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Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Whatever999, Dec 24, 2019.

  1. Abasinolanam Active Member

    The fount buff was there. But it's like the scaling of spells just wasn't enough to damage the names sufficiently. Even the AA-based spells which should have hit much harder than the apprentice spells were barely doing anything. I can't really explain it but I totally understand how some people might think this is not soloable, at least with some toons. My SK in similar gear but with expert spells could kill the names in a couple of minutes. Aside from the zerker there was at least one other toon that needed help finishing the solo. Anyway, my point is there's some validity to the OP's bug report, even if it's not experienced by everybody.
  2. Almee Well-Known Member

    I just finished the quest with a wizard and it took over 40 minutes and gave me a lot more grey hair. This was the first character that didn't need help and I can see from her experience that my healers will never be able to do this by themselves.

    The next character, in the rotation, is a fury. I've asked, in general, if anyone can help her but there hasn't been any response. And that's the problem with this quest. We shouldn't have to wait around, begging for help, just because we don't belong to an uber guild.

    I like the guild I'm in. There are just the three of us--all decorators, and absolutely no drama. We've been playing together for years but we play solo.

    I've been in other guilds, on other servers, that were huge, at one point, but ended up down to just a few people due to drama. The guild I'm in was once a very large guild and is now down to just us three.

    But we've put a lot of hard work into our guild and I don't want to give that up just so I can get help doing an access quest that should never be in the first place. So I'll wait around, a little longer, in hopes someone will take pity on my character and help, but I totally resent that I have to do this just to play content I paid cash for. This really sucks.
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  3. Piddler New Member

    These things seem wrong to me:

    Health 47,373,593
    reuse 256.6
    Casting 387.6
    DPS 151
    haste 1,208.1

    Health is low. Look at your AA for Max Health. It should be closer to 100 million. Respec into max health / stamina.
    Reuse is 156.6 points higher than it needs to be. Reforge that into something useful.
    Casting speed is 287.6 higher than it needs to be. Spell double cast is gone. Those are wasted stats. Reforge.
    DPS is about 1000 points lower than it should be. Reforge.
    Haste is about 1000 points higher than it should be. Haste no longer caps into flurry. Reforge.

    Hope it helps
  4. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Whatever happened to coding for casual gamers? If casual gamers can do it, then yes, raiders/uber geniuses/min-maxers/etc. should be able to as well. :-/

    definitely not getting anywhere near this gobbler expac until September 2020; by then, the bugs should be squashed... X-P
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  5. Whatever999 New Member

    I did a few tests on my Fury and found out that my buffs changed significantly after zoning into a BoL solo zone. For a quick, non complete example, my GM Lucidity X buff is 30 Fervor normally, but after zoning into a solo BoL zone, it changes to 120 Fervor. After recasting the buff on myself, I was able to see my Fervor increase and reflect the 120 Lucidity X buff, the 500 Fount or whatever buff, in addition to my regular stat. Like Adept had posted, recasting all the buffs when in zone is going to make a difference. I wasn't able to go after named mobs yet but at least I'm not being hamstrung by not getting the buffs I am calculated to have with a Fury, when I wasn't recasting my buffs, that is. I was able to take down yard trash much easier after recasting my buffs in the solo zones of BoL from my testing. Other classes may not be affected by this info as I am only referencing self buffs like Adept had mentioned. After seeing Adept's post, I had been doing the recast of buffs without being able to solo the Chelsith BoL prequest though, so my post still stands. I simply wanted to expand on what was tried by myself and the suggestions are applicable, at least for some classes.
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  6. Dude Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure why people are having trouble. I did it tonight on my warlock. It took me about 30 minutes. I've done it on a defiler, monk, fury, and swashbuckler too. If you're having trouble, post a link to your toon on EQ2U. My guess is that your build and gear needs to be improved.
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  7. Shady1 Member

    There is a bug with Chelsith. Straight up. I had one of the 110 Luclin boosts, which actually comes with a full suit of the armor you get as soon as you zone into luclin. I was getting 1 shotted in solo and five shotted in heroic!?!?!


    It's because the instances are bugged to hell for some people. The HEROIC mobs are solo mobs, but buffed to all hell, whereas the solo mobs are freaking x3 HEROIC MOBS.

