Coercer pets?

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  1. Nicodemius Member

    Exactly. They never respond to anything like this--in fact, Daybreak doesn't even talk to us anymore. They talk at us. It's not a conversation; it's dictation. They change, break, or make whatever they want and don't answer to anyone before doing it. And, that's not exclusive to EQ2's that way in all the games they manage.
  2. DENSER Well-Known Member

    There are still exchanges on different aspects of the game. The craft in particular, the raid I believe and even other subjects. But for classes subject it's just 0.
  3. Zyllos Member

    That doesn't make any sense. Making class discussions would lead to a much healthier game and help retain/bring in more players.
  4. Jesaine Well-Known Member

    SOE has always been that way to a degree. Rebranding themselves as Daybreak didn't change that. They destroyed a potentially rich game universe in DCUO by making everything a raid zone as one huge example. Different game even though similar problems.

    Let me play devil's advocate though...

    First, devs are under increasing pressure by their overlords to do more with less and less, all in the name of the great god of investor profits. In THAT regard, it's a miracle we even got a 64 bit engine, which has VASTLY improved my game play. Hope you all are enjoying it also, even without a graphics boost. :)

    Secondly and even more importantly... Has anybody considered just how toxic the typical game's fan and player base is anymore? I've been impressed with the player base here compared to other games since returning, but even EQ2 isn't perfect here. My point is, players scream, whine, cry, trash games via steam reviews and on YouTube, over the slightest annoyance.

    SWTOR recently got it's 7.0 update, and it's general chat channels have been filled with people crying over changes that weren't even real. They were just so eager to ***** that they just jumped on anything to complain about. Overall, gamers are the biggest bunch of Karens out there. How many of you would really want to sit on a forum and try to talk players down from their tantrums all day? BTW, SWTOR's 7.0 "update" is bad also, just not nearly as bad as some have been crying, lol.

    ALL THAT SAID... The thing I miss most about City of Heroes was that the dev team never made a tweak to anything on a whim or on the basis of promoting another, less played class. EVERYTHING was hardcore numbers crunching proof only, esp after Positron took over. THAT, and that the devs did get involved with the player base. Back Alley Brawler actually attended my character's wedding.

    Different time and player base though. Nowadays, self entitled players are more likely to run up and spit on a dev's character in-game.
  5. Jesaine Well-Known Member

    More to the actual post topic though...

    Am I remembering wrong or did Coercer pets used to be permanent until killed or released, like the Beastmaster ones are?

    I'm probably just remembering wrong, but I was looking for an alternative to the beastmaster class since that loud roar every time my character's pet scores a hit is REALLY grating after 10 minutes or so. :p
  6. Rawr! New Member

    Beastlord pets are until cancelled
    Coercer pets are only in zone if you change zone they vanish and you have to cast possess essence again
  7. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    and when you're still a low level they get loose after a period of time, I have a level 40 coercer and my pet is under my control for about 15 minutes.
    Unlike my Illusionist's pet I have to tell that charmed coercer pet every time to attack when the mob is rooted and does not hit me.
  8. Zyllos Member

    Yes, I can understand that making those kind of changes do carry risk. And I believe we all know the company is under pressure to do more with less. But, there is also risk with doing nothing.

    But, Daybreak doesn't need to do large, sweeping changes to fix things in the classes. There are small changes that can make a big difference. Coercer pets are one of them. All they have to do is allow the charmed pet their scripts back, so charming a pet actually matters, providing buffs, or unique attacks.
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  9. Jesaine Well-Known Member

    Completely agree that the changes to the Coercer (and assassin) should be done. One of my first characters was an Assassin that fell victim to one of the earliest heavy handed nerf bat attacks. By the time SOE unnerfed them (because everyone switched to rangers if anyone recalls the early days), I'd forgotten how to play her and lost interest. It stunk. Coercer pets just having generic abilities takes any meaning out of catching a rare or unusual "pet" also.

    NOW I'm back in the same boat because I just found out they (assassins) got massively nerfed again. What really drives me nuts is that all the character classes look good and don't seem to show much lack until you've put 20 to 25 levels into them, which is a fair amount of time and effort.

    Rant aside, I was primarily playing devil's advocate on why Daybreak may be playing silent.

    I don't TOTALLY agree with my own devil's advocate logic there also. Just trying to present the other side of things. Even "talking at" the player base is better than silence, esp if it's done in a warm manner.

    As for the "Karens" remark also... I want to go on record that I was speaking in generalities about gamers. THIS community specifically isn't perfect, (who is?), but even the somewhat heated debate over the Pride event has been remarkably civil compared to general chat or the forums in nearly any other MMO. SWTOR's fleet general chat channels make reddit look civilized.
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  10. Jesaine Well-Known Member

    That's what I figured out. :) I was more curious about if I was remembering wrong and it wasn't always that way.

    As said above, I like the beastlord's ability to keep and level a pet, but that roar SFX gives me a migraine in short order.
  11. Zyllos Member

    Sure, I understand about looking at the other side of the equation.

    Daybreak, you can see, there are plenty of individuals who view this needs to be worked on. This is low hanging fruit to make the game be in a better place. Can we get any details or response back related to the state of Coercer, and also all other classes?
  12. Matik Member

    Hopefully you're all talking about tlp servers cause there is an AA that gives them 80% to proc really good damage on every attack. they are OP while leveling up. Also you have root stuns stifles and dazes you don't need anything to tank for you
  13. Zyllos Member

    Yes, we are speaking of TLE, but I think live would also greatly benefit from this, too. This ability doesn't make any sense the way it is.
  14. Nicodemius Member

    So, they've got a great feature in retail that mitigates the nerf and didn't do anything for Coercer's in the TLE? Man...that's sloppy.
  15. Zyllos Member

    Regardless, even with a change like that, losing the abilities (scripts) of the charmed mob really destroys the flavor, uniqueness, and identity of the Coercer.

    Daybreak, please, is there any information that can be passed along about the state of this class?
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  16. Jesaine Well-Known Member

    I've said it before in this thread, but I have to reiterate that I completely agree here. I actually tried a Coercer for the first time since returning and hated it. It's just like playing any other pet summoning class now, but with the added penalty of having to lose or beat down your pet regularly. Having some of the unique abilities be retained by a "pet" would at least offset that.
  17. Nicodemius Member

    100% agree. I really wish Daybreak would stop ignoring us on this issue and return 'some' of what made this class special. Right now there are 67 illusionists online and 32 coercers--most are sub-20 players. The class deservers some attention and love.
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  18. Noobnoob New Member

    I'm seriously thinking of retiring from Everquest. They are just lazy with their fixes now. I can't see how anyone would've thought this was a viable fix and there's no indication it will be reversed.