Chronoportal Phenomenon Feedback and Bugs 2019

Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Kaitheel, Feb 15, 2019.

  1. Lera Well-Known Member

    They think that. But I am not.
  2. Pijotre Well-Known Member

    *sigh* no embracement. So if you are not a frostfell elf like we all KNOW you are, what do you actually think you are? And no regular dark elves don't like Frostfell festivities!
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  3. Mirt Well-Known Member

    I've read so many different things about the new Fabled level 110 Chronoportals zones and PQ, that the information has become a bit confusing. Can anyone breakdown, in straightforward fashion, what the requirements, etc are for these? Thanks
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  4. Whilhelmina Well-Known Member

    - zones are now in a hub accessible through the original portal zones or Commonlands, Coliseum of Valor or Myrist (south portals). From the hub you can reach the vendor and the zones
    - portals give a choice of regular zone (where you mentor down and get a level 20 to 90 item + coin) or a level 110 fabled zone, or the public quest for the SS zone
    - quest validates in regular or fabled zone
    - fabled zones are 110 only. Regular mobs have 995 resolve, bosses have 1010 resolve, so you need to be above to hit. Zones are made for a full group of players with 1010 resolve. Reward is currently 1 piece of heroic gear (60 resolve) that is no-trade (+ event coin). Expect a 10 minutes fight with 4 solo-geared players + 2 mercs when reaching the boss. Strat is the same as regular zones.
    - SS portal doesn't have a fabled zone but, instead, a PQ portal. When PQ is active, portal has a ring around it instead of being the exact same one as the others. Once more, strat is the same as regular, but with extra people in it (kill everything in sight, then mummies, then terrorantula, then cyclop). You need to be 6 on live I think to be able to start the PQ. Kooldown before next one is 90 minutes for a player. Rewards are on par with fabled dungeons and you can enter at any level if I understood it well.
  5. Mirt Well-Known Member

    Thanks Whil :)
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  6. Chrissdae Active Member

    How do you update the quest, Hunt the Past? I killed Fippy in the Qeynos Hills instance, there aren't any gnoll pups anywhere dropping scalps? How does this update?
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  7. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    I haven't found any of the Delki merchants in the Time Vortex -- er, the Chronoweave at all, nor any Chrono Merchants outside, except the usual ones at like New Halas and such, on the Thurgadin server. I'll try those guys and see if they have what I'd like to buy with my Ancient Platinum Coins. :(

    EDIT: That would be a no. :(

    I know we have an entire month to work on this, but I'd like to get my shopping done on Thurgadin before the end of the event. :-/

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  8. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    What server are you on, Chrissdae? Test or elsewhere? :-/

    Because if you're not on Test, then bugs are creeping into the event on Live, apparently. :(

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  9. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Ladislava on Antonia Bayle server was seeing them just fine, but was unable to make a character on Thurgadin to help me test it out. :(

    EDIT: Okay, she finally got her new toon to work and I finally saw the merchants show up. It should not have been that difficult.

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  10. Chrissdae Active Member

    I was playing on Maj'Dul this morning.
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  11. Lera Well-Known Member

    Both merchants, or just one?
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  12. Mirt Well-Known Member

    Caith / Kaitheel -
    It looks like there is some serious disconnect between how often the PQ ran on test versus how often it's running on live. There are several hours in between when it's running on live. Is this working as intended or how is it suppose to be? Without some kind of consistency, it's hard to get people hyped up for them, let alone come and do them.

    Also, I noticed that there is a small warning given when in the chronoweave for the PQ, but it isn't accurate. It said 8 minutes and then suddenly started.

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  13. Mirt Well-Known Member

    Cyrrena suggested that a global announcement about the PQ be added. That is an awesome idea. This way people don't have to stand around for hours on end in the Chronoweave waiting for something to happen.
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  14. Chrol Developer

    It's set to run every 2 hours on test for testing purposes! For live servers, there's a variance in how often it runs, with a minimum of 2 hours (for now).

    Since it can run every 2 hours across multiple instances, it was decided not to spam the entire server. Thankfully, it's not difficult or time consuming to check the Chronoweave from multiple locales.
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  15. Mirt Well-Known Member

    Sorry Chrol - I meant to type your name and not Caiths. My pain addled brain mistyped. :)
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  16. Mirt Well-Known Member

    Chrol -

    It's certainly not difficult or time consuming to check the Chronoweave. However, with the pq only giving a number of minutes before it starts and probably only taking a few minutes to complete, it will be hard to catch it unless you are just standing waiting in the Chronoweave. :/
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  17. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    Chrissdae you have to find the mobs in every instance that have white names and adjust to your level
    In the first instance the pups are way in the back of the zone and they will gladly drop their scalps for you .
    the rest is easier to find.
    The only other one is the SS instance the 2 snakes are invisible , so you head towards the right side there should be 2 behind a bolder, hug the wall to the right you should run right into them.
  18. Hartay Keeper of the Server Hamsters

    oh my god.
  19. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    hmmm running around finding the collection I was suddenly struck by a thought
    It would have been nice to get a new collection for the 20th anniversary, I know it's to late now.
  20. Flightrisk Well-Known Member

    here to say that in the event fabled zones on live , the boss mobs in the fabled zones are time sinks , I took in my admittedly marginal beastlord to molo it , the merc is kluuron@ training level 14 w/ one missing accolade , by marginal I mean 1200+resolve 58kpotency 96% fervor and 96+million health. I was able to clear all the trash a tad on the slow side, but by my standards doable ..Fippy ,how ever took just about 2 hours ..

    Tonight I tried the Karana hills zone with a pally who had more, everything, lots more, than my beastlord . we also had our mercs up ,the pally was running the doppelgänger and i had kluuron.. once again moved over the trash with out issue if a tad slower than I'm used to killing stuff on my beastlord with another player..but then istaval the gnoll priest spawned and .. we couldn't damage him, was able to take off maybe 2%? 3%? in 20 min.. we gave it up and left the zone.

    not exactly fun .. maybe fun-ish?
    couple that with the loot one per zone and no-trade I suspect folks are tormenting themselves with the painful time-sink the names are, or giving it all up and walking .
    earlier this evening on the maj'dul server a well known raider linked the wrist from the steamfont zone and called it junk, which at the time puzzled me ,but reading all the above posts, and experiencing the zone with another better geared and stated player, it was probably the time spent getting it to find it was No-Trade.
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