Classic Leveling Path - Suggestions Needed

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    Hi everyone,

    Brief Background:
    There's something special about the vanilla content that really captures the spirit of the game. I want to try and play through the game as close as I can to how others played when EQ2 was new. I rolled a toon on Kaladim with the understanding that there are portions of the vanilla game missing quests such as the starting neighborhoods. That being said, I leveled to 5 with my monk on the island, and skipped over to Qeynos because the remainder of quests in the zone almost require a group that no one wants to commit to--during the times I played at least. So, I am level 5 in Qeynos and want to avoid going to Frost Fang Sea for the reason I am trying to experience vanilla.

    My Request for Suggestions:
    Can you help me determine a questing path/timeline for a lvl 5 monk in Qeynos? I would assume the first step would be to finish the questlines at the Peat Bog, Oakmyst, and Forest Ruins? Where would I go after that? I assume Antonica, and then Thundering Steppes? Basically I am asking for a roadmap for my adventure so that I can stay as close to the original experience as possible.
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    Mermuts link is probably the best route ;)
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  4. feldwebel87 Active Member

    I know about that wiki, but it doesn't have a classic path listed by itself.
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    Everything up to 80 pretty much is the 'classic path'.
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    Since you're on Kaladim, you don't have to worry about getting off the classic path via the wikia, outside of avoiding Frostfang/DLW. None of the EoF zones are open yet and won't be til around March.
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