    Apparently this isn't happening to everyone, but I ended up having to have a guildmate rush me through the instance.
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  8. Breanna Well-Known Member

    I'm glad I did mine before the expansion came out. I went through early and I had no problems at all.
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  9. Dreanna New Member

    I just came back to EQ2 after 8 years being gone. I bought Luclin, gave my character the level boost with epic gear, and cannot kill the boss mobs solo with a merc. Tried over and over again. I don't think I've eve been this disappointed with a return visit to EQ2. Regretfully I bought the more expensive xpac bundle, and I was very excited to start playing again, only to be squashed. So we can't play the xpac if we can't beat the bosses if we're solo players? WTF? I sure wish that was mentioned before I forked out over a hundred bucks. I'm not some experienced raider or uber player, but I feel like that's what the devs are wanting. Thanks for nothing.
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  10. Kuulei Well-Known Member

    Just give a shout out in general or ask a guildy to run it with you. I have helped countless through it and with such a long time away from game, your AA, spells and gear are more than likely not up to solo it yet (check those AA's first, spell upgrades)
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  11. Blazen Active Member

    [quote="Whatever999, post: 6584543, member:
    By the way, the only people that "soloed" the prequest stated they did it with someone else or a group... [/quote]

    I'm here to tell you I solo'd it this morning with Panda gear... Did I one shot everything? No, but took my time and finished it without any issues.
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  12. Dude Well-Known Member

    It's easily soloable in the Days of Summer panda gear. If you link your character from EQ2U, there are many people who will help you.
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  13. Evguenil62 Well-Known Member

    There was a problem with this zone. PoP Solo zone buff (Fount of Power) was not applied for new players, it was fixed however on the 9th of January with patch and it should be doable since then.
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  14. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    But, but, but...isn't it supposed to be a SOLO instance? :(

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  15. Dude Well-Known Member

    It is a solo instance, which is easily soloable. Solo instances, however, allow one more toon, which can either be a merc or another player.
  16. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Easily soloable now, perhaps... :-/

    But yeah, they should be. And without having to have a frickin' PhD in math, or be a professional raider. :-/

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  17. Dude Well-Known Member

    No need to be a professional raider at all. The math part? It is a complex game, but even the base stats needed for heroic content are achievable by soloing. That is much more true this expansion than the last.
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  18. Dreanna New Member

    I'm not trying to be a hater. On the contrary, I want to love EQ2. I've owned it since the day it came out. It just shouldn't be so incredibly complicated to start playing content from an expansion that I paid over $100 for. I've been gone for almost 10 years, I just wanted to start playing again, not researching AA's and gear. I wouldn't even mind doing a long quest and working for the content that way, that's doable. I mean make it "new person" friendly if you want someone like me back, or even someone who's never played before that doesn't even know what AA's are. Creating an expansion that leaves people frustrated out of the box seems counter productive. I WANT to love EQ2 but damn they're making it hard.
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  19. Evguenil62 Well-Known Member

    There are some options to chose from if you want to play EQ2 in my opinion.

    TLE server Kaladim is perfect for a solo player who just want to revisit Norrath as it was 10 years ago. It is probably a bit late to find a perfect group or raiding team on Kaladim cause a lot of people are at level 70 now.

    Liveservers are perfect for those of us who enjoy years-long adventures, like when you start at level 1 and do every quest and collect every shiny along the weeklong way to level 2 :)
    Grouping/Raiding is also a good option on a live server as far as I get it. If you could find a good guild or group, they will probably help you to jump over the gap and help you to be someone capable of collecting epic and mythical loot in a week or two. And without a group you won't be able to collect best loot in game anyway.
  20. Dreanna New Member

    Thank you Evguenil62 :)

    I'm on the Maj'Dul server. I guess since this is the way it is, I need to find another solution for myself.

    I think the answer is to try and level up a couple of levels and then try that last boss again that I cannot defeat. Can you guys recommend a place to level up a couple of levels from level 100? I'll just work for it that way.

    Last night nobody was in the region to help me, but I'll keep trying to look for other players to help me. Hopefully all the creatures won't re-spawn and make me start all over. For the record, I did clear the whole dungeon except for the last boss, so I wasn't a total loser, only a partial loser :)

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