CoE Signature Quest History and Lore Goodies (Spoilers)

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    The Unkempt Warders: Volume III
    Udos-Ehai-Digowa commanded the Druid to remain in the Forest and share with the Humans his magics and his ways. If ever the Druid should attempt to flee the Forest confines, the Tribe of the Moon would kill him, for they are always watching. However Wegadas was not to corrupt the knowledge and ways that the Gihjna had taught the Humans. Wegadas agreed without argument, and the Lujien Pack faded silently into the shadows, leaving the wounded Elf to the Human Tribe to fulfill the demands that would guarantee his continued life.
    Wegadas learned the language of the Humans to perfection in his first fortnight. With communication established, Wegadas learned the ways that the Gihjna had taught the humans--finding them intriguing and immediately adopting them as his own, for the sake of the people now in his care, and in respect to the native Bestial Tribes that had spared his life. Over the first years, Wegadas taught the Human Tribe the Ways of the Wilderness--he spoke to them of Tunare, the Mother of All; that Great Goddess of Growth and Nature. He taught them how to pay their respects to his own Goddess without prayer or sacrifice--only that they must respect the Power of the Natural World, for as it had given them life, it could just as easily, and without warning, take it from them. This is a Law that should be neither feared nor hated, but one that is given the respect of an inevitable reality, and one that cannot be altered by steel or mind. The Humans clung to Wegadas' liberal preaching and lessons, embracing the Matron Goddess of Growth as their own. Soon thereafter, the Humans would learn the ways of the Druid--adapting and weilding the magics that Weadas taught them, and that they taught themselves at an exceptional rate.
    Rangers would be the first of the Master Adepts however, for the magic within them was less than their Druid compatriots, and the Ferocity of the Wild had already been established in their ways.
    As the Human Tribe became established, Udos-Ehai-Digowa, and the Gihjna Elder, Etsi-Agal-Iha (Mother of the Light), returned to the Human Tribe. The Tribes of the Dawn and Moon established the Laws of the Wild:
    None of Wegadas' tribe was to leave the Forest, and if they attempted to do so, they would be killed. They were Children of the Wild now, and their attempts to see the outside world would corrupt them.
    The Tribes of the Dawn and Moon also established that all who entered the Forest would be driven out or destroyed at the discretion of Wegadas and the Tribe.
    The third law was that the Lujien and Gihjna would remain out of the Human Tribe's affairs--so long as they maintained the Order the Gihjna had given the generations past, and that they did not stray from their Duties to the Forest that accepted them as its children.
    The Laws were agreed upon with Wegadas' leadership, for the Human Tribe trusted his wisdom and guidance explicitly. Satisfied, the Solar and Lunar Tribes departed, although their eyes never strayed from their Human guests.
    It was in those first years that Wegadas' intrigue with the Humans grew to tightly woven kinship. Slowly, he released his grip on his Elven life, and embraced the fledgling existence and culture that he was instrumental in fathering. The Elven Druid was Fier'Dal no more; his brethern were no longer Human--they were all Children of the Wild, and it was then that Wegadas learned a true peace.
    Finding his true purpose and never longing for the life he abandoned, Wegadas would spend nearly a century composing what would become the most revered and sacred of relics to the Homid Tribe of the Redwood Forest--The Writ of the Wild.
    This Sacred Tome detailed Wegadas' rebirth into the Wilderness per his own perspective, as well as the Laws that he had established and his people followed. The Tome also detailed the Lujien and Gihjna culture and their ancient tales and religion that Wegadas had been privy to in the several centuries he dwelt among them.
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    The Unkempt Warders: Volume IV
    Wegadas would find several mates in his lifetime among the Human Tribe and be father to over a dozen children--Half-Elven children. The last of his children and only daughter would be named Elaryness.
    Shortly after the birth of his final child, nearly four centuries after the establishing The Writ of the Wild, and guiding his brethern through their newfound ways, Wegadas' was old and weary and heard the distant call of the Forest--beckoning him to fulfill his own cycle of life. the old Druid would pass into the Wilderness forever at a site that would later become the most sacred site of the Unkempt Tribe.
    Wegadas' body was not buried, nor was it touched by the wild creatures of the Forest. He is said to have melded into the Earth, and from his reclaimed flesh and Spirit, a Great Willow grew--the Weeping Willow of Tunare. The ancient tales of the Human Tribe would say that the Willow was a gift to Wegadas' Children and Brethern from Tunare herself. As She reclaimed his old Spirit, the Mother of All felt the great loss that the Unkempt Tribe suffered with Wegadas' passing, and listened to their wordless prayer as they said their farewells to the beloved leader. In Her appreciation for the Human Tribe's devotion to Her, and in honor of Her missonary, Wegadas, She molded his Spirit and Essence into the great and beautiful tree that eternally weeps the tears of joy and sorrow of the Tribe.
