Cocentration Bug or Gimpness

Discussion in 'Dirge' started by ARCHIVED-Kublikan, Dec 4, 2004.

  1. ARCHIVED-Kublikan Guest

    A little rant here, that I don't think is limited to just the Dirge class.

    When maintaining buffs that take conentration, I must leave at least 1 conentration point open to use some debuffs, that they themselves do not have any concentration to maintain but if I do not have any free concentration points I can not execute them. If there is no concentration to maintain on them, why must I leave one my very valuable 5 concentration slots open to execute them? Also when trying to recast a buff that requires 2 conecentration ponts and I have 4 or used, then I can not recast it unless I let it expire or cancel.

    Seriously there is a big problem with using the extent of our abilities, we can either choose to use the best of our buffs and few or no debuffs, or just debuff and use hardly no buffs. This seriously cries for attention to help make our class more effective.
  2. ARCHIVED-Ailsa Guest

    I agree that we should be able to "refresh" a song we are currently concentrating on without having to wait for it to expire or having to cancel it first. If we are already singing it and we just want to refresh the timer on it, it should just use the same concentration.

    But I don't agree that we SHOULDN'T have to concentrate on debuff songs. I actually do use Reproaching Discante and it affects all the mobs in an encounter. Since it is a song, it seems to me that I must keep concentrating on singing it until the last mob in the encounter is dead. It just makes sense to me and I have no complaints.

    That being said, however, it would be nice if we could get an additional concentration bubble at certain levels so that we have a total of 7 by the time we hit 50. Maybe one at 25 and another at 45 or something like that.
  3. ARCHIVED-Kragmire Guest

    Funny that this thread should be here.

    I submitted it as a bug. It is clear that the programming checks whether you have enough concentration slots available to ADD the song, before it checks whether the song is already being sung. They just need to reverse the order of the checks, and everything should work fine.
  4. ARCHIVED-Priestbane Guest

    Which debuffs are you singing that don't require concentration but won't fire if there's no open slot? I haven't been running into this.
  5. ARCHIVED-Ailsa Guest

    Good question! I re-read the original poster's comment and I must have missed him saying this. I looked at all the Dirge CAs at and there are some debuffs that require concentration and some that don't. But I have never had a problem performing a debuff that requires no concentration when all my concentration bubbles are filled so I don't know what the original poster is referring to.
  6. ARCHIVED-Xeryna Guest

    Honestly? They need to fix it back to the way it used to be, and the way they said they fixed it (but didn't).

    How did it work before? If you had, for example, Rousing Tune playing already, and you pushed the button for it again, it would cancel Rousing Tune (there was still actually a slight bug, where you had to hit it twice because the first press took it out of buff window and second took it out of maintained, but bear with me). Now, lets say for example you had all of your concentration slots filled (buffs, debuffs, doesn't matter) and you get an add that you want to fear, currently you have to mouse over to your maintained window, find the song you want to cancel, and right click and hit cancel (which can be difficult in lag at times).

    With the old system, you just push a button and poof, free concentration slot. This is also how sneak is supposed to work (you are supposed to be able to toggle it, push once = turn sneak on, push again = turn sneak off; not push again = cast again and bug stealth abilities). I personally always have 4 slots filled with buff songs, and it's pretty annoying every 10 minutes right clicking / cancelling haste song and then casting, to avoid letting it drop on its own because of the concentration nonsense and end up having to recast during a fight. Push once to cancel, push again to recast = much less aggravation. But ya, fixing just the concentration calculation would help, but it would not help if you already had 5 slots filled and needed to open one quickly.
  7. ARCHIVED-Potentis Guest


    WHY NOT just have the casted song AUTOMATICALLY rewrite over the last song cast, without having to drop, recast, etc.?
    Surely theres someway to do this?
    Could buffs that you didn't want to change be "locked", leaving a the unlocked buffs overwriteable?


  8. ARCHIVED-Jziad Guest

    we should be able to refresh all our buffs/debuffs with a recast, having to cancel it first or wait for it to drop is silly.

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