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  1. Avianna Well-Known Member

    I would love to see the character stats in this game get a revamp, it is so frustrating to spend hours researching what is the cap of a particular stat, does it do anything for my class, which is better for my class this or that, that is tough enough in itself. I would like to see tooltips with if/then on them so that if you hit cap or softcap the hoverover tooltip will tell you, if you have not hit cap it will tell you what cap is.

    and one of the MOST frustrating things about the stat capping is the idea that 100%=50% 200%=125% SOE make it simple 100%=100% 50%=50%

    then there are stats where it's there but we can't see it, can't see how much we have, what the effect of it is, what the cap is, or how it affects and plays into the other abilities. One example of such a stat is reposte, nowhere on skills tree or in stats can this be found to see how much you have, what the cap is etc.

    So Please SOE consider taking a KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) method of stats. Please and Thank You.
  2. Estred Well-Known Member

    I understand where you are coming from but this game was partially known for it's compelxity and I would want them to avoid taking any more KISS's than they already have taken. As players become smarter it is harder to challenge them but some of these new fights are literally "tank-n-spank" without a shred of intelligence being needed to complete the "challenge".

    Simply listed.
    Casting Modifiers
    - Casting speed at 100% cuts you cast time in half. Anything over 100% converts to .1% Spell Double Attack for 10% Cast over.
    - Reuse Speed at 100% cuts your recast time in half. Going over 100% does nothing unless the boss debuffs Reuse Speed.
    - Recovery Speed at 100% cuts the time it takes to cast a new spell in half. Going over 100% does nothing and very few bosses if any debuff Recovery Speed.
    Damage Modifiers
    - Haste Mod at 200% will make you auto attack 125% faster than normal this means that a 6 second weapon will attack every 2.8-3 seconds just around 50% reduction. Going over 100% will convert to Flurry though I do not know the exact rate. The benchmarks are 300 and 500% Haste to convert to Flurry.
    - DPS mod at 200 will increase your auto-attack damage by 125% just like Haste though going over the cap will yeild diminished returns at about 500 dps mod you will attack 135-140% harder.
    - Critical Bonus is how much harder your abilities will crit. All abilities normally crit as follows.
    *Melee Crit (CA's and Auto-attacks): 150%
    *Spell Crit (Spells): 130%
    *Heal Crit (Heals and Mana Regen): 130%
    *Taunt Crit (Hate gains for tanks): 150%
    A 100% Critical Bonus adds 100% to these values making your Melee Critical 250% of the damage you hit for. This skill has no cap.
    - Potency increases the base damage of your skills and spell by a %. 100% potency will add as it reads 100% damage a spell that hits for 100 should hit for 200 with 100% potency. Like critical Bonus this has no cap.
    - Ability Modifier increases the maximum damage of your skills. It has a cap of 50% of the maximum hit of the spell AFTER Potency is applied. If a spell hits for 100 with 100% Potency then you need 100 Ability Mod to get maximum benefit. This has no cap and is a bit harder to determine the maximum benefit for your class.
    - Multi-Attack at 600% this will cause you attack 7 additional times. It diminishes to a 25% return rate after this at 1000% MA you will have 8 attacks. 2000% MA will give you 9 attacks.
    - Flurry is the chance for a single weapon to strike multiple times unlike MA this will not have chances to trigger proc effects. It does however stack wit MA on every hit. This has no cap.
    - AE-Auto is the % chance to hit multiple enemies in front of you to a maximum of 8. This caps at 100%.
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  3. Estred Well-Known Member

    This is from awhile ago and is an actual list. This is not my personal interpretations or experiences. THIS IS OLD but it helps gain understanding.

    Parry Skill to Extra Parry Chance:
    +200: 0.5%
    +400: 1%
    +600: 1.5%
    +800: 2%
    +1000: 2.5%
    Parry Skill to Extra Riposte Chance:
    +200: 0.5%
    +400: 1%
    +600: 1.5%
    +800: 2%
    +1000: 2.5%
    Defense Skill to Extra Dodge Chance:
    +200: 1%
    +400: 2%
    +600: 3%
    +800: 4%
    +1000: 5%
    Haste to Flurry:
    200: 0%
    300: 1.46%
    500: 2.87%
    700: 4.2%
    900: 5.5%
    1200: 6.73%
    DPS's New Conversion:

