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Discussion in 'General Tech Support Questions' started by ARCHIVED-msdori, Dec 24, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-msdori Guest

    I have been a member with good standing for almost 4 years i should be able to purchase a Character Server Transfer Token but when i go to the marketplace under services there isnt even an option for me to buy one they just are not on the marketplace for me to buy. Please help!!!! I want to buy 2 Character Server Transfer Tokens so i can transfer 2 of my toons to another server. What do i do?
  2. ARCHIVED-mrswebster9847 Guest

  3. ARCHIVED-msdori Guest

    I have all of those requirements met, But it still isnt allowing me to purchase the token, its not even on the marketplace for me to buy. So that information does not help me, what i need is a tech guy to fix my account so i can buy them since ive had this account for almost 4 years with good stanging on my credit card the whole time.
  4. ARCHIVED-Bekkr Guest
    Do you have an all access account?
    mrswebster9847 wrote:
    I really wish I could see the logic in those rules. Why should paying with game cards preclude you from transferring a character?
  5. ARCHIVED-msdori Guest

    yes i have the all access account.
  6. ARCHIVED-Tekadeo Guest

    Bekkr wrote:
  7. ARCHIVED-Felshades Guest

    Bekkr wrote:
    Because stolen accounts are often paid for with game cards.
  8. ARCHIVED-Banedon_Toran Guest

    And plat sellers often pay for accounts with stolen credit cards, swings and roundabouts.
    Besides, who would want to use a game card on an account they have 'stolen' in order to move a character to a different server.
    Granted they might want to use in-game SC or gamecards to move a character to another account, but since that always requires contacting Customer Service and verifying both accounts are owned by the same person, I don't see what the problem is.
    Being able to purchase a token to move server is no more damaging than any other SC item that alters your character or their guild.
  9. ARCHIVED-Bekkr Guest

    Felshades wrote:
    Maybe I'm missing something, but I can't see how one is remotely related to the other.
  10. ARCHIVED-msdori Guest

    I would really like to know when this problem is going to be fixed. I have been waiting for over 3 weeks now to buy a transfer token and still i can not buy them to this day. They said we had to wait 30 days after it went FTP well its been 32 days and i STILL CANT BUY THEM!!!!! Come on SOE, I have been a customer for 4 years LET ME BUY MY TRANSFER TOKENS! There is no excuse about this since other people i talk to on the game can buy them and havent even been playing for as long as i have. So get your act together someone and FIX IT!
  11. ARCHIVED-ShaenO Guest

    The game went F2P on either the 6th or 7th of December depending on your time zone. It has not yet been 31 days. I too await the 7th of January to transfer some characters. I took advantage of the 3X SC and got $90 for the cost of $30.
  12. ARCHIVED-Felshades Guest

    Bekkr wrote:
    Because they want to be able to track you later should things go bad. They can do that with a credit card.
  13. ARCHIVED-CMArgoian Guest

    There is a known issue with All Access players not being able to use transfer tokens. It has been known for weeks. It needs to be fixed ASAP.
  14. ARCHIVED-Vagranticide Guest

    I called SOE yesterday since I'm having the same issue. Account is years old, All-Access. They "don't know" what the issue is and are working on the problem. I find it hard to believe that they do not offer this service on the website or over the phone if you pass security checks. *sigh*
    I'm waiting to transfer a toon to another server as well..... :(
  15. ARCHIVED-Banedon_Toran Guest

    Felshades wrote:
    If 'things go bad' ?
    That's just lame, and they won't be tracking anything if the card is lost, stolen, or was just a throwaway prepaid card.
    There are security questions on the account, just make people have to answer them.
  16. ARCHIVED-Vagranticide Guest

    Here's the response I got today via email:
    "Greetings Vagranticide,

    Thank you for contacting Sony Online Entertainment. I apologize for the inconvenience. Unfortunately, the All Access Subscription is not currently eligible for Character Transfers. We are aware of the issue and are working diligently to find a solution. We also do not currently have a work around for this issue. As it stands, gold recurring subscriptions of at least 31 days are the only accounts eligible for Character Transfer in EverQuest II. If you have any more questions or concerns, please let me know."
    My account has gold much longer than 31 days and was only recently changed to All-Access. *sigh*
  17. ARCHIVED-Banedon_Toran Guest

    Try a different GM, there are two possible work arounds that spring to mind instantly: - Purchase 2500SC of unused SC gamecards and give CS the codes - Purchase 2450SC worth of other items and then CS removes them from your inventory as payment With both you'd want to get CS's buy-in on the idea first, don't just purchase cards/items then complain when you still get a GM who doesn't care. Is CS pooled across multiple games? Because the impression I get from some issues raised is that certain GM's try and get rid of EQ2 tickets as fast as possible.
  18. ARCHIVED-Felshades Guest

    Banedon_Toran wrote:
    They aren't running with a full crew and they still have to get through the stuff that came in over their holiday break.
    CS last I checked is divided by game.
  19. ARCHIVED-Terrius Guest

    Is there any update on whether they are still working on All access not being able to purchase Transfer tokens? It's getting lame having characters stranded on a server I no longer play on. :(
  20. ARCHIVED-Vagranticide Guest

    Zalakria@Guk wrote:
    I am too. :(
    Here's the email response I received this morning after I vented a little (nicely of course) to SOE:
    "We apologize for the confusion with this situation; it isn't a matter of security, but simply that we have an error in our systems we are working to resolve. Although All-Access customers should be bale to purchase character transfer tokens ,as well as gift, once the requirements are met, our systems are not allowing them to do so. As stated, we are working to resolve the problem and you should be able to purchase a character transfer token, as well as gift, once the problem is solved. We ask for your patience during this process. "
    All we can do is wait... I HATE waiting. lol

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