CoE: Why are we still levelling in (old) Chelsith?

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Arieste, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. Morrigel New Member

    I really wish I knew how people are doing all the quests in Eidolon and ended up at 94 and a half. I finished all the quests there and I'm still not close to 93 despite running the dungeons there a few times just for lolz.

    For me, it's very simple. I just want to be at the appropriate level for the quests, without having to break off and go grinding. I couldn't care less about how long it takes me to level but I don't want to be doing level 95 quests while still 92, when I've followed the entire quest line. I don't think anyone on this thread is asking for an easy ride, just to let them play the game their way and quest. Of course we can all go and run SS and get 95 in an hour - that's not the point though and would ruin the questing experience. It may even be a case of raising the xp gained from the early quests and lowering it in later ones - the curve is wrong though and adventure level isn't keeping pace with quest level, for me anyway.
  2. Nynaeve Active Member

    the new quest zones are very beautiful - unfortunately I wont quest there with my Alts since the XP is a total Joke, and the rewards also suck. 130 stat items, no-trade? Cant even transmute them on my Alt.... totally useless.

    Also the quest should get harder mobs. it's simply way too easy to solo with a merc. But you can remove the annoying Scorpions who serve no purpose than to annoy trespassers.

    Also, in 2 days questing I got TWO crafting scrolls only... what the hell?
  3. Ladymist Well-Known Member

    Only one player needs access to this, but its stil a good ideah to get it done so you can be that one person when everyone else decided to skip it . Will make your group looking for mor..e more desirable
  4. Chronus Active Member

    SS is the best outside certain raid zones. SS is easily duod with a merc if you're a tank or dps mage/scout. It isn't that bad really but the solo questline takes like 8 hours, which is way longer than it takes to grind to 95 anyway so questing will be inherently slower.
  5. Atan Well-Known Member

    That is certainly a contributing factor.

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