No Fix Planned Claymore Timeline - Expedition to the Barren Sky

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  1. Ipocrita Active Member

    Part of this quest asks you to find "pop-pebbles" - trackable blast-filled bedrock nodes.
    I've found most of these are on top of the rock walls on Isle of Awakening, or embedded in the sides way out of reach of the ground.
    I'm doing the quest on a normal server so I can fly, but I presume if the same occurs on TLE then the majority of nodes will be unobtainable. I know one can always wait for respawns, but placing the nodes on the ground would be good!
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  2. Kaitheel Developer

    This is due to the way the older content was designed. The pop pebbles, like old world harvest objects, spawn in a region, not particular points, hand chosen by designers. So, the pebbles can spawn anywhere on the entire Isle of Awakening, which does indeed include a lot of cliffs and sheer rock walls.

    What you experienced is one of the reasons we no longer create regions for harvests or quest objects to spawn in. It doesn't realize the geometry as unreachable by the player, so it can randomly allow the object to spawn there. Thankfully, after too long of staying in an unreachable spot it does despawn and try again.

    ~ Kaitheel
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  3. Ipocrita Active Member

    Thanks for the response :)