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  1. ARCHIVED-V1per Guest

    Thought it would be a good idea to make a consolidated thread about the COE expansion and questions that we have regarding it. Might have a better chance for a dev response if we did it this way. Please feel free to put additional questions in this thread. IF we can keep it organized, we might have better luck with a RED response.

    90 - 95 Leveling - AA Question
    With the release of the new expansion will you still require 280 AA to move from 90 to 95 ?
    Will there be a new AA requirement to get from 92 - 95 ?

    Collectors Edition - Items - Krivix Honorclaw the Werewolf
    What class is Krivix Honorclaw the Werewolf merc? (One class type only or flexible ?)
    How much will you pay to use it ?
    Will all characters on the account have the ability to use this or is it only claimable once ?

    Collectors Edition - Items - Firiona Vie Memorial Tapestry
    What does this look like ?
    Can you provide a screenshot ?

    Collectors Edition - Items - Cloak of Mourning
    What stats are available for this item ?

    Expansion General Questions
    Will there be a DVD version for instore purchase or is it digital download only ?
    Will COE contain the ability to provide access to previous expansions ?
  2. ARCHIVED-yohann koldheart Guest

    V1per wrote:
    the merc questions are whats keeping me from pre ordering the CE, will it have a salary, how good will it be, what class is it.
    as for the cloak im guessing thats just apearance .
  3. ARCHIVED-debent01 Guest

    I can't even find what COE is about. All I see is a dead Firona Vie on a pile of leaves. So, what was suppose to have happened to her??
    What is the expansion even about? I've looked online but can find nothing about it except what you get when you buy it.
    Why would they kill her off? OMG, she's EverQuest!
  4. ARCHIVED-Gilasil Guest

    debent01 wrote:
    Didn't ANYONE do the little quest they introduced a month or two ago? Which included seeing Firiona Vie die.
    The explanation has to be around somewhere. I'll make a stab at explaining it. Basically the Ethernere, which is where you go when you die has got some problems and because of that souls are getting snatched (i.e. people getting killed). The players have to fix it. Apparently there are Etherenere versions of all Norrath and they include the Ethernere versions of a couple zones.
    I said it badly because it's been a couple months since I read the promos. Dig around and I"m sure you can find them.
    I suppose you can't do that quest anymore which is too bad. It was a little solo quest, probably took less then an hour.
    Might want to do the lead in quest for the next expanbsion.
  5. ARCHIVED-redwoodtreesprite Guest

    Gilasil wrote:
    Well, according to this I quote from a walkthrough:
    "When you are level 92 you will receive mail directing you to a meeting with Erus Dal'viv in Freeport or Qeynos, depending on your alignment."
    Too bad so many are still struggling to get those 280 AAs so we can get to 92. And it is a shame that a special quest like this was so level-based. It would have been nice if it had scaled, like the beastlord and Erollisi ones did.
  6. ARCHIVED-retro_guy Guest

    Gilasil wrote:
    I asked in chat about the quests and was told they were all group, nothing for solo.
    So are the pre-quests solable? By the time I get online there's noone about, so I have to solo.
  7. ARCHIVED-Gilasil Guest

    retro_guy wrote:
    The quest I did was definately soloable and intended to be solo. There might have been others but the solo quest gave the background for the expansion.
    And it was cool to see and talk to Firiona Vie in-game. She IS Everquest in my mind.
  8. ARCHIVED-Gladiolus Guest

    Expansions are about new content, the rest are frills. I've just looked at what it says about the two new areas; one is Feerrott with zombies and the other is a place of dead people, so more zombies, with maybe some skeletons or ghosts for a change.
    Every game on the market is getting obsessed with zombies. Even the new mercenary is a werewolf. Do we really have to have year-round Hallowe'en?
  9. ARCHIVED-Brigh Guest

    Gilasil wrote:
    The quest seems to be limited in some way.
    I only received the mail telling me to see the guy on one character: level 92.
    My level 90 never received any email, nor any character below that as well.
    I don't know if you had to do a quest before since they mention in the NPC dialogue about speaking to him in the past.

    Gilasil wrote:

    There are other quests you can see her and talk to her long before this one.

    Gladiolus wrote:
    You need to watch yesterday's EQ II keynote speech on It is more than that.
  10. ARCHIVED-halasa Guest

    Is there any word on the level 90 veteran bonus? I have a few guys parked at 90, so it will make a difference with my game play when this bonus level changes.
  11. ARCHIVED-denmom Guest

    Lupy@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    They're moving it to L95, so with CoE, everyone has no more vet bonus on either adventure or crafter. Soon as you get the first L95, it starts to stack again with each that arrive.
    I'm cringing at this, but it makes sense. I have seven which are L90-92, that's 140% bonus right there for me with CoE, and have ten crafters at L90-92 and have 200% bonus. Kinda makes it a bit of a self-powerleveling if they left it at L90.
    Source: EQ2Wire
  12. ARCHIVED-Gladiolus Guest

    Brigh wrote:
    What I subscribe to is EverQuest II, not some television station, or whatever that is. I've read several accounts of what he said, lots of mention of "emerging" somethings but the only actual thing mentioned about the expansion content is dead things emerging out of the ground.
  13. ARCHIVED-denmom Guest

    Gladiolus wrote:
    Ethernere isn't the land of the dead. It's the afterlife. Norrathian heaven, Elyssian Fields, the Great Hall, etc. There are no undead there, no skeletons, no zombies, and werewolves aren't undead. And the merc isn't a werewolf, it's one of the denizens of Ethernere, a lutian (taking a stab at the spelling of it). Take an aardwolf and make it fantasy race and there you go.
    The zombies, as you call them, are the people who have passed on from Norrath to Ethernere. What's there is what is imagined what Oggok would look like in the afterlife.
    From what I've been able to gather, Drinal is pulling people's souls from Norrath before their time to Ethernere for some purpose, what, no one knows until they run the questlines.
    And the above info is from the CoE panel which can be viewed on youtube or Twitchtv.
    I understand that you subscribe to EQ2 but you have a not quite correct sum of information about the expansion. The keynote address and the other panels that have been recorded and are up on the net are there to give that information to you. You don't need to subscribe to anything, honest. The vid of the CoE panel which explains and gives good info.
  14. ARCHIVED-halasa Guest

    Gilasil wrote:
    Hey! I went back and did this quest on my guys (easy solo, pretty quick). Game plot line get a very nice neck piece! Surprise!
  15. ARCHIVED-denmom Guest

    Lupy@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    That quest is the start of the signature questline for CoE. Devs said it's in permanent, so when you hit L92 you get the letter in the mail and off you go. The sig quest is interwoven with the normal questlines in CoE.

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