Coercer Pets get no Aggro now??

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Animus, Sep 7, 2019.

  1. Animus New Member

    Coercer Pets get no Aggro now?? After last patch I dont seem to get any of my pets to get aggro from anything. Everything comes right to me while I wear cloth and depend on my pet. Why did they do this in the last patch? Doesnt that defeat the point of playing a Coercer if your pets are pretty much useless?
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  2. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    That's news to me, though I've focused on the Strength branch of the AA tree ever since I realized Coercers were useless otherwise in the Hedge Maze for Nights of the Dead. :(

    Did okay until the very center, where one can't bring a Coercer pet in. :-/

    who doesn't really see much need for pets at all after that specialization... :-/
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  3. Mermut Well-Known Member

    Use your stuns and stifles. At higher levels the charmed pets just pop anyway.
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  4. Ra'Gruzgob Well-Known Member

    Coercer - ~20% of my adventures. So this also applies to my game.
    I need more time than others to write here so I will be brief as possible.

    1. -"Coercer Pets get no Aggro now??"
    - Yes, "Charmed creatures can no longer gain aggro"(see link bellow).

    2. - "Why did they do this in the last patch?"
    a) - It forces you to study your Coercer better.

    b) - Note that they didn't only that do. Your enchanted pet is now "Charmed creatures will reduce the amount of damage they receive by 99%", "Increased the auto-attack damage of charmed creatures over level 100" ( In addition, the charm time increased from 10 minutes, first to 20, presently and now up to 30 minutes. This gives you some additional opportunities, such as the fact that you (theoretically) can defeat a much stronger opponent now than before if you can keep him at a distance (he, being bound, is busy as before with you enchanted pet, and therefore does not make you harm. At the same time, your pet lives longer, and beats harder). This may take some time (you now have half an hour, not 10 minutes as before). And it battle requires taking measures to maintain sufficient energy.

    c) - It kicks you more often to be in a group with others (I can already see how you look at that one tank in side :)). At least for in order (if you like solo), to keep your crushing and piercing in pumped condition.

    d) - You may have a desire to upgrade your root, stun, etc. (tinkle up your coins, DC of course), especially if you have no time and/or desire to get it from loot or certain quests.

    e) - Now playing Coercer will finally pay attention to measures to reduce aggression regarding their character. And what can be done for this.

    3. - "Doesnt that defeat the point of playing a Coercer if your pets are pretty much useless?"
    - Now you need to learn to play differently (if you have not done this before) with your Coercer, more meaningfully. I would not say that it got worse - it became different (even better in some ways - see p.2b). For me, this means mobilizing and even better exploring the possibilities of my character, both for playing solo and in a group. Only one problem in all of this is that it’s not just easy to reconfigure yourself. Thus, dissatisfaction with these changes is a sign of laziness. But we are not afraid of difficulties - right? I have only one complaint for the developers regarding Coercer pets - I don't see an indication of the end of the charm (reverse timer). On the other hand, this allows you not to relax, but it happens that you want to use a external not game timer. The game on live servers is changing, so we don’t know whether they will leave the current changes or roll back to what were before. Imho they will roll back it, because people will not appreciate what they have done (they simply stop playing Coercer, except for some especially stubborn ones). This has happened before in relation to some things, when developers did something better,
    but this was not welcomed, and then they returned all as it was.
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  5. Flightrisk Well-Known Member

    Not just on live or just on coercers level 100 and above . Playing a 36 (for now) coercer on Kaladim server noticed that the pet spell Enraging Demeanor , and my spell Peaceful link , neither are working as described . and at level 36 having a ^^^ up by pass your pet like its not there and go straight for you ... is usually a beginning recipe for armor repair.

    well seeing the above , added to the noted experiences ..I'm glad I usually play my coercer like a standard mage that feeds power .. planing to continue that style now . though it is somewhat frustrating to have my character gutted , in all probability due to changes brought about because of the PvP server changes bleeding over into other servers, since i don't play pvp.
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  6. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    That stinks, yeah. I'm not sure why that should be so, if they've had so little emphasis on PvP here that PvP'ers are complaining about it. :-/

    not complaining, since I don't PvP either, but irked that there should be any bleed-over
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  7. Ra'Gruzgob Well-Known Member

    These new changes make Coercer more uncomfortable for a pvp player than for the rest. If Coercer’s pet continued to receive agro, as before, and received amplification, then yes, we could talk about the influence of the pvp server in this story. You can even say that as it was before, was more desirable for pvp-players. And it was for pvp that Coercer now became unplayable. Because fighting with another player and with a mob are two different things. In the first case, you have less time to make decisions, and macros in pvp are of little use (too different opponents appear suddenly), except when pvp players deal with obviously weak opponents. More simple: before, it was possible for Coercer not to watch over his pet, now he is doing him a service from bear. What in pvp only interferes. I don't fancy pvp, like for many. Once upon a time, in another game, pvp players did mischiefs for me and others, just for sake of their dubious pleasure. I don't like sneaky wars, when they are not announced. Not, devs are not on their side. They simply provide them with isolation from us, peaceful players, in other world that is desirable for them. And because of them they don’t rotate nuts from on our toons. I think so
  8. Pixistik Well-Known Member

    What it amounts to is the people designing the game don't play the game, or the influencers that help shape the game have drank way to much coolaid.
    The only way we ever got a change that helped the coercers way back was when one of the devs actually played a coercer, I think it was Rothgar or sumthin like that.

    Its a very stupid change this far into the game.

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