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Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Whatever999, Dec 24, 2019.

  1. Whatever999 New Member

    Many have encountered the fact they are unable to solo, or solo with a merc, the prequest in Chelsith for Blood of Luclin. Obviously, this prevents obtaining the adventure quests on Luclin. I used a tradeskilling character to unlock access to Luclin so I could get the free armor on Luclin for my adventuring characters which ironically got my character killed faster. The game was marketed as being able to solo but the solo zone of Chelsith is not solo. I have no issue with others embracing raiding, grouping, etc but I bought the expansion as stated for soloing. Is there a plan to correct the content for the solo prequest? Someone else would have to discuss the heroic prequest as I have not tried it.
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  2. Praetorian Active Member

    Everyone I know solo'd it.
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  3. Semperfifofum Well-Known Member

    Did you use a bauble? I used a 110 bauble on one character and that one insta-died in the Chelsith solo. Helpful people in chat told me I had to start the Chaos Descending timeline (just one quest) to get the Fount of Magic buff which becomes Grace of Norrath in Luclin. Without that buff, you insta-die. And it doesn't warn you that you need it if you walk in there without it!!
  4. Chrol Developer

    You can just enter Plane of Knowledge to be auto-granted the Fount of Power buff nowadays. HO HO HO!
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  5. Leeroy Well-Known Member

    Thanks Chrol for the helpful info ( I have severe alt-itis and don't want to repeat all the content for the buff; freeing my gathering goblin is enough pain for me) and thanks for spending your holiday time helping folks on the forum.

    Merry Christmas!
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  6. Whatever999 New Member

    That is helpful all, but I had the fount of power on 1 char. Explains why another of my chars got killed in 1 shot also.
    I have seen alot of chat about the orange adorns no longer being "usable" in Luclin so that is why stats from the free Luclin armor are lower than the Myrist Library free armor. Is there truth to any of it as I see my resolve increase but according to four people discussing this issue in general chat the potency drops due to the Luclin free armor. Are there any stats on the solo instance mobs in the prequest... like potency, resolve, fervor, etc needed to have a chance in a fight?
    By the way, the only people that "soloed" the prequest stated they did it with someone else or a group... not what I define as solo. I have heard in every group, I or others I know in real life, a char stating how they soloed something because they never took any damage or it was easy so it must have been all them. If that is what they want to believe to get through the day, I'm not wasting my time trying to show them the logs.
    Did the decrease in hp to the mobs in the prequest get applied again after the patches or did they get left out? There was some talk, albiet a month agao, of decreasing the mob hp so people could finish the prequest. It could have been a seperate code patch that got left out of the post install scripts on the servers maybe?
  7. Ceyarrecks Wunnfirr Well-Known Member

    one detail that ought be noted: one does NOT need to entertain any of the yard trash in Chelsith;
    One can make their way through edges/water/rubble to just engage the Named.
    Also, the gnomes can also be (carefully) released from their captivity without gaining the Yard Trash's attention "They see,.. NU-ZING!"
    if you are not getting the Fount buff, which give LOTS of stats, then THAT need be addressed first.
    (off-clicking buff and rebuffing from Knowledge Book might help)
    the buff should give you ~100k Potency, ~500 Fervor; two notable stats to show you indeed, do have the buff.
    if you still have said buff with said stats and are still getting "one-shotted" by the yard trash, you might want to look into your character's setup; posting your character's name that through there can be feedback on what may be missing or in need of honing,...
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  8. Whatever999 New Member