    With her father's passing, and the appearance of the Great Willow, Elaryness, the only daughter of Wegadas, would rightfully challenge four others--two of whom were her own half-brothers--who had made the declaration for the leadership in Wegadas' stead.
    The brutal, ceremonial battles would last days at a time where those who vied for leadership would hunt one another throughout the whole expanse of the Woods. Elaryness would destroy her challengers, and the Tribe, now beneath her rule, would move their bodies to the very location where Wegadas himself had laid to final rest.
    These brutal, and oftentimes savage hunts, (dictated by the Hunter's primordial instincts) are Law amongst the Unkempt Warders, for it is the Law of the Wild--the strongest lead whilest the weaker follow, though neither is whole without the other.
    Elaryness would be declared the First Hierophant of the Unkempt Warders. It was also Elaryness who would establish the Shrine of Tunare, in memory of her father and to fulfill the debt that she felt her entire Tribe owed to the Mother of All for Her gift of Wegadas, and the Weeping Willow.
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    The Unkempt Warders: Volume V
    For several more generations, the Unkempt Warders would flourish and hold true to their vows to the Lujien and Gihjan Tribes. However, it would be the settlement of the JaggedPine Forest that would render the peace and harmonious existence of the Unkempt to one of strife and true ferocity to uphold their promise and ways. When Human settlers dedicated to the ways of Karana, established themselves in the JaggedPine Forest and began to explore the surrounding areas, the Unkempt were revealed to the rest of Norrath in flurry of brutal attacks upon any whom entered their territory. Eventually, the JaggedPine would seal off it's entry to the Unkempt Wood leaving the Feral Tribe to it's own--preserving their own existence and maintaining their ways.
    For years after, the Unkempt seemed again to be at peace. They managed to convert several of the JaggedPine settlers to their ways before entry was impossible, as well as a few of the scarcely wandering Elves who stumbled into the Unkempt territory as the years passed both prior to, and after Wegadas' death.
    Now they are again in unknown and unspoken turmoil. The Writ of the Wild, the Sacred Tome of the Unkempt has been lost. Their ancient Vows to the Lujien and Gihjna Tribes prevent them from seeking the Tome beyond the Forest boundries. The better judgement of the Gihjna Elders lean away from searching for material possession--for the Unkempt know the Tome by heart, and they may continue it's life and purpose through voice and lessons, as Wegadas had originally intended.
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    The Unkempt Warders: Volume VI
    The Unkempt Druids:
    Throughout the Plains of Karana, and the Mountains of Rathe, very small bands of Human and Half-Elven Rangers and Druids have laid claim to the Unkempt ways. These misguided few have recently been introduced to the true path of the Unkempt with the discovery of ancient scrolls believed to be a part of the missing Tome bound in a living weave of moss and fern--The Writ of the Wild.
    Few can decipher this Tome's ancient symbols, dating back to an era when Man was nothing more than groups of nomadic tribes wandering the face of Norrath. The ignorance of the Tome's true words and meaning had only strengthened the thirst for truth of the Unkempt ways in these few outcast Druids and Rangers of the Wild.
    Eager to know what secrets the Tome would reveal, the Outcast Druids of the Rathe Mountains sought the Hermit who dwells in his solitude in the Southern Plains of Karana. Believed to have been schooled in the ways of the true Unkempt in the Unkempt Woods long ago, the Hermit was able to translate the fragmented pieces of these ancient documents--although he would lend only a small portion of their knowledge and secrets to the curious outsiders. The Hermit gave the secret translated passages to the Outcast Wildings and sent them away--the originals believed to remain in his possession. With only a minor portion of the Unkempt Tome translation, these Outcasts began to spread their passion for the Wild across all of Norrath, looking to convert any Child of the Natural World to their cause. From the Plains of Karana, to the misty forests of the Faydark, the Outcast Druids and Rangers have gained some support, forming a small and sheltered cult dedicated to the vague ways of the Unkempt Path that they have access to.
    However, the Ancient Writ's words and guidance were not enough to show the curious and passionate Wildings the true meaning of what it is to be Unkempt. Their ignorance may become their downfall, for now they seek to uncover the Sacred Unkempt Woods where the ways of the Unkempt were born.
    The true followers of The Writ of the Wild are those known as the Unkempt Warders, who have not wandered from their homeland of the Unkempt Woods since their founding. Litle is known by outsiders of the Unkempt Warders, for they are reclusive by nature and do not seek to venture beyond the boundries of their cherished and well-guarded territory.
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    Where did the Duality go when Drinal was temporarily severed from the Ethernere? Neither he or Ravinus is in Feerott anymore.
  6. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    yeah and Erus isn't on the boat in JW either. dunno where they all went though
  7. Kaitheel Developer

