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  1. -Dragon- New Member

    Recently back and playing my Channeler, which I love to play and it's fun. It seems some things have changed though. So the right side prestige is the way to go now? Also, I remember my 3rd slot being the group heal for a quick instant, but now it should be True spirit? Just trying to get back in the swing of things and want a better understanding. I understand that Shamans are the thing now, but really just get bored playing mine. Have a Warden also, but understand Fury's are better now. I actually really like playing my Channeler and could use a little insight on what's best now. Don't want to be a hindrance to any group I'm in. Any help or quick tips would be appreciated.
  2. -Dragon- New Member

    Also, was wondering if the heal stance is worth using now? Seems like you might get more out of offensive stance, with very little downside.
  3. Glynt Active Member

    If it is any help i have now moved over to the right side prestige and also don't bother with heal stance staying offensive.

    Vengeful arrow was always in the rotation but it's on overdrive now it procs no dissonance in slots 5-8. Ofc with very little CB on gear you need to spec Critical mastery. I certainly don't miss Truespirit Rift. Go right side and go offensive if it doesn't work out you can tweak it.

    I was reluctant to put points into the end line Shadow reaction as i'm lazy and never use shadow escape but the extra heal or damage depending if you use Vengeful or healing arrow seems worth it.

    Lastly with the right side, make sure you spec supercharge on the Heroic line.

    Have fun.
  4. Vunder Well-Known Member

    Shamans will always be the thing until they find a way to put wards in their place.

    I am still tweaking the AA with the current setup.

    I have not changed my healing set up yet as I am must soloing but my current solo spec is working great for solo.

    Depending on how my tank is (Squishy) or the group (squishy) or if I am in heroic or raid strongly depends on how and what I run. It is not a one spec for all type of class and I see many channelers doing this and making the class look bad. Truespirit rift I always, always run in raids. It pulse heals the entire raid that is within range (which is always for me as I have it targeted on myself and not MT)

    I also use Shadow Reaction, its an instant cast group heal. Who doesn't want that?? I use both of the Mastery AA's because even if you are capped, it still calculates the conversion with the amount ABOVE cap.

    I am currently using truespirit rift so i can add to my AoE DPS while I quest and kill lots of things. It does about 12million pulse damage. I do PREFER to run arrow bulwark on right side for anything but raids. I feel personally that I can help the other raid heals by patch healing with rift and my other AoE heals then just healing my group, however as some point out, that shouldn't even be a worry as channeler are best used for MT healing. Especially now with the massive hits raid mobs deal out.

    Every play style is different, and mine is no exception.

    And for heals, I always use healing stance in heroics/raids. The bonuses from improving it are hard to beat and your crappy DPS from dps stance isn't worth it. Healers are a very "Your job is to heal and heal only" type of job now days. The gap between dps on the archetypes pretty much nullifies any chance of your DPS mattering.
  5. -Dragon- New Member

    Thanks for the reply's. I have myself targeted with Rift also. Can put it on another person using my group frame. At the moment I have my prestige split where I get both rift and Cascade. I have just enough to get the 3 in DR for rift and 3 in the heal on cascade. But may just move back to full rift. I still am unsure what to take as an ascension class. Because the stances change nothing, since our damage comes from weapon. I am also unsure what to take in slot 3, I used to take the group heal, but with our orange class rune it seems we should be using siphoned protection? Which I heard with bleed thru is worthless? Any insights would be greatly appreciated. About to hit 109 and just want to improve what I can. On a side note, we got a new spell, but it's odd that it is encounter only not blue AoE like our others. Thanks again for the help.
  6. Vunder Well-Known Member

    Siphoned protection wards for about 1.6 billion damage (For me during beta). During beta I would us about 20% of that which is still damage prevented. However, I rarely (VERY rarely) use slot 3 spell for anything. 90-95% of my heals comes from pet. Most often in raid when I am MT healer I will toss up a stoneskin and after about 3 seconds of battle toss in SP, then rarely touch it ever again.

    Still beats the group heal when you are MT healing.

    Very little damage comes from your weapon anymore. So little in fact it doesn't even register on ACT (Mine says 0-1%)
    Even with GM Terrene Destruction, my ranged damage will only crit for 300 million in KA and only about 25million in PoP. I am trying to decide on a new ascention to make my main so I can actually do damage.
  7. -Dragon- New Member

    So let me ask you this, with me not going fully down the left side, I can't take the interception regeneration. Am I shooting myself in the foot so to speak? I am still leveling my first ascension class, and working on my 2.0. I had taken etherialist, because at the time everyone was like everyone should take it. So was just wondering if their might be a better fit for our class for dps/support. Thanks again for replying.
  8. Mhoramm Member

    I went down with the AA changes this xpac I went down the left side just enough to get truespirit rift and the free heals on the I reception, then I got seeking cascade and a couple points in the autoheal proc for that. I like free heals. With that being said I haven't had a chance to use this new setup in a group or raid yet.
  9. Chillispike Active Member

    The Channeler ward ain't that efficient any more the bleed through that is going on.
    I use the right side of the prestige, to restore 6% of the damage to the group instead of reducing 4% (i think it is) of the incomming damage.
    As slot 3 i use the heal overtime.

    With the change from left side to right side my hps and dps went up due the increases Crit bonus i get as well.
    + the rift is rather close range and the aoe effects group members within 50 (i think).
    Also the autoheal was okish, but in raids and quite some group zones the incomming damage got quite a bit higher there for the 6% restore heals more or at least equal to the rift. .. and it does it for every damage inc and not "only" every 3 secs.
  10. Vunder Well-Known Member

    I have not built a heal spec yet.

    I will go into rift however, it is hard to beat the raid pulse heal when you need all the random healing you can raid wide when health is bobbing around like that bop a gopher game.

    I'll post what I come up with later tomorrow after I get a nice heroic/raid set up that works. (current content raids)
  11. -Dragon- New Member

    Cool, thanks for all the replies.