    I agree Ceyarrecks, with what you are saying. My lvl 110 Fury did not have the buff and it will be addressed so that I can give that character another try. What is ironic, and funny to me, is that I played the Fury as my main since the Everquest 2 beta in 2004 up through lvl 100. The Fury was getting one shotted as my merc would not engage the first named mob. I have four toolbars and she is an ascention lvl 15 elementalist. I am no tank, not raid geared, but I was able to use the boosts(rewards) from the Dragons Attack Public Quests on my merc (lvl 5 at that time) and mount. I used the Myryst Library armor only and I do know how to play that specific toon strategy wise. I just feel like I need to explain myself. Can others solo the Heroic zone? Absolutely! Not me though. I am not even a good player... I know some strategy and learned to joust with the ape and dragon for the Eidolon Jungle solo quest series when the mobs still gave me xp. Not bragging in any way... just saying I'm not just walking up and trying to melee with a Fury.
    Now, the toon that definitely had the boost message when I went in to Chelsith was my lvl 110 boosted Monk that I suck at playing. Yes, I am a horrible, horrible tank. That being said, using Perrin as my merc with lvl 3, 5, and lately lvl 6 boosts from Dragon Attack PQ and potency Mythical boost on my lvl 6 mount, I was able to learn to get to the second to last mob before the release of BoL. Now, I figured I would compensate for my ineptness by using the free armor on my monk from the BoL chest in the Blinding. I made it to the second to last Boss before I lost agro due to no power and the adds drained the power on Perrin so no more heals. Died pretty quickly after that. I did keep changing back to the main mob. I only have lvl 10 ascention on my monk character. I know there have been lag issues and even my Internet Service Provider could have been an issue during the release when I think I lagged died. It happens.
    Prior to the second to last attempt, I know at least 5 deaths out of about 9 (I wasn't trying to keep count) were just my ineptness. Arounfd the 6th attempt, going back in to get the final boss again after dying, I cleared everything (to prevent adds) and still died again when I got the boss down to about 20 percent with the armor from the Library and anything from the boss mobs in the zone. That was why I waited to build up my mount and merc levels with even more Dragon Attack rewards and use the BoL armor with more resolve.
    I know, just get someone to clear the zone and then you have it done. Ummm, what about others that are not uber players (friends, family, and returing players mentioning the same problems in chat)? What about alts that I may want to complete tradeskill quests which might be more efficient with a hight level (112) character class in the future? I did not want to be so pointed originally and make this about my toons, as I stated others are knowingly having issues.
    OK, my monk is using exclusively the free armor from BoL and outside the BoL zone with:
    Health 47,373,593
    Power 1,214,114
    Mitigation 16066
    Avoidance 27489
    crit chance 2,397.8
    crit bonus 2,571
    Potency 80,204.2
    Fervor 86.1
    Resolve 3,095
    Ability mod 1,078,231
    reuse 256.6
    Casting 387.6
    DPS 151
    haste 1,208.1
    Multi 329.2
    AE Auto 102.2
    Flurry 6.9

    Why did I create a tank if I can't play one? 1.) I didn't know until I tried. 2.) I checked many web sites on opinions of classes that can be played after lvl 100. 3.) If I didn't like a monk class, I could use it to explaore BoL and not worry about xp debt therefore giving me a possibility of taking my Fury through the zone with fun in mind.

    I apologize for the lengthy post but I just was hoping if I explained further, I might assist in others getting their alts through the prequest.
  9. Adept Member

    I have experienced being 1 shot in vault a few times on various characters. My solution was to deactivate all permanent/until canceled buffs including font of power then reactivate them. Why did this help? Shrug. But it seemed to work.
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  10. Whatever999 New Member

    The zone had reset so I dropped my merc and all of my buffs after writing down all of the buffs I had, of course. I verified I did had the message again to show I had the Fount of Power. I wanted to see if the Fount of Power was indeed being applied to this character, and it seems to have been on this char, at least. I made sure to cast all of my buffs, paying attention to the stat changes with Fount of Power. Yes, all the buffs seemed to work. I recast my merc and verified the two buffs from Perrin Wanderhoof.
    I noticed the groups of 5 seemed easier as I didn't need to use my ascention to kill them any longer. I had high hopes that the named would go down as well. I ended up with the same issue that I had the last time with being wiped by the second to last named after being out of mana/power on my myself and my merc.
    At this point, it doesn't matter as I noticed a new bug report with the solo quests for BoL no longer being solo. Even if I made it past this quest, I wouldn't be able to any of the further quests, it appears.
    The games bugs wholly prevent any gameplay for the content I purchased. The game design is not what was advertised.
    Also, California fraud law understands:
    “…the rule of caveat emptor [Let the buyer beware] should not be relied upon to reward fraud and deception.” (Boschma v. Home Loan Center, Inc. (2011) 198 Cal.App.4th 230,249).
    Food for thought.
  11. Tsurupettan Active Member

    All of the stats listed above look more than acceptable. I've gone through Chelsith 6 times in the past week with worse stats than that, taking fresh 110s through with barely nothing but BoL box gear and Evania. Old KA PE mount (garbage), old summerbloom pet, all apprentice spells, etherealist 15 (all 110 chars get all 4 ascensions at L15) with app spells. Neither the merc nor mounts are leveled.

    My first character through was my Templar who I forgot power clickies on and spent 20+ minutes (each) autoattacking the last two bosses while Evania healed me. The others had no issue since I brought power clickies on them, or they fed their own power.

    Not sure what you're suggesting about the BoL solo quests? Are you referring to the sig line saying Heroic? Because it most certainly isn't. All of it is solo friendly, albeit sometimes a bit slow.
  12. Whatever999 New Member

    In reference to the question about solo quests, please refer to the thread on this forum:

    BoL solo zones not solo capable after a few days.

