Coercer spells resists increasing with each new buff packge

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Moss, Aug 24, 2020.

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    With mana regen change, coercer's have to rely on Cannibalize Thoughts to mana regen their group, yet I notice since the begining of the expension an increasing resists rate on this ability. And with each new content like Diaku, then incoming Solusek Eye, and higher raid challenge mode, this resist rate seems to increase.

    While having all abilities in celestial and using snacks to maximize my stats and still getting high resists rate is becoming more and more a problem. I tried to increase my mage skills to over 7k and still have resists.

    Not only Cannibalize Thoughts but also our mezz abilities, and some other damage abilities are affected with this problem. I already reported this issue in Kiaku challenge were the mezz resists was a huge random failure factor.

    But now having sometimes 4 resists in a row (with 2s casting) while your group if full mana drain in a few seconds make coercers even less desirable as other class does not seems to have these problem (beastlord/troubadour).

    I believe spells resists is something to be look at globably and is already starting to shows its limits, it will become more and more an issue for all class if the game continue to grow as it is due to whatever game mechanics that is implied here.
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    Moss: I have an Illy and have noticed that there is a spell resist to Manatap spell as well. Requiring me to spec for manasoul which burns my HP for group manaregen requiring the healers to work harder. A couple things I have noticed to help. Distance: group distance for mana regen is 10m while Illy is 15m. This can make a huge difference if group members are out of range of your main mana regen spell. Manatap: is the main Illy mana regen spell and requires damage to the mob to siphon power to the group. Meaning that if I cast it on the mob while there is a stone skin or barrier up on the mob it is an automatic resist, it will not cast manatap or will cast the spell and will fail allowing me to recast prior to the normal cooldown time. This means its important for you to know the strats for fights and not cast during these times (I have to get Manatap in prior to or after stoneskin or barriers). Mezzes: I do not count on my mezzes in raid encounters due to the acknowledged resist of higher raid mobs to mezz. Even some normal heroic mobs have stoneskins or barriers that prevent the casting of manatap or mezz on them. Plan accordingly spec AA for auto mana regen. Illy's have Epiphany and I know coercers have a similar constant group buff that increases mana regen per tick. This should help as well. I actually don't know that spell resists are as big an issue as you are suggesting. Its noticeable and something that has made fights more interesting, but nothing that can't be overcome or planned for. Continue to use snacks and maximize your stats. There is plenty of discussion already about the fact that Beastlords are OP. Had a BL in a raid force that was 3rd on the heal parse and 2nd on the DPS parse. Begging the question of why not just equip a raid with 22 BL's and two tanks and call it done? Troubs have their own resist issues as well at times in the fights but they can over come with similar knowledge as listed in this post.
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