Class Population, Tanks, and Raids

Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Jophan, May 11, 2022.

  1. Jophan New Member

    I am trying to pick a class but struggling.

    I am coming from classic wow which suffered the problem off not enough tanks for groups but too many tanks for raids. Does EQ2 TLE have this problem?

    I wanted to play a tank, and I was hoping with free trade I could get some decent gear, however I don't want to hit max level and never get into a raid because I'm a tank (leaning berserker)

    My 2nd choice is an illusionist, based on previous forums threads they seem to be desired in raids.

    With that said, I may 2 box ,

    So my question would be which class would you suggest (berserker or illusionist) and what potential box to go with them
  2. Jadefox2 Active Member

    I think your best option is to look at the raid guild threads and ask them what they need.
    May also want to check out the Discord server.
  3. Frid Member

    Yeah EQ2 suffers a bit from the same, in a raid you don't really need 6 fighters, you can do alright with 2, so that limites your raiding desirability. On the other hand you would do great in groups.
  4. Sixgauge Well-Known Member

    Generally to get a tank slot you usually have to either know the raid leader, or have a tank alt and change mains when a spot opens in your guild... or just main your tank and hope eventually someone is looking for a tank which could take several expansions. Personally I don't like to raid as illy, it's a spammy dps class, the CC is useless, and it will never top a parse.

    As for grouping, a lot of times it's easiest to get in as a tier 1 dps.
  5. Mandoh New Member

    Adding to this, I have played multiple classes in EQ2 long ago: Templar, SK, Fury, Troubador, Warlock, Wizard.

    This was long ago in ROK and prior. Assuming things have changed a there any particular class that will get blacklisted out of raids because they aren't "good enough" ?

    My understanding is that the game never really required much min/max through ROK. TSO had some challenges but other then that it was pretty easy across the board. Is that still valid?
  6. Zenji Well-Known Member

    Bruiser is really the biggest black sheep when it comes to raiding.

    Classes being "blacklisted", is less about them being bad and more about the alternatives are just significantly better.

    Things do change as expansions progress (like Berserkers are kind of bad early on in raids and then rather strong starting in RoK), but all classes are "viable" for the majority of content. Just some are far from optimal.
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  7. Menludiir New Member

    From your list:

    Templar, SK, Fury, Troubador, Warlock, Wizard

    3 are almost always wanted in raids (Templar=1, Fury=1-2, Troub=2), SK's tend to have one spot although contested with Pally, the latter 2 are contesting with Summoners, they might see 1-2 spots, or none depending on the raid force. Classes to generally avoid if raiding is your goal: Monks/Bruisers & Rangers. For group content they do just fine, but 'usually' raid forces won't pick them (as mentioned, there are simply better options, not that they are bad).
    I'm sure I'll get corrected here, but your highest success rate for getting into raid forces will be utility classes: Chanters and Bards (because they take up so many spots - 8 between them). But the server is new, there are many new guilds looking for way more than that. So that's probably moot :) Play what you want
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  8. Zenji Well-Known Member

    SK's don't compete with Paladins for a spot in the raid. They provide very different benefits to the raid. You don't stick a Paladin in a Mage group for example.

    Monks raid wide is very strong early in T5 / DoF, and are the best OT for almost the entirety of a TLE. There is no good reason to avoid bringing a Monk to raid.
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  9. KaladimNate Member

    You always want one Monk in your raid force, especially in earlier tiers. If the hits to casting speed on items are really big (since casting speed is getting reduced on itemization across the board according to Mint's posts), you'll carry Monks forward for several expansions.
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  10. Menludiir New Member

    Yeah fair point, I retract the Monk from my list - hadn't considered potential casting speed nerfs
  11. Mandoh New Member

    Thank you all for sharing feedback. Sounds like predators stink and caster dps is the way to go if I don't go Dirge/Troub.

    Hope the community is this helpful in game after all these years - thanks for the input.
  12. KythosMeltdown Active Member

    One note, on a Free Trade server (honestly you could do this before with HEIRLOOM items), it's fairly reasonable IMO to tank for groups and tell them before hand that you're going to roll for gear for an alt.

    If you are early on the server, maintaining more than 1 character wont be particularly difficult
  13. Kurth Member

    Or start the guild. True tank players are leaders. Rally everyone behind your banner.
  14. Rhoks Active Member

    Monks are the best. End of story :)

    I may be biased and play a monk lol
  15. Jophan New Member

    Thank you all for the feedback, probably a wizard/illusionist then for me.
  16. Sixgauge Well-Known Member

    Assassins are good, especially in T5 base game they get a ton of multi attack other melee classes just can't get. They can't out dps a conj in T5, but still good.
  17. Sixgauge Well-Known Member

    yes "know the raid leader" probably fastest way but also maybe hardest way. that is my problem, I just like to tank... I don't want to also form all the groups and eat the blame when we suck lol
  18. Vlahkmaak Active Member

    I'd go defiler/mystic or inqy as my box choice. The zerker is prob more fun than an illusionist. If you play a tank just build your reputation and if you cannot get into the raid slot you want build your own raid force. EQ2 raiding is not hard. Pretty much anything could be killed with 12 tanks, some heals and utility if you needed to - it will just take longer and if you don't mind not blowing things up instantly just find 23 other like minded people and have fun figuring out who is better suited to raid on what class. The server will be good for passing gear to alts.
  19. boho Member

    It’s exactly like WoW.

    To paraphrase Groucho Marx, you don’t want to be a part of a guild that would have a walk-on tank as a member. If a raid guild is recruiting a tank in general chat or the forums, either the guild’s dead, the server’s dead, or both. Realistically to raid tank, you’ll either need to start a guild or be a founding member.

    The easiest classes to do anything group-related on are the buff slaves - Enchanters and Bards. Despite being the least-played classes, everyone wants a third of their raid to be these - and they rarely get it. Typically these roles end up run by boxes because they’re that unpopular. Thus most guilds will take anyone with a pulse - even a moron typically beats an afk character on autofollow.
  20. Sixgauge Well-Known Member

    yea with open botting allowed there is really no reason to play a support class, unless you just enjoy the class mechanics... let botters play the troubs