Cloud of Bats (Mount)

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    yesterday i purchase the bonus for sc to get more points to unlock more things that needed in the game. So i unlock the expansion DoV, unfort i didnt have enough for AoD at this time. I also noticed there something i like to have and costing me almost 2,000 points that is mount (Cloud of Bats) for freeblood. So it doesnt move fast and i running on foot of speed 49% compare to 65% mount speed, didnt make much different. I also was trying to see if i can fly off the ground, but i couldnt.
    Does this worth almost 2,000 points? Not really, what a rip off :( unless there future patch for this. I did read the details, something about seeing a npc in another region, to learn how to fly with bats, is that another quest that will improve the mound speed and able to fly off the ground?

    I didnt want anyone fall for this and thinking that was too greedy to buy a mount for freeblood and other players on their mounts are three times faster than you lol.
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    Lizabethan wrote:
    Thank you, didnt realise that you need to be lvl 90+ to do those quests and have that ability to fly. I will get there someday :)
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    I am not too impress playing my freeblood along with cloud of bats and new home in freeport, after wasting about 3,000 credits.

    So i didnt like it and feel need more buff on mount speed for sure than 65%. The gliding part was cool when you jump/fly off the cliff then you soar around til you landed.

    Frankly it not worth paying that much either ways.
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    I don't know if you toured the house before you bought it, but you can select tour from the menu when you click on the prestige house statue. Or visit one someone has already purchased & decorated.
    Just so you know in the future. You don't have to buy most things on the marketplace sight unseen.
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    I have hated CoBats since I got it. The effects wizzing in front of your face comes close to causing motion sickness for me. I do enjoy the Freeblood character though.
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    Level 86, not 90, to begin the Quest for flight.
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    Cloud of bats is as far as I recall, the only mount that never got the speed boost. It's the slowest form of travel short of running on foot.

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