    200: 125%
    300: 135%
    500: 145%
    700: 155%
    900: 165%
    1200: 175%
    Weapon and Spell Skills Increase to Minimum Damage Amount:
    +100: 2%
    +200: 4%
    +300: 6%
    +400: 8%
    +500: 10%
    +600: 12%
    +700: 14%
    +800: 16%
    +900: 18%
    +1000: 20%
    Ability Casting Speed to Doublecast:

    100: 0%
    200: 0.75%
    300: 1.5%
    400: 2.25%
    500: 3%
    Focus Skill Enabling Casting While Moving:

    +100: 5% Movement Speed
    +200: 10%
    +300: 15%
    +400: 20%
    +500: 25%
    +600: 30%
    +700: 35%
    +800: 40%
    +900: 45%
    +1000: 50%
    100: 1 Extra Attack
    200: 2
    300: 3
    400: 4
    500: 5
    1000: 6
    1600: 7
    2300: 8

    I do hope some of all this information helps you better understand how stats work within this game.
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  4. Davngr Well-Known Member

    nice write up.

    two things that i saw and it's hard to keep all that info straight and post it all at once but AE is a chance to hit up to 4 target in front of you one top of your won target ie. 5 total hits. flurry has a 100% cap on it. can't remember where i saw that posted but i makes since it would be for now because of the nature of the stat.


    also i wouldn't want to lose the complexity of the game either but i think having a dev put up current stats and what they do from time to time would be cool. i know it is all right there in your persona but it would still be nice to have it stiky on the forum.
  5. Mae- Well-Known Member

    You should be able to see riposte chance by mousing over your mitigation maybe? I remember it was in a weird place when I went looking for block chance on my SK.

    As far as this part: and one of the MOST frustrating things about the stat capping is the idea that 100%=50% 200%=125% SOE make it simple 100%=100% 50%=50%
    In fact those numbers, while CONFUSING on the surface, are logical. The 200=125 (assuming here, that you're referencing haste/dps) isn't 200%, its just 200, its a modifier, not a %. So 200 = 125% ... and its a diminishing returns curve so it won't be linear. The more you have, the less benefit you get, up to 200, when it converts.

    100%=50%... here I'm assuming you're talking cast/reuse speed. When you hit 100% cast speed, you will cast TWICE as fast (100% MORE), which means it takes half as long (the 50% you mention). Same goes for reuse. When you hit 100% reuse, it means you can reuse the ability 100% faster than you used to (so 50% less time between casts).
  6. Estred Well-Known Member

    Well yes it is not 200% it is 200 modifier. Thank you for the correction Mae. That is part of the reason I added the large table, in case I had any mistakes.
  7. Kraeref Well-Known Member

    What about skills cap such as disruption, subjugation and etc.. cannot find how to calculate the cap for them.. is it still 6.5*lvl?
  8. Wanyen Active Member

    Likely spell casting skills (subjugation, disruption, ordination, ministration) follow the weapon skills model as far as diminishing returns. The actual benifits, I don't recall. For damage inflicting spells, it probably ups minimum damage, for control effects and heals and static/passive buffs/debuffsk, I don't even have a guess.
  9. Errrorr Well-Known Member

    Few changes, but the concepts are basically the same
  10. Feldon Well-Known Member

    For every person saying stats are too complicated I can find you another who says the stats are too simple.

    It used to be that all 5 main stats had value for each class. Scouts used INT for poisons, WIS for resists, AGI for avoidance, STR for damage, and STA for health. Now it's just "main stat" and Stamina.

    Also, the diminishing returns on Haste and DPS has been there since game launch so not sure why they need to be changed now. Stats are so high now that anyone who wants to get 200 in each of these values (resulting in an actual value of 125%) can do so. The tooltips are clear. What purpose would reducing this to 100 = 100% have at this point?

    I do agree that there should be a clear, comprehensive explanation of the game's stats, caps, overcaps, and so on, and this should also be reflected in the tooltips. While it's not the responsibility of devs to explain the game to us, it is their responsibility to explain mechanics changes.
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  11. Estred Well-Known Member

    I actually miss that stat system Feldon. It allowed for greater customization of Gear and gave players the power to choose. MMO's are all about Player Choice and Player Interaction. Removing either imo hurts the game in the long run.

    It is indeed the responsibility to of Dev's to make sure their Tooltips are giving accurate information that is easy to understand. That is all, it is not their job to tell us how to play our class or how to play the game; after all that is what Players are for ;) helping each other.
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