Coercer pets?

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Shogun2007, Apr 10, 2022.

  1. Shogun2007 New Member

    Coercer charmed pets hold no aggro and can only melee correct? How do u solo 1-65?
  2. Heccie Thump Member

    By rooting and through judicious use of your various stuns and stifles to stop things from hurting you. And when all goes to s*** mezz it and run away
  3. Dude Well-Known Member

    With a merc, like every class.
  4. Shogun2007 New Member

    Class just doesnt feel right. Anyway what merc is best?
  5. Sunlei Active Member

    agree, charm used to be awesome soon as you click /pet attack the mob will run directly at you. doesn't matter the merc or even if you group with an excellent taunt class..the coercer will always draw aggro with /pet attack command.

    Like the others said root the mob so it doesn't run at you, recast root when it refreshes/use your long mez for quick control if mob runs at you...keep an eye on charm timer. This bug? won't happen with your lvl 50? summoned pet.....

    a tip is to drop the stun with 5 triggers and curse into a macro.

    get the full melee aa tree(far left first page) grab all the melee attacks across the top of of page one, drop all those melee attacks into a second macro.

    spam those 2 macros and you'll burn down mobs pretty fast even solo.:)
  6. Zyllos Member

    So, Charmed pets NEVER use any of their native abilities? Really makes Charm worthless...
  7. Zyllos Member

    This is a post from someone late last year talking about how the Coercer Charm/Possessed spells work. From what I can tell, Charmed pets do not seem to do anything but melee, but I did hear something about that the tier of Charm, like Apprentice or Master, determines what abilities/spells the Charmed mob will use.

    I am going to do some testing to see if this is true or not.
  8. Annalist New Member

    I have found soloing on coercer pretty easy especially if you use merc (I just use a healer on auto follow), before mercs it was more challenging but more fun. You can let pets hit for a bit and try to build aggro, but it makes it slower and more than likely you will still pull the aggro off it. You can use your buffs and hate transfers on your pets.

    Besides the AA abilities that give the pet more attack abilities. The Possessed Essence pets will be different depending on the type of character that you have targeted when you cast it. They have a group buff and a damage proc depending on the class. Yes you have to cast it each time you zone...

    For example:
    Group buff:
    The healer PE gives you a group fervor overcap bonus

    In ACT you will see these showing up on your parse depending on the PE:
    Brute's Gouge is the proc damage from fighter PE
    Divine Ire is the proc damage from a healer PE

    I haven't played around with using charmed pets in awhile so I don't know if there are class abilities with those since I can't use it in a raid.

    This is the coercer charmed pets people have played around with, but I haven't checked to see what still works.
  9. Zyllos Member

    Oh, I should mention, I am playing on Varsoon TLE. Live is a completely different animal and don't plan on focusing anything on Live because the game is just completely different, and in my point of view, an extremely worse MMO.
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  10. Sunlei Active Member

    "Oh, I should mention, I am playing on Varsoon TLE. Live is a completely different animal and don't plan on focusing anything on Live because the game is just completely different, and in my point of view, an extremely worse MMO." Hi I play coercer on Tarinax and Varsoon and I LOVE to use charmed pets. Yeah the aggro problem/change/bug? sucks but I still love coercer.

    Happy to show you how a charmed pet runs directly at coercer and only melees now... but there are work arounds and coercer doesn't need any con slots to charm so there is that positive. Names Birde on both servers. 70 on tarinax and naked 18 on Varsoon..yeah i get some clothes soon :p
  11. Zyllos Member

    Devs, I think this should be a VERY easy fix to Coercers.

    Charm should still allow for following monster scripts (casting spells, attack abilities, ect). I have leveled up Charm tiers and made sure I was grabbing mobs that had abilities. This really, really needs to be changed.

    It is fine that pets don't hold aggro, but if the mob is rooted, they should attack the pet at minimum. But, not allowing for mobs to use their abilities really makes Charm an extremely underwhelming ability.
  12. Smashey Well-Known Member

    Coercer pets have always been a problem. So like with everything else related to EQ2 balance its either removed or made useless. They dont want charm to be used any more so all coercers on TLE servers wont have a "pet" until they unlock possess essence at level 65. Even their epic 2.0 is built around their "new pet".

    Coercer got the useless threatment again. Why do you think there is only 7 level 50 coercers on Varsoon? They offer worse buffs, have no pet for 2½ expansion and only really offer hate gain.

    Where as Illusionist already now have: Strong passive pet. Synergism, Rapidity, Flash of Brilliance and higher personal damage.
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  13. Zyllos Member

    The historical order in which Coercer pet nerfs happened is the issue.

    I believe they initially nerfed their casting/ability but still held aggro. So a high level charm is a big boon that allows easy soloing. So then they applied the no aggro nerf.

    Really, what should have happened is that they bring back the scripts of charmed mobs but they still hold no aggro. That makes the charmed pet still deal good damage, and makes the charmed target important, but it won't let Coercer solo things by themselves because the pet holds no aggro.
  14. Zyllos Member

    Devs, is there any official stance on how the current state of Charm fits to the overall Coercer narrative of class balance?

    I do believe this is pretty low hanging fruit to fix, by just allowing charmed mobs to use their scripts, change nothing else.
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  15. Heccie Thump Member

    I seem to remember in the dim and distant past when charmed pets used to use their scripts and we used to have to scout around to find the right type of pet for given situations. It was like all your christmasses came at once when you were in a group instance and you found a mob with troub abilities.

    I could be wrong, but I think the nerf happened after Veksar: Sunken Theatre came out and it was discovered that coercers could charm one particular mob in the zone and you could practically one-shot everything from that point on.
  16. Zyllos Member

    Ya, the fix for that is to make that one particular mob uncharmable. I already know they can do that because I have ran into mobs that are uncharmable.

    There is NO reason to just completely remove one classes whole key trait from the game for that. It makes the whole class worthless.

    Coercer needs their charmed pets back that actually do something. Just don't remove the aggro stuff, because a charmed pet shouldn't hold aggro, just like the Illusionist's personae, which doesn't hold aggro.

    This is a pretty big and serious issue, Daybreak. It needs to be updated and fix to allow the class to have it's design back.
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  17. Zyllos Member

    Daybreak, is there any response to the state of Coercer and Charm being completely out-of-line and broken?
  18. Zyllos Member

    I am chiming in again, Daybreak. What is the current view point and status of the Charm line for Coercer, it being completely changed into something very useless?
  19. Nicodemius Member

    Does Daybreak ever even respond to things like this? I've never actually seen evidence of community engagement--it would be nice to know they cared enough to bother, but I've not seen it.
  20. DENSER Well-Known Member

    Guys don't get tired. Have you seen, if not this year, an answer in the classes tab?
    No, none.
    Who takes care of that?
    Surely no one, or someone who hides because his work is mediocre