Channeler revamp thread

Discussion in 'Priests' started by Exilya, Dec 11, 2020.

  1. Exilya Member

    Channeler could do with some of their shadow tree AAs/pet essences and dissonance spells upgraded.

    Shadow tree : Litanie of combat > Sacred follower does not affect our pet
    Ally revivification > does not reduce reuse speed of our in combat raid

    Pet essences: could replace/upgrade some essences with pet flurry/melee AE buff, combat mitig debuff,. Allow essences to be swapped in combat please.
    Dissonance: Some of the dissonance debuffs are pretty useless now and need updating. Maybe an aggro snap? A buff to the construct on slot 1?
  2. Suidakra Member

    I believe Invigorate needs to be changed so that it can be proc'd by Healing Arrow or Healing Barrage. I rarely ever have to cast Salubrious Invocation or Vector of Life.

    I'd like to see Enhance: Healing Arrow also increase (Or if it does at least state) Healing Barrage effectiveness.

    I question the change to Mobile Assault. "Prevents caster from being interrupted due to movement". We have Combat Awareness. This seems outdated or unnecessary.
  3. Bleanienia New Member

    with how the numbers are in the millions and billions now, having a construct debuff of 1700, is uhh.. why ? , the only thing of the channeler that seems to scale, is the basic function of the class, being mitigation , 50% of 1 trillion = still 50% mitigation,(as an example) but past the baseline function, it really seems like nothing else for the channeler scales well, or even seems to scale well at all, and yeah, i rarely have to ever cast the "Actual heals" 1 they take too long to cast for me, 2 they dont heal for that much , 3 healing arrow/barrage seems to do just fine, and does damage at the same time. the pet of the channeler, i dont think was ever considered an actual pet, i think it was simply ment as a cute gimic, to get its mitigation mechanics, going, and so that way it looked "new" rather then a rehash of say a mystic or what have you.
  4. Ravenlook Member

    I'm seriously getting tired of hearing Channelers saying they don't use vector, it should be cast on cool down, vector is a raid heal !!, it heal up to 24 ppl in front of the Channeler, helping your raid healers to heal their grps should always be a good a idea!!

    As for Aura of Crippling i agree it needs an update, all the debuffs we have needs it.
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  5. Bleanienia New Member

    1) Channelers debuffs need some kind of scale added
    2) Somehwere in some rollover, it needs to state, clearly what stat your pet scales with (considering its a hp redirection sponge, what makes its HP go up ?)
    3) Channeler has two abilities, that do the exact same thing (allowing movement to not interupt spells) why ?
    4) Why does the channelers pets HP go DOWN, when affected by "Grace of Norrath"

    P.S. I dont cast heals, because i dont need to, because i DONT RAID , if i need a heal in combat, it means my mitigations failed, and i'll be dead before i finish casting one anyway. (merc's are next to worthless fully now)
  6. Exilya Member

    4/ the issue happens when grouping with a warden too, it's mighty annoying
  7. Exilya Member

    The other groups are stable enough so I rarely have to use vector.
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  8. Suidakra Member

    Never said I do not cast it. I rarely cast it. I only heavily use it on PQs, as you stated, it heals outside players in front of me.
    I'm also not a raider. Soul Shot and Healing arrow/Barrage are more than enough in most cases.
  9. Tanto Done, finished, gone.

    So, as Gaia/Exilya has thrown her hands up in the air in frustration.... I was wondering if all channies have seen a significant dip in DPS since the last 2 patches? She's down maybe 30-40% I'd say.
  10. Bleanienia New Member

    It's too hard for me to say, the numbers are too high for my brain to wrap around to compair, but i have been using a more "DPS" centric AA set up, and basicly spamming sacrifice construct, as my only actual damage choice, i have all these other buttons to push, but it boils down to, vengeance arrow, and sacrifice construct, or arrow barrage and wait a year for the group to die. I'd undertsand not wanting a passive mitigation healer/support, to have high DPS, but when everything is ether a DPS check, or a cure spam.. not having any dps to throw at things (why dont channeler's have a arrow cure ?) doesnt help the group or things move along
  11. Suidakra Member

    Overall DPS I cannot comment on. Of course I noticed the drastic change in Construct DPS, but that's not my concern.
    I rolled a Channeler for its quirky healing mechanic, not to have Construct DPS.

    Back on topic - I really wish they would fix/buff/whatever to auto attack/ranged/melee dps.
    Quite a few of our AAs are flurry and autoattack multiplier buffs.
    Our one group buff now has an autoattack multiplier buff.
    What's the point? No one wants/uses this. Would have been awesome for last expansion....