    When BoL launched I was able to solo all 3 with my horthis merc.. ran the zones 2x a day for about 3 days.... at that point I noticed that I'm just getting my butt handed to me... spell rotations and gear all identical as befor.... now sometimes I get 1 shotted by trash mobs... anyone else having anything like this?

    Amar-Utu, Yesterday at 3:23 PM

    Just to say, I'm using adept or grandmaster spells, my ascention is all journeyman, though. I am using the default user interface provided by Daybreak and no add ons (like eqmaps or whatever it is called). I am (was by the time anyone reads this) a full member so I do/did have that buff also. I am using potions when merc and I have no power/mana. I did try Feign Death at one point to try and trick the system into hopefully letting me regain power before the boss fully resets to full power also but the boss was tricked and I died anyway. I tried letting my merc continuing the fight after I died to no avail also. I am using clicky buffs from items also but to no avail. I tried moving to different locations before the fight thinking the mob has some strategy to the location. I tried dragging the mob to a different location after starting the engagement thinking there is some strategy to the location the mob is standing at. Nothing worked for me so far. The only thing I'm a victim of, in my opinion, is that I am not a good tank/monk right now. Maybe I'll be better in the future but I'm sure this post will be thrown in my face in the future so all I can do is maybe help others get through this point and some friends and family will feel pity for me and forgive I ever suggested this game. Because this has affected my real life I turned to the forums. I am logging this bug because in game is of no help (unless you like personal threats and attempts to make this personal when I tried to find a solution in game). I don't believe this is personal, other than me just not being an uber player.
  13. Whatever999 New Member

    Also, I implied, but didn't explicitly state, I know the interface from playing EQ2 since 2004 and I am using heroic opportunities as soon as they are available but not waiting to only do heroic opportunities. I don't stop casting/attacking just to wait for a heroic opportunity but if I can click on on heroic opportunity, I use it so it is used alot.
  14. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    My best guess is that people are just not getting the Fount buff (Prelude) or Blessing buff (BoL). If you are having problems, zone out and back in again, and see if the buff applies correctly.

    You can see the Fount buff in Maintained Spells, it looks like a green man. Not sure if you can see the BoL version or not, I'll check next time I'm in game. During CD, occasionally the buff did not correctly cast. Since it was in your Knowledge book, you could manually cast it, and I kept it on a hotbar so I could check and cast it easily.
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  15. Whatever999 New Member

    Yes, Sigrdrifa, that is an issue. Hopefully people can use the info to workaround the issue until it is fixed. I hope the devs have admitted the issue with the Fount or whatever buff so it can get a slot on the list of code fixes. Depending on what is required to write, test, and implement the code fix it may be soon or never. Always good to have a workaround.... unless the workarounds make fixing the bugs pointless and the game becomes more of a "Ok, everyone, now that we are in zone, look up the bug reports and websites that discuss the zone/quest/mob(s).". I cherish the hidden pieces of the puzzles in some of the previous quests. Better than most tv shows. I have been working on this for over a month now as I did pre-order the BoL expansion.with the understanding I would be able to play solo and enjoy graphics, etc. Game play after level 100 and I am adjusting my characters to meet those requirements. I am not trying to bypass the game or get some end game item. I hope to never ever have any of my char raid level equiped. Others I know are of a different tune. They are all about who's guild is higher level or what uber weapon/armor they have. Great. Their thing that the game provides.
    I logged this as a bug hoping to get it addressed in the future for other gamers like me (there were some that knew of last week) but I do appreciate the work arounds everyone is bringing up so people are not stuck. I tried the work around myself in the hope of isolating the code problems. The devs can't just be told "the game has an issue so you need to fix it". I have heard that myself way too often. The will need to dig in and use their test server to walk through my character setup and duplicate the issue. Once they have a baseline where they can repetively duplicate the issue they can attempt to fix the problem. They then can test, adjust, test, verify implementation requirements, test, and then release for testing again. Anyway, depending on what methodology they are using, will denote their processes.
    When people say, I was able to do it, it isn't helping to motivate the devs to look at the server logs and work through my zone movement, actions, etc. It takes alot of focus and resolve on the part of the developers to work through all the code and all the direct and indirect affects of the code with other parts of the game. Kind of like changing the tire on a car as drives down the freeway.
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  16. Lateana Well-Known Member

    A 110 tank guildy needed my 120 healer to get through this. His gear would have been adequate before the new xpak was released.
  17. Whatever999 New Member

