples with potatos , Coercer and Worlock are similar only in the way both are Mage nothing more.

    Coercer is a supporter it could be played as DD for DPS but its primarly a Power Feeder for the Groupe and Raid, beside it has abbiltys to lower the Hategain on DDs and or increase Hate on Tanks.
    Coerc. could metzz and charm Encounters if its requierd for a script mostly in Raid.
    Prime Damage without Ascension Class is Arcarne / Magic Damage

    Warlock is the most powerfull Mage AOE DD Class in game thier is no mage with more AOE Damage than a Warlock.
    Warlock is a DD ( Damage Dealer ) its primaray duty is to do Damage to the Mobs and kill them as fast as pos.
    Prime Damage without Ascension Class is Nox Damage aka poisen and disease.
    Beside Warlock and Wizzy are not easy to play because the need a prooven spell rotation and both requier much timeing, because nearly every spell succeds from them spell wihch was casted before

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