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Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by VGScastaway, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. VGScastaway Member

    Well, I've noticed there really are no active discussions of balancing classes or ascension classes anymore.
    I guess since they just expect everyone to re roll and pay to re-level all their abilities, anyone who tries to continue on with the class they've played as a favorite for a long time should just deal with the stupidity, or get going doing all the crap again.

    I'm not just talking about class balance though, I'm talking about ascension class balances. They re-balanced geo and thaum at the launch of the xpac with the new level 11-15, making them better overall than they were. In the same stroke, they made eth a bit stronger (though it was the last class that needed it at the time), but took ele from a relatively competitive class, right into the crapper giving them a load more spells that most people can't (or won't) even use. I've been waiting patiently for the last 6.5 months, not only for the promised class balances (the only reason I even bought the xpac in the first place), but also for them to make elementalist even remotely competitive as an overall asc class again.

    I'd like to know if this "Soon(tm)" bull*** is just going to continue with no meaningful changes - so I can just unsub, be done and save myself the frustration and the shame for believing the class balance BS in the first place. OR if you guys are actually working on it, and are going to really stop stringing us all along for another year. If you are, WHEN can we expect to see it in game??
  2. Meneltel Well-Known Member

    I think the first choice is the most likely, but I could be wrong... but pattern recognition is a powerful tool if used.
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  3. SteveB Active Member

    Only option is to betray or get used to deal with it.
    Also if you betray, you have to get all your GM and Ancient class ability spells again and you need 550 planar weapon essences for reupgrading your new Mythical.
    Fully rerolling will make it only even worse and you than still have to play a class that you do not like.
    In the end... get used to deal with it is most likely the best recommendation.

    Rumors are saying they are working on class balancing and also on heal mechanics and possibly also on Ascension balancing.
  4. Slowfast New Member

    There's no more talk about it because it will not change anymore, how is a little dev team going to fix all the classes so there's a nice class balance there.

    Daybreak Cash Company So Pay to Win, so and not otherwise is it as long as people continue to pay, nothing will change unless you do not mischief with this and that is every player's right.
    Daybreak laughs for a long time in the shirt because of the stupid players who charge their spells or ascensions with real money, on Thurgadin alone there are raiders who recharge their spells with real money and go into the thousands of Euros that is not a game value.

    The topic balance classes what helps you if you bring your char to maximum, but back around everything is changed again see the current addon POM what have they are not begin to change everything or allegedly were the DMG pay the names not ok and now lock They more or less people out of the Eth Coin Event because they do not create the zones and there helps you the love of banned Potion of Elixir also Nothing.

    It remains only one game the game as long as it is there and no you do not have to go away because of the permanent payment, there are also ways to get these things free of charge with their own effort but it takes just.
  5. Beee Well-Known Member

    We (or at least myself) gave up crying about one class doing with 2 spells more dmg than all other single DD player - it just produces pain in the stomage :eek:
  6. Dannni Active Member

    Tell me about it... life can be seriously tough in a mmorpg! You want FOTM you got to either get lucky, betray or reroll. To me its just numbers on a screen that mean next to nothing. If youre having fun carry on, if you lose the love to continue playing consider moving on. Idol threats of unsubbing probably wont achieve much.
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  7. Evguenil62 Active Member

    It depends on your play style. If you play solo you need attack, defense and healing, you need everything. Your class is not important at all. If you play raid-only then your class is a king. You either DPS or tank of heal or provide utility.

    Game developer of course is in between. How to combine what can not be combined?
    Perhaps the solution is: when you not in the raid zone you are classless. When you enter raid zone you suddenly remember that you are a cleric or a shadowknight :)
  8. Castegyre Well-Known Member

    There's a reason why over time fewer and fewer games have true crowd control or support classes that specialize in things like buff/debuff. It's hard. There's never going to be real balance, that's impossible. To get something close to a rough parity, though, requires a lot of effort on the dev's part. The more classes there are, the more abilities being used and interacting with one another, the harder it becomes to tune the content. The higher the challenge level and the faster the pace of these games, the harder still it becomes.

    Things at play like crowd control that will always require a certain level of player ability to be present in order to be on par with things like straight healing or DPS, which require a much lower skill level to be adequate at, then it becomes nearly impossible for the devs to properly tune. So instead of a shaman buffing and debuffing everything there are games with class buffs and mini-debuffs build into their skills. Instead of enchanters who are supposed to be dedicated crowd control specialist there are classes turning targets into sheep or moa birds while nuking the heck out of everything else. All with a spread of low tier CC built into abilities across the game.

    EQ2 started with too many classes and added more. They have a bloat of skills, abilities, and gear to account for. There are barely enough people and resources to manage the game, yet they know they have to keep adding more game because they've conditioned the players to expect it. I don't see any chance that proper balancing passes will be made on the various aspects of the game. Not in a quality way any time soon. Heck, I don't think they've ever managed a proper re-itemization in all these years even when they had the staff to do it with.

