Coercer or Illy?

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Rebelde, Jun 26, 2019.

  1. Rebelde Active Member

    I have a coercer. She was my main since T6 until middle KA. I'm planning to play her as alt, but now I have some doubts.
    I think Illy has better offensive group buffs and temps than coercer.
    I have my epic 2.0 spells in Ancient, but watching the Illy's epic... well...
    What do you think? Should I betray to illusionist? What is now the chanters dps? (Spells + Ascensions or only Ascensions?). I was sweating blood in the past to have a decent dps as a coercer, but as I said, I left coercer after half KA expansion.
    Also coercer's mana regen was better (much better), but with the changes I don't know how important is now the chanter class for that.
    Any advice?
    Thank you all!
  2. Mermut Well-Known Member

    This expansion? Illy all the way.
    A coercer can power feed OTHER groups better than an illy.
    A coercer can help a struggling tank with aggro better than an illy.
    Aside from those 2 things, an illy does everything else better this expac.
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  3. Scrappyz Well-Known Member

    Illy's are just better anyway ;)
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  4. Sentrasia Active Member

    There is no contest. Illy>Coercer

    The question is really do you want to be desired in groups/raid/content (Illy) or do you want to be the last choice (coercer)?

    Coercers cross group power regen really doesn't matter at the moment. Their buffs are trash vs. illy's. Their hate abilities are useless unless you just have a really bad tank, in which case it's not going to be enough to matter.

    I really miss playing my coercer but the fact is they've been pretty lackluster for awhile now.
  5. Rebelde Active Member

    Thank you all ;)
  6. Gregore Active Member

    I CRUSH Illy parses on HOF on my Coercer! Yes, their epic ability is nice, but the Coercer one, group 50 fervor/50 fervor overcap for 8.4 seconds (that can be reset with brews), is insanely good for group burst damage! There are only two of us Coercers in our raid, but they're way better in a raid group with a tank, especially main tank group. Main tank groups will never take an Illy over a Coercer. I bring a rediculous amount of CB to my group as well, and peaceful link was tremendously buffed for this XPAC. So what if I can't reset somebody like an Illy, that's what a Recapture is for! Plus a lot of raids are using Berserkers for their tanks because they bring a lot of good DPS buffs to their group. Being a Coercer will get you in that tank group to get the really good buffs (seen my CB spike over 6,200 in raid fights). An Illy will never see any of this being stuck in the caster group. Also, raids are extremely scout heavy (hello Assassin flavor of the month! LOL) this XPAC, so there's fewer casters in raid to benefit from Illy buffs. Everything else that I can do greatly out weighs the ability reset and Illy epic spell IMHO. Crushing Illy parses since TSO baby!
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  7. Gregore Active Member

  8. knytemaire New Member

    So Gregore what are your thoughts on Intellectual Remedy....i notice you didn't mention that as a great Coercer buff.?
  9. Gregore Active Member

    I'm specced for it, but after reading some discussion about it on here, am thinking about speccing out of it. While it may not be as useful as in the past, it's still a raid-wide buff that stays up for 40sec, so may be worth keeping. I'm kinda' on the fence. I need to re-look at my AA's and figure out what I would spec into with those points, and which would give me the most bang for the buck.
  10. Gregore Active Member

    I specced out of IR, and was able to pump 10AA's into the spell Daydream, which is a fast casting DOT. It's at the top of the WIS tree in the Enchanter tab. I also pumped 10AA's into Spellbinder's Mastery in the Dragon tab, which took my master strike ability casting speed from 1sec down to .16 sec if I remember right. It was a huge difference, which eats up less time from my Feedback Loop, Allowing me to cast 4 spells in the time it used to take me to just cast master strike. So I should be parsing higher on Feedback Loop now, but haven't checked ACT. By speccing the way I did in the Enchanter tree, I gained 4 really good fast casting (.25) abilities to greatly boost my total number of fast casters to put in my macro to spam after I click Feedback Loop. Each of those spells/CA's also does something extra as well. Spell counters, interrupts, debuffs, and a DOT. The DOT isn't as useful for solo and heroic content, as it just dies to fast, but is very efficient for raid bosses that live longer. The main thing about them is that they quickly proc FL.
    I also had to take the 1PT out of Force of Force of Intellect in the Prestige tab. I pumped that 1PT into Mental Trauma, which now causes both Stupefy & Mindbend to do damage. The extra PT there was kinda' wasted, but there wasn't anything any better to put it in IMHO. Stupefy doing damage is great, cause I'm always hitting it to try to reset Shockwave (at ancient level), and it insta-casts when POM is going. I only use the 3 (4 counting Stupefy) stuns and stifles in heroic content when the tank dies on a named pull, which doesn't happen a lot. It's nice to have all of them on one macro that I can just spam when the tank dies. My groups are almost always able to rez the tank and keep going W/O anymore deaths after I spam these Stuns/stifles. Pure Awe, your encounter mez, is also a nice group saver when a tank grabs too many trash mobs and the group is about to be overwhelmed. Hitting Pure Awe will buy your group a few more seconds to DPS/heal usually.
    I also took the 10PTS out of Emphatic Breeze in the Enchanter tab STA tree. I felt like these points weren't being used to their full potential there, as our hate transfer, the 3 or 4 peaceful links I always have out, and the Coercive shout are more than enough to control agro.
    I'm not missing IR or the Emphatic breeze in raid or coin run groups, so feel good about the changes and am going to keep them.
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