    Agreed - they did a "buff" of the conduits and I see no changes to any of the debuff ones.
    What is the absolute reason I would ever debuff the targets weapon damage by 11?
    I haven't noticed any difference in the non percentage based heal conduits.
    I don't see any difference in the Construct's equipped essences.

    So far, the best 'revamp' we've had was the addition to power restoration in our conduit group cure.
    And from the little heroic content I've seen this expansion, it really plays out well.

    The Construct in the past, to my understanding, was never meant to do anything other than soak in the hits. It used to never generate aggro, couldn't be targeted by NPC or player, and did little to no DPS. I remember a time when I focused mostly on keeping my pet alive as the damage to players would actually do something to it, and if the construct reached 25% or lower, it was almost useless. It wouldn't die, unlike now, and have to be recast. It would go into an incapacitated state and wait for you to heal it.
  12. Bleanienia New Member

    I remember back when the construct, wouldnt ever die ether, it would simply "Turn off" and roll back to you, waiting to be healed.

    I'd also like for some of the "Spells" the channeler has, mostly the "Cure" to be ether turned into a cure combat art, (Arrow cure, like Healing arrow) and or even have vector of life, turned into a arrow attack too.. maybe kinda solidify the channeler, as a bow user, with a construct, so make the division line a little cleaner, arrows/combat arts, then have the spells, be from the construct(they are already in the spells seciton of the skill book, which drives me mad when im looking for one of MY actual spells, not from the construct) on that thought note, give another tab to the skill book, to have "Construct" so you can see all your CONSTRUCT stuff, in its own little tab.
  13. Exilya Member

    The pet shouldnt DPS yet the constuct comes with essences like strikethrough/accuracy and damage procs on melee (single target/ae/pbaoe)
    No, I don't fancy afk DPS. Just saying, that's all.
    These essences could be changed to:
    -Group/raid wide proc dmg reduction of 3-6%
    -A dissonance reduction proc
    -Dissonance dissipation buff or reduction in dissonance cost
    -A group (or self) fervor overcap or CB buff that can stack/build in increments (max 150 ish crit bonus or 20 fervor overcap?)
    -A combat mitigation debuff that stacks (would be awesome on long fights)
    -A proc that could make the next construct sacrifice group wide

    Would be nice to have a reason for us to want to change our conduits/essences.
    And most of all, if they revamp the conduit/essence system, they will be more desireable, so a a way of changing our c/e in combat (even if have to put the weapon away to do so)
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  14. Exilya Member

    Also if the pet is going to hit like a wet noodle, it would be nice for it to share our haste stat, in order to allow for faster procs.
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  15. Exilya Member

    And last one for luck, can Mobile assault's conditions be looked at please. It "prevents caster from being interrupted due to movement" but Combat awareness (is it the epic?) already does that and there's even another AA on the shadow tree that's similar.
    The movement thing is a bit of a bother too, could it be changed to the same conditions as Unyelding retribution on the Dragon tree (Using a combat art or damage will refresh the duration to 5 seconds) or the duration on movement increased.
    To follow with the discussion regarding cures, could add a pet essence with a group cure on proc.
  16. Exilya Member

    Or a raid wide cure proc on the 6/8 targets closest to the construct.
  17. Suidakra Member

    This or at least a 100% or close to 100% hit rate, as it's NOT a DPS 'pet'. Fine tune the proc's on construct essence's from there.

    Yeah, I really don't understand why there's 3 things to prevent casting while moving... Other than the TLE server, where you have to use AA to get this, the epic spell combat awareness is just fine.

    I don't think I would go for this. Especially with how healing arrow/barrage works. If you're trying to cure a target and they aren't targeting a mob, or when some of the mechanics force you to untarget, you cannot cast, so you wouldn't be able to cure.
  18. Bleanienia New Member

    I suppose, what i ment by, cure arrow, would be, it doesnt use a "Friendly" target, you shoot it AT the mob, and it does a PBAoE cure.. So i guess that kind of ability isnt really in the game yet. I suppose i would also like it if, there was a bit more smart targeting, as in shoot at a mob, then oh the mob no longer has a target, it then picks the "lowest hp, or most needing of cure efect" within its radius.
  19. Exilya Member

    The issue with that would be on debufs that won't allow to cast offensive abilities (plenty in the new expac)
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  20. Bleanienia New Member

    True.. I do rather dislike that, especially that rock pillar boss thing, where ever other hit is a trauma, but i see your point, then again, can still cast the constructs cure if offensively hampered. So i suppose as a recap

    1) debuffs need scale functionality
    2) seperate tab for construct "Spells" and player "Spells"
    3) Mousing over the constructs HP in the stats window, will tell you what its HP scales with
    4) Constructs hp to not go DOWN, when affected by grace of norrath.
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