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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Braxlin, Feb 4, 2017.

  1. Braxlin Member

    So.. Im cleaning out one of my depots & notice an heirloom item I wanted to use in another deco project. I cant pick it up because its assigned to a character I had previously deleted. Stupid me decides to fork out enough $ for 1500 daybreak cash to restore this character. Lo and behold, her name has an X at the end. What to do?? Will I even be able to pick up the item as it belongs to "Soandso" not "Soandsox"?? Im extremely annoyed already due to the repeated issues logging into the game, and now i've wasted my money on a restore for "Soandso" only to find she is now "SoandsoX". FFS Daybreak, breaking my heart.

    Update: Was able to pick up the house item... name still stuck with an X... not even the option to /rename :'(
  2. Eliohia2 Active Member

    yeah, I hate this...if a toon is deleted I say whoever picks it up next should be the new owner...I bought some stuff from the marketplace that I can not pick up now on any of my toons because I deleted the toons whose house it had been placed it sits in my dungeon with nowhere to go. I just do not want to restore her. I will never play her, hence the reason for deleting her...
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  3. Prissetta Well-Known Member

    IMO, Marketplace items should always belong to the account, not to a specific toon.
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  4. Eliohia2 Active Member

    I so agree with this!! personally, I think all items should be heirloom period...but that's just me...
  5. Ceyarrecks Wunnfirr Well-Known Member

    regardless of name change, heirloom items are identified to a more unique attribute to the character than their name.
    i.e. Ruffruff placed an heirloom item down, looking at it from another states Ruffruff owns it, Ruffruff changes name to Meowmeow, item until picked up still states it belongs to Ruffruff, but Meowmeow walks up and picks it right up, no issue.
  6. Eliohia2 Active Member

    that would be great but I didn't change her name I deleted the char. and I have tried picking them up with every other char. on that account...nothing.
  7. Prissetta Well-Known Member

    Eliohia, I haven't been brave enough to try this slash command, but it is supposed to allow the homeowner to own everything in the house: /house_own_all

    I would pick up everything that needs to remain the property of another toon, such as tradeskill apprentices, before trying it!
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  8. Eliohia2 Active Member

    since the stuff is in a dungeon full of other odds and ends IDK....may just do it on my decorator Eli and then it wouldn't matter she can pick everything up and I am not getting rid of her ever lol

    Edited to add thanks for the info!!
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