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    Quite a few of my characters have an abundance of ingame mail that I've essentially ignored. Some for years, so that I don't remember what quests they originally belong to. Most cases, my intent was to delete them after completing the quests since they didn't auto-create the quest or I declined to accept it and it isn't generating it now? While many of the letters have names that I can google and/or find in Qeynos/Freeport, there is one that is so vague that even google could only locate one wiki notation that said it is a letter, but doesn't identify what it is for.

    The letter is from "An Advisor" with subject line "Answer the Spirit". The message does tell me to use the tinkered portal in Kelethin to get to Thalumbra, but that is all. I've just taken that portal and am dropped off in front of a ghostly Edrur the Gobthrasher. Unfortunately, the only quest associated with Edrur is "Underdepths Saga Prelude".

    Was this letter originally attached to this quest during the original prelude event prior to release of ToT? Or is it for another quest?

    [Really wish there was an easier way to identify which letters are Adventure related versus Tradeskill since it is not unusual for me to do the TS while my adventure levels are too far below the other.]
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    Thanks for the reply, Sig. The Prelude quest is mentioned on that page, and it is the quest I found when googling the name of the spirit that is waiting for you near the tinkered portal in Thalumbra. However, the wiki page makes no mention of a letter that made it to a player's inbox. It does say this, "The dwarven spirit Edrur has greeted me when I entered Thalumbra via the Tinkered Portal-Gate. Since I have not received his descendants request for help, he has indicated that I must go to Kelethin and find those who have intercepted the call for help."

    Only my primary was used to do the Prelude when it was unlocked prior to the actual release of ToT, but I do recall having to fight earthen elemental creatures in Faydark for it. The wiki's listed Prelude does send players to Faydark to a spot where an update finishes out the quest, so my only assumption is that that letter in my mail was "orphaned" after the release as it is obsolete now?
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    Once the prelude events are over, they're done. So yes. They're just remnants now.
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