    I totally gave up on this and just ran after people that did the zone for me. Thanks to those that helped and I won't put their character names here out of respect for their privacy. Back in the day, I was harangued by guild mates, as a healer in a guild, to complete boat trips for access to Zek and Enchanted Lands before thos access quests were removed. I noticed a huge drop in players after people were buying expansions that required a buggy access quest. I really thought that lesson had been learned but hey, new groups of people, repeat the same problems as before.
    I took mu Fury through many of the quests and and working on the signature line now. I have not died once and have done the first 4 signature quests and many of the other quests. It took me more than 8 hours to complete the Shattered Dawn: Execution of Order quest which may sound like alot. I like to savor the gameplay and poke along practicing my pulling and enjoying the diverse combat. I had a great time and look forward to increasing my stats so I can continue the signature line slowly over the next year as I get better stats, spells, etc. If the prequest was supposed to test someone's ability to access the BoL expansion, it fails in every way. Again, no deaths with more than 10 quests on Luclin and finally having fun again.
  18. Abasinolanam Active Member

    There is something about this zone is that strange. Some of my toons had no problem, but for example on my zerker every named took 20+ minutes to kill with a merc. Granted it's a new toon and all spells were apprentice. But it seemed pointless to invest on 101-110 spells when they were about to be replaced. The gear was all 60 resolve stuff from the panda.
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  19. Dude Well-Known Member

    Resolve doesn't matter in this zone. Resolve only matters for heroics and raiding.

    Apprentice spells make a huge difference, but I'd also check to make sure the Fount buff is on after you enter the zone. If all is well there, make sure you have the right adornments, familiar, and anything else that will buff you up.
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  20. Almee Well-Known Member

    I hate the Chelsith quest with a passion. I have 40 characters and about 25 of them are 110 or higher. They all have access to BoL but not the quest lines unless they have completed Chelsith. I was able to do this with 9 characters thanks to players such as Ceyarrecks. He showed me how to avoid the trash mobs but I have a hard time doing that as it requires a lot of hand and eye coordination plus the ability to learn new terrain.

    Unfortunately, most of Chelsith is just a blur to me due to the color contrast which I imagine is probably hard for guys with color blindness also. After many runs I have the paths down but not how to get around the dungeon without the paths.

    I have to admit I was blindsided by the difficulty of the access quest just like Whatever999. I have the fount buff, and it was active, on my two mains (both healers) and neither was able to do the access quest without help. In fact, other players took all of my characters, who have completed the quest, through the zone.

    Some of them whipped through everything like it wasn't even there. I think we were finished in 10 minutes. Others struggled through the zone and it took more like an hour.

    This isn't how it should be. Like Whatever999, I expected to do a minimal access quest and then be able to enjoy the new content. I had just recently taken characters through ToT, AoM, KA, PoP, and CD. None of those quests were hard. Some were frustrating, like KA, where the page needed to open the doors isn't there about 33% of the time. I've had to zone out and back in up to 5 times for the page to appear on some characters.

    And I've had some characters die trying to get the mats for the queen but I don't think that has happened more then 3 times out of the 30+ times I've done the access quest. Other than that, none of these access quests posed any serious challenge to my characters getting full access to the zones and content.

    So why DB decided it needed to throw in a difficult access quest is a total mystery to me. It is right up there with the no-fly till sig line is completed and putting items players bought, with real cash, as rewards for completing quests (i.e., you have to complete certain content before you can access the things you bought such as mercs). Add to that the mounts that don't disappear in housing and cities and I have to assume someone, high up at DB, has lost their mind.

    But then again, maybe DB's goal is to rid itself of casual players like me so they can focus their attention on raiders. If that's the goal, then they are likely to be very successful. Because only a small proportion of players use the forums and they aren't going to know about needing the fount buff so they will just give up and quit after they get one-shotted a few times trying to do the access quest.

    And I wonder how many of them know access to The Plane of Knowledge is gained from the CD unlock flag (listening to the speech of the gods at the beginning of CD)? That is another work-around I suspect few people know. I didn't until I read it in this thread.

    Unfortunately, too many players, and staff at DB, think playing EQ2 is a profession rather than entertainment. The e-sport mentality seems to have taken over common sense. We play to relax, not to get needlessly frustrated and angry because we are expected to devote every waking hour to EQ2.

    EQ2 needs fewer nasty mobs and more wolves peeing on trees. In other words, lighten up folks. It's a game--not a way of life. Either fix the bugs or get rid of the offending content. Work arounds aren't really options when people pay for a product.

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