    I'd more recommend people select an array of archetypes they enjoy playing, get them all set up, and prepare to ride the FOTM rollercoaster with whichever characters work for them in the moment than anyone hold their breath hoping the devs can or will fix the balance issues. That's just my opinion on the matter, though.
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  9. Evguenil62 Active Member

    Fresh example: Guardian in LOTRO.
    For eleven years Guardian did what he/she was supposed to do: tiny damage, huge defense. And that worked fine in group/fellowship. But solo players complained a lot. You cannot die while playing solo, thank you, but your foe didn't want to die too. You need to spend like 5 times more time to kill something compared to hunter for instance.

    Just a week ago Guardian has got a huge boost in damage. Now guardian can play solo like anyone else.
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  10. semisus Well-Known Member

    I really hope something is done as well , the new mysteries rune is just another insult to elementalists while thaums get a 30% boost to one of their dds
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  11. Dannni Active Member

    The question is what even is balance, if everyone's definition is different it cannot be achievable. You can say you simply want more parity but your more parity gives another group of players less parity. Balance is a multivariate equation i.e. impacted by multiple factors some of which are outside the developers control. Good luck achieving the impossible.
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  12. Revanu Active Member

    I'm sorry but is an aspect of this post to state that elementalists are underpowered compared to the rest of the ascension classes?

    Elementalists are pretty powerful and absolutely not needing a boost. sure the rune of enigma is total trash and a complete waste of an adornment in regard to their class, but no one forces you to use it. Options Options Options. Anti Life isn't as WTF-OMG-PWN as people crack it out to be, sure its nice, heck its great but its really not that big of a deal.

    As for the archtype classes, most have given up. That's a lot harder to rework id imagine given the work load and staff capacity currently at dbg and the revolving door that seems to be happening.

    But please, elemenalists are not a weak class. :rolleyes:
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  13. Kabbe Member

    Problem with elementalist is that people do not see the numbers on parse.
    They have best utility and is very beneficial in a raidforce.....
  14. Revanu Active Member

    I'm a bit lost here. Brittle armor doesn't show up on the parse? so massively reducing combat mitigation is errant because it inflicts zero damage?

    Phoenix rising 101 Ability doublecast? - find yourself any player worth their weight and that in and of itself is absolutely devastating. bard charges, BL chains, etc

    the 2 fervor temps which have always been professional ability specific, in which very few classes actually gain benefit form them. conj/wizard/monk/fury (maybe 1 or 2 more)

    pact free 30 fervor, that's underpowered how?

    fiery by far the best single target ascension dot in game.

    should I continue?

    Elementalist has always been in the middle of the pack. Depending on the class, they can be better and/or worse now then prior. Just like any of the other.

    And we can all agree, Geo are absolutely terrible across the board.
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  15. semisus Well-Known Member

    Problem with pact is that you might get away on using it on t1 raids mobs but thats about it , any mob that deals a heavy pulse or if your healer is a shaman then its a no no
    Elemental channeling , well for a wizard or a monk it might be great but for me as a conjuror and the fact that it doesnt apply to my pet makes it not so great since none of my attacks goes through my pet will apply
    same with frost pyre
    Phoenix rising is great but the main issue is the proc only last 5 seconds and it has a really long reuse and cast time
    This leaves Fiery as the only good thing ive gotten from 11-15

    Theres no denying that brittle armor/glacial freeze are awesome abilities

    I do agree about geomancers , they do seem like the ones that could use the most help
  16. Revanu Active Member

    Can rock pact on just about all t3, I do and many I raid with do as well. just sayin. Use it until the dmg ramps up to breaking point then toggle off. By next mob its back up.

    as for phoenix rising, at ancient its 38 sec duration with 6 sec proc duration, so it CAN proc twice for full duration if RNG is in your favor. And when it does proc its absolutely godlike.

    Even if you gain no benefit from frost pyre, but someone in your grp does, it still benefits them thus promptly showing up on parse. Channeling, sure might not be as reflective. Everything else has zero reason behind complaint.
  17. Kabbe Member

    I will add I was not sarcastic Elementalist is awesome utility in raids. But people tend to only look at the numbers they get on act and reducing combat mit and efficiency level on mobs does not.
  18. Revanu Active Member

    I don't follow that train of thought - making abilities hit harder doesn't show up on the parse?
  19. Kabbe Member

    Ok example
    Person A Thauma, does 10 billion dps
    Person B Elementalist, did 8 billion dps but helped A do 3 bill dps
    Person A look at parse and think he is the bestest.
    That what I mean show up on parse and what people look at in general. Maybe my expectation of people is low.
  20. Revanu Active Member

    I totally follow that, however no brittle = person A does 7 person B does 6 person C does 5.

    Still its an unquestionable parsing boost thusly boosting everyone's output in encounter.

    As a test, raid without brittle and see what the difference would be.
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