Clerics being able to cast heals on the run.

Discussion in 'Priests' started by Numdyar, May 15, 2022.

  1. Numdyar New Member

    Was wondering why this was changed and why clerics seem to be the only class that have this ability?
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  2. quisling Well-Known Member

    Because we dont have any buffs anybody wants?
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  3. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    They aren't. You might want to do a deep dive into AA specs for healers.
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  4. Zhevally Well-Known Member

    While every healer can spec for a short term buff to do it, clerics are the only ones that can do it 100% of the time without special buffs up.

    I think they were trying to get us to shut up about interrupt immunity not working lol.
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  5. Sunlei Active Member

    They did it because some main cleric heals take so long to cast.....the one who says they don't have buffs needs to take a close look at the classes. Notice that sometimes a debuff, a block or a reactive cure/heal is better then a direct buff in some cases.
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  6. Ayodi Active Member

    Inquisitor & Templar have rocking buffs if one understands the game. The reason for the cast on the run was to support play, period. Clerics having to stop and cast & then move again, all the time, every time, has been getting old for a couple years. Cast on the run is a vast improvement to the game. One of the best I've seen. Add to that every healer is a darn good set up, when skill is applied. To trash talk a class in general is to admit one knows nothing of merit.
    -The Ayodi
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  7. Riverbear Active Member

    You "Everybody's equal & balance everyone" people have already gutted any meaningful difference in character races.
    Consider enjoying the strengths and challenges of the class types instead of wanting all classes dumbed down to be the same.
    Strident differences in classes is what makes the game interesting to me anyway.
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  8. quisling Well-Known Member

    Rocking wouldnt believe how many dps folks in raids argue over who gets to be in the templar group.....
  9. Ayodi Active Member

    "DPS folks" .... the other white meat :) Looking to th' most expendable component in raids for a water mark of happy with healers compounds the wrong in your keyboard. "Some men you just can't reach." You got a bright future in stand-up!

    -The Ayodi
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  10. quisling Well-Known Member

    Buncha words. None relevant .
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  11. Magdaddy Active Member

    I mained an Inquis/Templar that I betrayed back and forth in VoV in a guild killing practically everything top 3 WW. Inquisitors and Templars have absolute garbage buff compared to Fury/Mystic, who can also heal everything. Everybody complained about being in my group because it's EQ2 and DPS is king. On the Inquis I did great personal DPS, but nobody cares when you're a healer. No guilds killing anything significant WANT a cleric except maybe 1 Templar in the MT group. Clerics are very unwanted right now in terms of buffs because they give nothing outside Templars having Glory, if you count that as a buff when it's realistically just a heal that takes concentration slots. Inquisitors give a litany (pun intended) of useless melee buffs for auto attack that's borderline irrelevant. Meanwhile Fury can give like 70% DR with pact of the cheetah, have raid cure, do great personal dps, and provide insane amounts of dps buffs for a healer. They do what clerics do except they're better in every way (except now being able to cast on the run).

    You two give it a rest with the "yOu JuSt dOn'T uNdErStAnD tHe GaMe" shtick, because you're objectively wrong. Ayodi you are just straight cringe with your condescension when it's clear your understanding of the game is on the absolute most casual level. I'd love to hear about all the buffs you think clerics have that people are salivating for. I'm sure you'll dodge the question because the answer is "there are none", but hey it's worth a shot.
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  12. Mezaka Active Member

    Of the two, Templars could definitely use a little love, whether it is bumping up our debuffs, or giving something that buffs the rest of the group. Outside of Glory and Shield Ally, we can heal, and that's about it.
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  13. Bentenn Well-Known Member

    You realize you just stated what all the other healers had to do and still have to do unless they have cloak of divinity right. Don't get me wrong, one of my toons is a cleric and i enjoy it like crazy, but it wasn't really that hard to do prior to this. This just lets me get away with pulling whatever i want to in raids and bring it back lol, without having to stop :)
  14. Ayodi Active Member

    Cloak of Divinity is appreciated yet hardly adequate. Cast on the run adjustment was accurate and called for. Confusion regarding healer(s)' job is your challenge. Healers heal. Group or Raid that requires healers to DPS are not doing their own jobs. Healing classes refitted to DPS are not operating at their optimum level for HEALING. If you do not value the important and helpful buffs Templars and Inquisitors have, again that is your choice. I am pleased to view both Mags & Bent came back to these pages the same 24 hours :) You did mention a very good point, forums need less venom. That I do agree with.

    -The Ayodi
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  15. Riverbear Active Member

    As ever, the tactics of the 1%'ers and them what mortgage their homes to pay to win, are not relevant to the 99%.
    ~having pointed that out ~
    Any player familiar with Templar knows the value in Templar buff & abilities.
    To request examples of value on these forums is to admit they do are not aware of the basic components, function, implementation nor interface with group dynamics.
    We ask because we do not know.
    I am confident Sigrdrifa or some such other data collector can give you helpful links to get, people, up to speed with ANY EQ2 class purpose and performance question.
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  16. Merador New Member

    I completely agree with Magdaddy. I have mained an inquisitor in a top WW raid guild for years. Inquisitors have absolute garbage buffs. We are a melee priest designed to support melee classes. Right now, melee buffs are terrible. Does anyone want gear with flurry? WDB? Of course not. DPS gets pretty mad when put in my group because I cannot provide them with anything they want. DPS classes, including scouts, are going ADC. The worst part is that healers aren't even topping the heal parses these days. There's a lot of rebalancing that needs to happen, both class-wise and game-wise.
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  17. Ayodi Active Member

    Well I certainly hope it works out for you, whatever needs to happen to enjoy your INQ more. With the Mistmoor on a stake the rest of the year for us is having fun with the kids. Good luck.

    -The Ayodi
  18. Jesaine Well-Known Member

    I've got to say, this is another thread that I'm glad I found. I remember when Templars and Inquisitors were the best healers available just because that's what they focused on. They were THE goto healers for large groups. Fury, by comparison had more damage capability, but less healing potential.

    Given how common it is for any large group / team to overlook protecting the healers that are covering their rears, casting on the run should be given IMO. At the very least, maybe do like SWTOR does with some of it's class abilities, and make them usable "on the run" via spending an AA point for unlock.

    REALLY makes me not want to dust off my old Inquisitor reading all this though. :(
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  19. Jesaine Well-Known Member

  20. Arielle Nightshade Well-Known Member

    I just want to know why it's also necessary for clerics to jump up and down while casting. It seems universal. (LOL)