Chest spawn chance question

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  1. Ozzio Member

    Do heroic npc have a better chance to spawn a chest than regular npcs? or is it just random? I'm trying to farm specific advanced tradeskill volumes. So I'm wondering if it's better to kill harder npcs or just kill as many small ones as fast as I can?
  2. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Kill any mobs of the exact same level as the tradeskill book you want. But check the broker first!

    Also, in some tiers, you buy the books from an NPC somewhere.Check EQ2 Trader's Corner for info on where to get which recipe books where (scroll down the page to the Recipe section).
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  3. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    Which recipe, specifically? As of the last major game update, all advanced recipes below 100 can be purchased from a merchant after completing tradeskill quests. All recipes over 100 don't drop from mobs and must be quested and randomly rewarded from weekly, or chosen from the list from the VoV weekly.
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  4. Ozzio Member

    I'm on TLE and some of the volumes on broker from 20-39 are as high as 30p. Which is why I am trying to farm them.

    I spent all of last week trying to get sage 30 to drop and it never did. I probably spent about 25-30 hours killing level 30 npcs. It was the weak ones though. So I'm wondering if I would have better luck killing heroics.
  5. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    Ahh, old world recipes can only be found from random mobs within those level ranges.
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  6. JanEQ Active Member

    I wondering ... Does the TLE server have the tradeskill quests that reward access to a merchant that sells the advanced recipe books? The quests used to stop at being able to purchase level 30-39 advanced recipe books, but recently new quests were added.
  7. Tkia Well-Known Member

    Every advanced book up to 95 should be available from merchants after completing quests once you have the right expansion. 20-39 are going to need EoF zones though.
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