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Discussion in 'Priests' started by redindus, Mar 16, 2021.

  1. redindus Active Member

    I just bought this class and curious on which merc i should use with it. I did rolled some merc crates, didnt get what i wanted that will look good with my froglok. Been trying to grab nammu w/e that is, so kept getting same ol craps over and over that i have already sign the contracts with.

    So i know there are some laying around out there, not really interesting in kenny or that moppet. I do have the claim lady something, wasnt sure if worth it.

    So my friend here playing a beastlord, she very new to this and so i am i with this channeler. We wanted something that can help us out incase we go in a epic/heroic dungeons, etc.

    We both are low levels at the moment.

    forgot to mention, that i been trying to find something that will look good with my froglok. So didnt want evil looking or humans. Idk are there any froglok mercs out there? Or another construct, elemental beings?
  2. Suidakra Member

    I just use a merc that gives me the best bonus I need at the time.
    If I need a bump in fervor, or crit bonus.

    No clue on different visual mercs.
  3. Bleanienia New Member

    There is a snake lady, brain's failing me.. but she is a assassin i think.. at one point i thought there were mercs for each race, but coming up blank on that.. and in the "Rogues gallery" there are mostly "Evil" looking mercs there, few skeletons, few thought horrors.. there are even gingerbread cookies.. OOHH! wait.. You could spring for the avatar one.. basicly it mirrors your look..but.. hrm.. its a healer i think doh.. i'll stop rambling now.