    The Gihjna are not the Gehein. They were a very different race, one that has not been explored within EQII to date.

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    they tell you the Gehein are Wayward souls that choose service to Drinal in exchange for not having to leave Ethernere. I think the Steward tells you that near the begining of the sig line. or Zeeil or some o the other Gehien mention it. the Gehien are the brains, the Skrim are the scouts/hamds and feet., the Tirum are the muscles, and the Orkim ones are the eyes. they are a hive mind...with Oligar as the 'primary' force in it.
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    Evidence points to the entire Harrowing Horde once being Norrathians that have turned into each aspect of the Horde. Remember questioning that one hulk on the beach?
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    Sounds like SOE might be contemplating merging EQ1 with 2 into EQ3 and create a new linear timeline. Crisis on Infinite Norraths.
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    From what I've herd of EQ3 (which isn't much, or reliable) that doesn't make sense. First, EQNext is suppose to be its own little universe totally seperated from the rest of the EQ worlds. Kind of a reboot ala The Hulk movie franchise where EQNext ignores the existance of previous games and does its own retelling of what Norrath is all about. Hopefully they don't recycle the names of anything other than Gods...though I think the developers will make the mistake of using important NPCs from previous games (with less success than the Final Fantasy developers).
    The second big point is from what I've herd it is suppose to be a console game. While that doesn't automatically rule out a PC does kinda say it isn't a replacement for EQ2. That is a huge reason for wanting a totally seperate but equal universe for a game.
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    11) There's a former Stormguard commander in Cardin Ward who has an interesting story to tell about the War of the Fay and a familiar chest.
    Please explain a bit more on this?
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    I believe the Colonel or the Commander/Captain dwarf in Cardin Ward will offer to talk to you about the War of the Fay, where he was in the vanguard with King Stormhammer. if I remember it right, they were either transporting/protecting or hunting down some orcs that had the chest that contained the Dwarven Ringmail Tunic/plans on how to make it. the lvl 20 heritage quest from Gfay.
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    Ahhh, interesting.
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    "10) Oligar of the Dead was known by another name when leading many to their death in the Deserts of Ro."
    could you explain that one ? :)
    Regards, theriatis.
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    It's extremely obvious that they have taken the time to combine eq1 and eq2's story together at least to a degree. The Ethernere is full of such examples. As you say, we have no solid information on EQ Next but my theory is that CoE is setting the stage for a story that will "create" the new Norathian world. I think partly that is why they have delayed the Ages End Prophecy for so long; I think whatever the outcome, it will cause another split only this time on a grander level. Perhaps even restarting back from the beginning of time creating a whole new history all together. Call me nostalgic but I just like there to be SOME connection to the previous game I've played for 12 years. It doesn't have to be on the forefront, just something there for those who are looking for it but in no way required to fully enjoy the new game from the beginning.

