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Discussion in 'Players Supporting Players' started by Lakitty Omnom, Jan 5, 2020.

  1. Lakitty Omnom New Member

    Hey all I am trying to find the cause and possible fix for an issue I have in some zones
    I have noticed this issue in Butcher Block and Commonlands (I am still new to the game so the amount of zones I have visited are limited heh)

    As can be seen in this screenshoot the clouds are very low res and with big square blocks in them.. All my settings are on max. I have 16gb ram. And a brand new geforce RTX 2060super with 12GB. And its only the clouds in these two zones (That have seen so fare) Thats giving me issues.. I have looked up and down on the web and not been able to find any posts on this issue.
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  2. Grumpy_Warrior Well-Known Member

    This happens to me reliably if I switch to max settings for screenshots, then forget to change it back to balanced before logging out. The next time I log in everything is squares. Large squares for sky, small squares for ground, trees, toons, everything else. The game is playable, but if I want to see things normally I have to switch to balanced or lower and relog.
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  3. Lakitty Omnom New Member

    Ahh!! OKay I try and set it to balanced then!

    Yep! Setting it Balanced and relogging worked!! THANKS!
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  4. Ra'Gruzgob Well-Known Member

    [sorry, quick transate] If video card on your computer displays an image with artifacts or does not show it at all, in some cases it’s worth trying to save it in very unconventional way. Often solder balls under the GPU or memory chips are destroyed, resulting in conductivity material changes and problems occur. If you slightly warm up video card in oven, device’s performance under certain circumstances can be restored. Carefully remove cooler, all plastic elements (if possible) and remnants of thermal paste. Preheat oven (to 220 ° C, with air circulation), place plate on baking sheet and slide it into oven. It will be better if you wrap card in aluminum foil before, to protect heat-sensitive elements. In this case, video chip should not be wrapped in foil. After 20-30 minutes, remove video card from oven and let it cool. After half an hour, install cooler, not forgetting thermal grease. Then put card on your PC and test it. If nothing has changed, try repeat the whole process at a temperature 30 ° C higher (chip 2016 3)
    [Well, I just wanted to know about positive results of such .. hmm, experiments]

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