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  1. Entropy Well-Known Member

    This thread lost me when the OP claimed that Elementalist was a trashy ascension class now. If you think that being able to maintain 30 fervor on virtually all of the content in the game (including for most of the duration of a T3 fight with scaling AE pulses) is bad, then I don't know if we can trust your judgment... and that's just one spell. Fiery Incineration is wicked on single target (i.e. most boss content).

    News flash: every ascension class has a handful of spells that are not even hotbar-worthy. Have you checked out Blood Parasite and Bonds of Blood for Thaum? They would barely be worth the cast time if the cast time was a quick 0.25 seconds.
  2. Ruckus Well-Known Member

    There are very few raid fights that require AoE DPS, because too many mobs in an encounter causes a ton of lag.

    I play a swashbuckler, and have since launch. I refuse to go brigand, and because of that, my choices in raid guilds is limited. Even if my swashbuckler had a full set of T3 raid gear on, all combat arts up to ancient level, and all ascensions maxed out, there is still no way I can compete DPS-wise with a ranger. Nor are my debuffs valued like those of a brigand, so why have a swashbuckler in a Top 10 raid guild at all if other classes fill that spot better?

    Either bring a swashbuckler's DPS up to par with that of a ranger, or leave our DPS the way it is and give us valued debuffs like those of a brigand. Or just merge the swashbuckler and brigand into a "rogue" class, and let us have the best of both worlds that the two classes have to offer. Same can be said for a few other classes, because there is no way they will ever be able to make a balance between 26 classes.
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  3. slica Active Member

    I disagree with that..the dps classes were pretty balanced back 3-4 years ago...swash was still lacking but every other dps class was pretty competitive, warlock still being capable of being the top dps if played properly.
  4. Ruckus Well-Known Member

    DPS, power feed, heal, able to tank.
  5. Clintsat Active Member

    FoE runs a swash in the MT group. The reset is pretty nice for the tank and she parses pretty high.
  6. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    In ToV scouts were pretty much max hp bots, but ok slica.

    I remember my fury outparsing scouts in aoe encounters, so do you.
  7. slica Active Member

    I recall only a warlock beating my brig on most st encounters where you could wear no sta gear. :/ and I even topped some of those -_-
    I do believe I was the only brig back then who specced left side prestige tho ;) I didn’t even run 100% ae auto attack back then most of the time. Hah
  8. slica Active Member

    Side note, I was googling something on this game and an old link from Eqflames was in there and it was of you talking crap to someone callin them bad and saying just be like slice and get no sta gear and blow **** up. I lol’d.
  9. Earar Well-Known Member

    I guess we should stop with AoE/ST classes

    it's poinltess now. Because not enough different fights and warlocks beat everybody AoE or ST.

    wizards are also great at AoEs for exemple .. and now ascensions can make u awesome at it. Just as an exemple. once upon a time monks were crap as AoE tanks ... that was before DF.

    what will make classes different is the gameplay. Also the difficulty to reach the bestests damage for the class. Some could be better at burst .. some shine in long fights.
    They did those kind of stuff, like rangers being better at the begining of fight while locks and sins doing more damage when the mob is low on health.

    but I don't think AoE/ST is worth something anymore because of ascensions. Because swash are consistent AoE dps but too many burst to allow them to shine there.

    also I'm partisan to merge classes. troub/dirge ... make a bard class that can choose to use CA or spell buffs. Monks and bruiser .. just merge, we've just seen how they disregard bruisers anyway .. same for brigs and swash ...

    I know some people don't want that because 2 sister classes still have differences in gameplay .. but in the end .. less classes makes it easier for class balance and less overall job for the devs.
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  10. Dude Well-Known Member

    Except for the HUUUUUUUUUUUGE up front labor cost required to make the merges. Just not going to happen.
  11. Earar Well-Known Member

    i know that too

    we're all f****ed
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  12. Revanu Active Member

    I am a bit lost here.

    First and foremost, are you in a progression raid guild? Secondly, are you clearing t3 and/or working on t4?

    If so then do you ever intend on clearing them with requests of nerfing everything across the board? do you have any idea on the inner workings of a lot of these encounters? A lot of people complain about certain classes way to much, some of it merited, most of it is just salty conjecture as to why the other class is superior, maybe its just the player? There's an incredible gap between those who know what they're doing on ANY class vs those who only know how to half-*** play 1.

    There are more terrible monks/warlocks/conj/ranger than there are good ones, and its not even close.

    What exactly would removing ascension combos have anything to do with class balance? Ascension combos are the one controllable variant in ascension. you just time things and correspond with outside parties. That's tough and merits a claim for unbalanced?

    As for all this AoE/ST clutter and blah blah blah, umm so what about named were there are tons of swarm adds, ill reference zones and not single mobs, IE back half of torden, or back half of disease, or sol ro?

    What I am about to say is going to rub a huge portion the wrong way, so ill preface it by saying, toughen up Nancy. People don't always like everything others have to say.

    Class balance shouldn't affect anyone that isn't raiding, because quite frankly it doesn't matter. Heroic content is a joke, experts are a joke, and soon they too will be soloed.

    Class balance can be done just fine, but then the raid leader/guild leader will fine tooth the stronger more suitable/desirable/beneficial classes to boost the outcome of the raid.

    Suffice to say, certain classes will always maintain that roll. We all know which fights/mages/scouts that is.

    There always seems to be this my class is bad so your class should suffer mentality. Betrayal is an option. Swash complain all the time, well if you aren't being accepted on a swash and refuse to go brig, that's your own fault. OPTIONS OPTIONS OPTIONS.
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  13. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    Wing 3 when practiced was being funneled to mage groups it wasn't even close, before that ranger/warlock/wiz were pretty close but it was impossible to justify running anything but mage groups.
  14. Fistpower Active Member

    Its sad this game might have one of the oldest communities, but also the most childish when discussion the actual game, holy poop.
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  15. Fleshdecay Well-Known Member

    HAHA! He said poop! ^
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  16. Zorennon New Member

    I for one am not a happy camper - I have been playing since beta with a break but still like to get my gear up and spells etc. What I am upset about is there is no more classes when it comes to DPS it is all about ascensions if you have all GM ed your parse is great if you don't it sucks . what happened to the Assassin originally it was the guy to punch out damage along with the wizard and the warlocks they really had no other purpose but to kill things . Oh did i forget to say Ranger LOl.
    They still have no other purpose but to kill things except they don't come close to others that have taken over their jobs . I raid and have seen my parse go from top ( back a few years ) now it being beat by healers with great ascension skills. Come on is that what this game is coming to Pay your bucks get your spells up and we will reward you with a great parse .
    I am not great at explaining things or putting my thoughts on paper but i can read a parse and see what is going on . I read some posts in this forum and some people are just full of it or cant read whats being said . Those tell us that they are T4 maybe need to to us what zone they are raiding in .
    Bottom line i hope they do something about giving some classes some parity with the blessed classes. I am really peed off when healer can out parse scouts but that is whats happening .

    CLASS Balance is not only needed but is what will keep this game going for a few more years .
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