Cleric Reactives do not show on the maintained Spell window

Discussion in 'Beta Bug Reports' started by Menludiir, May 16, 2022.

  1. Menludiir New Member

    As above. When you cast (for example) Shield of Faith, that shows for the full 30 seconds it is up. Reactives ONLY show on the 'Spell Effects' Window, which is a serious problem for anyone trying to keep track of what's up and how long for :(
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  2. Menludiir New Member

    I would settle for dropping any triggers the spells have left (due to the changes this is hard, especially for the group reactive), and just have it "be" there as a timer tbh
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  3. Nata Member

    I would love to see this fixed but this bug was reported previously on Kaladim and flagged 'not a bug' and intended behavior =/
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  4. Menludiir New Member

    That's factually untrue (on the part of whatever dev said that), since every other maintained spell is, as one would expect, in maintained spells. Reactives are maintained spells - they should be there.
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  5. Nata Member

    I mean, I'm not disagreeing with you, but you can find the same bug report in live forums with dev response 'working as intended'.
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  6. Menludiir New Member

    So I did that, and found what Caith said:
    Which makes sense for the group reactive. But why does it affect the single target? Isn't that literally what we want anyway? Or is this a "same type of spell must be treated the same" deal
  7. Nata Member

    I'm not sure, I've never understood / agreed that this should have changed in the first place.
  8. Riverbear Active Member

    Reactives stay up only for so long as they have unfired (Not triggered) aplications available.
    As soon as all heal applications are used they drop and need to be recast.
    So the frequency of incoming attcks that trigger reactives tends to dictate how long they are up.
    It is in no way a static duration UNLESS all triggers are not consumed.
    Proceeding on my opinion of how reactives can be exhausted before the "Duration" by use, it remains unlikely there is code written to track & monitor the status of reactive heals per spell, per cast.
    IMHO that is way you do not see them in your window.
    It's just too fluid of a dynamic for the way tracking is coded atm.
    Booyah ~ 18 year Templar player
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  9. Mahgnus Member

    SK reactive shows just fine in the maintained spell window
  10. Riverbear Active Member

    Perhaps if everyone would include what interface they are using?
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  11. Zhevally Active Member

    This was changed due to a bug with the group reactive when it got switched to individual triggers[everyone in the group would loose triggers as soon as one person used them up making the group reactive near useless in tank groups]. Single target reactive got included in that change even though they were not affects. You can make an ACT trigger to track triggers going off, or when you personally run out of triggers if you really want.
  12. Menludiir New Member

    Doesn't make a difference as we are talking about it missing from a default UI window (Maintained spells) - the Interface windows (Darq/Profit) come in later (and don't work because of it missing from said window)

    Personally I'd just switch it back to how it used to work (just keep the 'do not trigger above 99% bit) if it is too difficult to fix. And it wasn't bugged, it had X triggers to be used by 'the whole' group. Granted half the time it would be used up quickly, but 3 triggers (before AAs) on the tank isn't much better for the cast time required imo.
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  13. Menludiir New Member

    Bump on this as it is incredibly annoying - I feel like i'm constantly wasting reactive procs (and casting time)
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  14. Riverbear Active Member

    Your cast bar is all you need to glean when Reactives need to be refreshed. No crutch can take the place of owning your abilities. Learn it.

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  15. Menludiir New Member

    You're absolutely right, if you want to cast reactives on cooldown I'm sure you can do that.

    For everyone else who wants to not waste time and triggers, we'd like the same ability every other healer has - to see when their heals expire and how much is left.
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  16. ArnaudD New Member

    eeeeeehhhhh, that's a hard brainfart.

    The whole point you're missing is that we used to be able to monitor how many charges were left, so to not recast it while it was not completely consumed (or for a group RH, with enough charge to eat the incoming AOE)

    Having all the charges with the new way the reactives works would be finnicky, impossible maybe depending how it's done in the back end, but at least give us the duration to be able to see if it's still there or not
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  17. Riverbear Active Member

    Setting aside your mental gastrionics,
    in an ardent contest you WILL be refreshing reactives as often as they come up - disregarding whether they need to be or not. The pace in current content is too frenetic for the type of minutia you are asking for.
    You will throw and go just as fast as you can.
    Each time.
    Every time.
    Taking the .2 to .5 of a second to break concentration to ponder whether or not a reactive is exhausted can, and likely will, get your group killed.
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  18. ArnaudD New Member

    While i cannot attest to the rhythm of live content, i'm going to assume that "refreshing reactives as often as they come up" is at best, a slight exaggeration ... especially when it comes to group reactive & anticipating if you gonna need a recast in between AOE in a cycle.(i.e. refresh charges before the 2nd AE hits). Could be very wrong though, i have absolutely no idea what current fight looks like.

    That aside, we're talking TLE for most of the discussion here, especially just now restarting on vanilla where casting & reuse time are long, and resource management is relatively important as we have so few options (no AA, few class defining utilities, etc). It doesn't take much to check, when you get your "AE 10" TTS warning, how many charges are left while you're casting something for a second, and quickly evaluate if you need to recast something, or can just get ready to cure.

    But then again, whereas you do it or not is irrelevant to the point that : We literally just lost a key spell monitoring option for one specific type of healing spells, while all the other were left untouched (You can still monitor how many hitpoints are left on a ward, what duration is left on a HoT, if your temp is still up, etc...)
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  19. Xevran Well-Known Member

    A maintained spell not being on the maintained spell list is a bug. There's really no other way to look at it.
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  20. Taled Well-Known Member

    It's nonsense. Most of what Riverbear spews out (Like 'gastrionics', a made up thing) is nonsense.

    Reactives no longer show the number of hits left because it didn't work properly when they did, and fixing it would probably require them to completely overhaul the way the system works honestly. Otherwise they probably would have just fixed it instead of removing it and making it not available.

    The options were 'have one set of reactive triggers for the entire group' or 'have reactive triggers for each member, but not be able to track them' and honestly, the second option IS better for you - it's just annoying. Even if you COULD see the remaining triggers for each member, you'd have to have a separate buff show in maintained for each group member, and you wouldn't be able to differentiate at a glance which group member it belonged to - So you'd have 6 icons each time you cast each group reactive, plus one for each single target, plus every other maintained spell you already have up; All in a maintained spell window that is hardcoded to limit the number of icons it displays.

    I get the annoyance, but in reality if they DID make it work, you'd be giving yourselves a bigger headache.