    I would like to see familiar faces in the new game though their alliances, background, lore, etc being drastically different. Maybe Firiona Vie could be the major antagonist while Lucan never fell from grace just as example. However it ends up, no, I don't believe eq1 or eq2 will be combined in the traditional sense but I do hope they continue more areas within Ethernere, combining lore and people from all Norathian based games.
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    It is also equally obvious that the producers have taken great pains to seperate EQ2 from EQ1. We're 500 years later...but thing that happen in EQ1 now don't affect EQ2. Kind of the reason why we get this suprise relevation that Cazic Thule is in the Ethernere when he isn't dead in our reality. Because EQ1 isn't our reality anymore. And things that get introduced in EQ1's past...don't affect us. Because it was after the divergance. When EQ2 was first designed you need to take a snapshot of EQ1 from then because that is all of the EQ1 we're going to deal with.

    I feel its best not to have preconcieved notions of what EQNext should be because its going to be different. If your going to play it, I suggest you try to have an open mind so you won't be horribly dissapointed when it isn't what you want it to be. Try actually going in and discovering what the game is instead. You might like it, you might hate it. Just don't love/hate it because of the baggage you brought to the game.
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    I am well aware of how this game is set up and veers off into a separate timeline after the events in the Planes of Power expansion. I am also aware of how the original developers intentionally separated the two games but my point was that they are now bringing them together, at least within the Ethernere. However, I do disagree with you on the "take a snapshot" point. I have always believed that events in EQ1's past IS our past if it happened before the final event in the Plane of Time and is fair game for cannon lore in EQ2.

    An example of what I mean is this; Gates of Discord. No, for whatever reason the events on Taloesa did not happen in our timeline (at least we are unaware of what happened) but that does not mean that the continent just isn't there and that the events leading up TO that invasion also didn't happen here. It simply means that b/c of the events in PoTime different decisions were made and we never discovered the lost land. After OoW I quit EQ1 so my knowledge of it's lore is fuzzy (though I'm not completely ignorant of it either) but I know there are several other examples similar to the above one that COULD unfold here. New Chelsith and the Shissar being one. Having said all that, I don't anticipate seeing anything built off those expansions but the fact remains that a conscious effort was made in 2012 (not launch) to connect the events in EQ1 with those of EQ2 and I think its pretty cool tbh.

    As far as EQNext goes, I plan to play it no matter what form it takes. I may not stick with it but wild horses couldn't keep me from at least trying it. I simply said what I did above as a hope that they somehow connect it b/c I am a sucker for nostalgia...even if it is in very small ways. If they don't then they don't and its fine.
  19. Meirril Well-Known Member

    CoE offers us an extreme example of the two games being held seperate and well as being tied together. Cazic Thule is definately alive in EQ2, and the dead EQ1 Cazic is in EQ2's Ethernere trying to resurrect himself by consuming our CT.

    As for the existance of the islands of Taloesa, that really is up to the EQ2 devs. If they want to introduce them, they exist. If they don't, they don't. Now if your talking about that HUGE supercontinent on the other side of Norrath that shows up on the globe in Skyfire Mountains...that still isn't discovered in EQ1. Taloesa is a string of large islands not that other continent. Go ask the EQ1 lore junkies. But since that unnamed continent exists before the split, it still exists even if there is no lore about it beyond the globe.

    Now you tell me if we have half-dragon half-elves running around or how they all got killed off in the past 500 years because that apparently happened thousands of years in EQ1's past, but wasn't introduced until after the split. No, I don't want to see half-dragon/elf people or their city that should be underwater here. Or a combine/shissar city.
  20. Nicolos Active Member

    These are your opinions and while your more than welcome to them I just do not agree with you. Yes, the Developers can choose to put the continent of Taelosia in the game or choose not to, that is very true. However, the continent is still there until something officially says that it isn't. A something similar to Odus being sucked into Ultera or decimated by a chunk of Luclin. A land mass doesn't just cease to exist because we haven't been to it yet.

    Again, and I know some people disagree, but my opinion on all these matters is if there was any history before the time split of a person or place, the outcome may obviously be different but the history remains the same.

    One last thing about Taelosia; it is NOT a string of islands. It is a solid landmass larger than Odus and very close to the size of Faydwer and Velious.
    Note: In this map it is the continent labeled "Gates" after the name of the expansion it was released in.