Cleric Reactives do not show on the maintained Spell window

Discussion in 'Beta Bug Reports' started by Menludiir, May 16, 2022.

  1. Ayodi Active Member

    So Riverbear was correct when she said (paraphrase) 'the reactive thing was too fluid to track and that there was not code written to display what thread was asking about'. You really need to make up your mind about proving her right while you claim she is wrong,LOL! You funny Taled :)

    -The Ayodi
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  2. Riverbear Active Member

    If one's level of threat in a contest provides the largess to gaze upon a crutch for a staple you should know by heart, that level of activity by it's very nature does not necessitate said crutch.
    Learn your **** abilities!
    Dev's can't do everything for you.
    Lean on that 3 kilos of grey matter betwixt your ears!
    Own it!
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  3. Menludiir New Member

    This has nothing to do with ability. Or how amazing you think you are compared to others in this thread. You might be the best templar in eq2, I still would not care. This is a bug forum, for submitting and discussing bugs, not a place to trade insults with other people on the internet.

    This is about a mechanic that every other class has in the game, that clerics do not. It is a bug, or at the very least poorly coded. Please stay on topic, contribute something useful or just stop.
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  4. Menludiir New Member

    And anyone who even has a modicum of dev experience knows this is false. It worked before, so the code clearly is there for how it worked for 14+ years. They changed it, and now it doesn't. "reactive thing is too fluid to track" is a cop out.
  5. ArnaudD New Member

    Yeah, i don't understand the mental gymnastics that are happening around here.

    I can know the ability all you want, i can't know in real time what's happening to other characters taking hits, at what rhythm, and how that relates to the charges left just by knowing my ability, it's interacting with other PCs at a pace that's not something you can just observe easily.

    And like i said, and menlu correctly pointed again : Nobody cares if you want to use it or not, keep doing you if that works, this is a feature that was cut off in the RH change, that's globally available to anything else (not just heals, dots, temps, buffs , debuffs, etc), and that is not anymore SPECIFICALLY for those 2 lines of spells (well 4 if you count them as distinct for tempalr & inqui)

    That's factually wrong though, before the changes, It worked just fine, i had my charges counters & duration on RHs on display for years.
    Reactives were maintained spells, and as such could be monitored as per usual (directly from windows / zoom in UI elements, etc).
    exemple from last TLE : [IMG] [IMG]

    went from trackable to non trackable not the other way around

    "too fluid to track" ... i mean... yeah, that's not how any of this works

    The RHs have been moved to spell effect which is why they aren't visible anymore.
    That only affect the base single RH & base group RH. For exemple, you can still track the inquisitor "malevolent diatribe" just as usual, or as we said, you can still do exactly that with wards (target[single or shared], duration & amount), buffs (target, duration), or anything else baring a couple edge cases that are mostly irrelevant or can be tracked easily with ACT (time warp preparation comes to mind)

    There's also nothing out of reach when it comes to having multiples maintened on multiples targets. you can cast a single ward on many people, and you'll have a trackable maintained spell for each of them. as a matter of fact, you could do that with single RH too before that change, and again, you can do it with anything else like maintaining a dot on multiple encounters during a fight, or mezzing multiple adds individually, etc)

    We can argue if it's desirable or not to have the group reactive generates 6 maintained spells, but that's a UI decision (cause yeah, with how the new group RH works, it's just 6 single target effects, baring interaction with shadow cleric AA that consummes it), and whatever the decision would be for that specific case, that's not adressing the BUG fix (or at least questionnable choice to move those spell to non trackable spell effects), and that's definitively not adressing the single target issue.
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  6. Malachy Well-Known Member

    Apparently bugs need to go on the live forums since this is not being responded to. Feel free to post and link here.
  7. Ayodi Active Member

    Interesting indeed! Very interesting.
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  8. Riverbear Active Member

    Confidence We were evaluating the 'now', not the hear-say of what may have once been.
    Nice shot though:)
  9. Kari Well-Known Member

    Since people keep bumping this and bringing it up... Yes the group reactive used to show up in the maintained spell window because it used to have a single pool of triggers that was shared by the whole group. It would also last about 1 second before the tank ate up all the triggers in difficult content, leaving the rest of the group totally unprotected.

    This expac, they changed it so each person in the group got their own set of triggers. It made the spell actually last long enough to protect other group members. I am happy to sacrifice my close monitoring of the spell in exchange for actual protection on the group. I would be really unhappy if the devs responded to all the complaints about spell monitoring by reverting it back to something that I couldn't rely upon to protect my group.
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  10. Riverbear Active Member

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  11. quisling Well-Known Member

    For the 1000th time....
  12. Ayodi Active Member

    For the last time......

    You people are asking for a dev provided service to take up the burden of learning your toons and their abilities so you don't have to. Ask them to ACT prompt you to breathe every 3. 2675 seconds while you are at it. You will not ever get that level of service from them, nor should you. It is preposterous to suggest one has the time to manage surveying the seconds remaining in a given reactive heal dose per group member AND be a positive contributor to the combat event. Solution :) = when the reactive lights up again................................ Cast It !

    -the Ayodi