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  1. select20 Member

    Hey all,

    AA builds are daunting to say the least. I have a little group going, we're only level 20's, all refugee's from other mmo's. But looking for anyone who would be willing to share aa builds through EQ2U. All we need really is character name and server, then we can kind of just copy those builds as we level. I hope this isn't like intrusive to ask.

    We're running a Berzerker, Necro, Wizard, Brigand and Dirge. A Templar merc is covering the heals. We're on the live servers.

    Thanks so much.
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  2. Hartsmith Well-Known Member

    Being a soloist, I am sure that the aa's on my characters, (some of which chose based on titles awarded in different trees rather than what was listed in those trees), would only hamstring your group's characters. There was something posted by Matik in a different thread just the other day that might help guide you, (maybe just your wizard);

    While I am sure you could find a bunch of guides for effective aa's if you search the internet, I'm more inclined to encourage your group to take the time to read what is available to their characters and make selections based on individual needs for your group.
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  3. Matik Member

    some of that wizard advice might not be that great for one that's always in a group, for ex. I wouldn't invest 31 points that early into the death save in dragons.

    the problem with copying aa is that your stuff is gonna look different leveling vs when you're high level

    for all classes your first 10 points should go into heroic tab ability mod (a high level would not do this but at low level it's the best 10 points you ever spend)

    berserker should get 100% aoe auto attack in warrior tree and the flat damage physical damage reduction in fighter line of shadows tab asap after ability mod

    general advice is avoid anything that says potency or increases damage for the most part. you will start seeing potency on gear soon enough and it stacks additively and quickly becomes a waste of aa points. wording matters, "effectiveness" and "increases the damage, healing, and warding, of profession (combat art or spells)" in this exact phrase is good, this is fervor and you won't see it till much later and in smaller amounts. the exception to this is "increases potency by a % of primary stat" in first tab, this is a lot of potency and is good, and effectively scales with your level.
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  4. select20 Member

    Thank you so much both of you. This helps getting us started. We only get to play together a few times a week for maybe 2 hours max at a time. We've all been gaming together for years in different MMO's but as we all grew up, we had less and less time to game. I finally convinced them to try out EQ2 even though its been awhile since I've been able to devote a lot of time here either.
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  5. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    Hartsmith has given you some good info. You can research various AA specs on players and see where they have allocated points in their AA trees by looking at EQ2Wire. There's a couple of caveats here: 1) don't look at AA specs for people who raid. Their AA specs are influenced by their gear a great deal. Given your situation, you all can be looking at people who are at a similar level and with similar gear and get some ideas. You'll find your points heavily weighted towards the beginning of the trees. 2) As you grow, keep reviewing your AA spec to test its validity and make changes. Again, as you gain better gear, points you had placed in particular trees may be redundant or better spent elsewhere. Lastly, always review every single AA tree for what it can do or add to your build/performance. It's easy to sometimes overlook things early on that your AA tree can improve as your character grows and so does your knowledge. There's a number of components involved in game that effect how well you play. So as your knowledge of game mechanics grows, revisiting your AA tree may prove useful to better understand how all this fits together.
  6. Holvarn New Member

    The thing I do with low level alts is, I don't fill in the AA's all at once. I use them as I get them, when I have 3 or more. So to do that, you have to switch the upper right drop down to "Personal slot" and give it a name like july2021 or dpstest. This should clear any selections.

    The Commit button should be live now, on lower right. Click it and your character will do a dance. When finished, your AA window will reopen and you can spend only the points you actually have. (Note this uncasts any shield spells or other buffs you have.)

    At low levels, for example for Necro, I would grab a damage spell from the first tab, Summoner, maybe Animated Dagger which is fast casting, then ignore the rest for now (at level 20 you just started), I'd put one point into the Dragon tab, maybe to buff spell damage... anything else goes into the Necro tree to buff my actual spells. Around level 35-45 I get into the Shadow tree. It takes about 31 points to fill that, minimum so save up, or rollback and do over.

    I pretty much do the same for all classes. I may prioritize health over spell damage for a tank, but that should be obvious to you. The one thing I would point out is that the "regenerating ward" from the Dragon tree is not that great. People get overexcited about it I think. Look for stuff that removes statuses from you if you're a tank, that will be your problem.

    You won't learn as much but you can always just choose "solo" or "group" build. I think they're weak builds though.

    It's confusing that they try to make you plan it all out from the start. You don't have to do that.

    PS If you decide to use the Heroic / Ability Mod trick, keep track of when it's diminishing returns and redo your tree then. Anywhere from level 50-70 in my experience.

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