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Discussion in 'Priests' started by Locke, May 28, 2020.

  1. Locke Member

    Are there any raider or heroic Channelers that can share their

    DPS and Heal aa specs?

    How do you compete in parse in DPS and how are the heals compared to other healers?

    Im debating making one since there are literally 0 on skyfire that are in raids n heroics=/
  2. Exilya Member

    Usually top 10 in raid. Challenge raid Imperatrix I did 51B dps and 2nd on the heal parse with 153B. Not a single heal was casted (all intercept) Group setup :Monk/trouba/mystic/channeler/Berserker/conjuror
  3. Locke Member

    What's ur IGN would like to look you up. Justt started raiding t1 I'm. Right now solo heal in MT group guessing ur not in MT group due to that comp lol.
    My encounter dps is only at 5B defin would love some pointers.