Channeler Epic - Final Named

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  1. Mattrick New Member

    I want to add something for everyone still trying this.
    I got to 5:40ish seconds (5:47 at best) multiple times while i was doing this, and i finally ended up having to completely redo my talent structure to include the Death Save at the bottom of the Dragon Tree Sta Line. First try after i picked that up, i got it.
    It was the final thing that pushed me over the edge. Because that final 20 seconds the damage ramps up and up and up from the named so you have to blow everything you have to keep yourself up.

    I used full dps build, and for a LARGE % of the fight, i would have no adds up at any time.
    Fight was still EXTREMELY difficult, and it really pushes the ultimate limits of player ability. Without copying anyones builds, or using anyone elses strategies, i went in, 3 complete reforgings, 3 times redoing AA tree, and was able to down it at last using balls to the wall dps.

    Good luck for those still trying. It definitely makes you a better player, no question, and really pushes the max of player skill.
  2. Ameth New Member

    I spent time while doing all the prerequisites for this quest researching the last fight, I was fully aware that it was tough but damn no real clue how tough. I was a product of too much info really, swapping and changing gear and AA stats with no real success. Hit 5 minutes once that first week and then bleh.. I got too focused on how busy it was and forgot to just keep stuff simple. Anyway, I stopped reading.. lol I took a few ideas I liked and made my own **** up. I tried 2 deity's and went with karana for the blessing of serenity, I went a full heal spec and set my pet on passive heals, max HP as high as you can with whatever gear you can use/afford. I went in with 670k hp (mit and block help too but don't trade off on gear and lose your potency etc, also if possible put defense adorns on chest/fingers) pretty much just stood there with a macro I tapped off between heals targeting named for a healing arrow target and the spheres... Arcane sphere stops your heals so you can't miss it, slap it with a poison bolt and hit your macro again. If you have an oshit moment hit shadow escape for a fast recovery and save your DP (channeled protection) for the last minute just in case. That is all. I didn't mess with anything else just healed and killed the arcane spheres. I died once at 5 mins and 52 seconds and after I ranted for a while I went back knowing I had the strat and owned it. Listed on Eq2u under Syrah. I used the heal AA spec, if you find you are close but not close enough the loyalty vendor sells a gem studded iridium ring and a golden icon of the scale temple, both of which offer passive heals to keep you alive and remember that is the entire goal.. SURVIVE for 6 minutes :) Good luck guys. awesome fight and I am still grinning!
  3. jordash Member

    Could someone glance over me and offer some advice, I tried to just gut it out in the middle and out heal it and only target the spheres so I can heal myself but I find I am only lasting 3 minutes. I've browsed this thread looking at different mechanics used for this fight and I am failing at this miserably.
  4. Rosie Active Member

    Jordash, I am more like you. I have ehh gear and not fully adorned. My specs are similar to those posted so far. I have not finished the ToV updates yet. having a devil of a time finding groups. I don't raid. I don't have a large guild so I am at the mercy of the Freeport server.

    I am going to take what I have read, and my husband's mind, into that fight and see how it goes. Good luck to you and I hope you make it.

    I refuse to say how disappointed I am that the Devs have made the channeler epic from start to finish, so miserable.
  5. Ainaree Well-Known Member

    If your gear is not up to par for this fight you will want to kite the encounter. Healing through it is not viable in quested gear, but running in circles while dropping snare and shooting down the orbs is. Use the Karana miracle to compensate for any stumbles you might have, put points in Darkness to keep moving when cursed so you can cure on the run, points in snare, spec vengeful arrow to make it so you can cast on the run and then just get good at cycling things. Go purely survival in your AA choices as there is no DPS check present. The above advice is good.
  6. Ravenlook Member

    I'm srry to be the 1 that say it but kiting is no longer an option and haven't been that way for some time now.
    SoE changed that fight a while back so that now a few secs into the fight u get cursed, that curse is been reapplied a sec after u cure it and it's basically a root so now the moment u start the fight u get rooted and can't move at all till the end of the fight.

    again srry to be the barer of bad news, but i do believe the other options r still valid :)
  7. Ainaree Well-Known Member

    Unless they changed this within the last two weeks when I helped a friend, you can just control break the curse and cure it while on the move. That's very disappointing if they made it so you cannot move at all the entire fight though.
  8. Wyrvenfire Member

    that root curse is also giving me major headaches with this fight, haven't gone beyond a 3 minute point . I seem to get caught in a no win situation where I am rooted and out of range of a sphere that is blocking beneficial, so in a very short order I die because I have no heals or cures of any type and I can't even kill the sphere because of range issues.
  9. Rosie Active Member

    Wyrvenfire, I cannot complete this either. I cannot get past the one minute mark. I have done everything I can. I got signets of life, my Karana blessing, my HP are about 450K my DPS is 600, potency is about 445 in mixed gear between arcane and potent, the arcane gear is fully gemed, I have the dragon ring which doesn't proc inside, or hasn't yet, and have done everything else.. set up spells, the macro everything.

    I am beyond ready to give up on this completey.
  10. Katanallama Well-Known Member

    Took 8 or so pulls over an afternoon my first chanchan to figure it out, trying different things, second chanchan I did it on my 2nd pull (forgot to make the target orb macro lol).

    The key is survival ~ with some tank armor + block adorns and a shield all that's left is an orb target macro. The Karana blessing is amazing, and then the shroud of clouds at the 5 minute mark for the dodge bonus.
  11. Rosie Active Member

    As I was unable to get past the 1 and a half minute mark after numerous deaths and tries, I gave up on it. I don't need the stress or the frustration.
  12. Bloodguts Well-Known Member

    No stress or frustration. Build the correct AA spec, use the correct Diety miracles/blessings, and wear the correct gear and the fight will be a lot easier.
  13. LordRavenWhite New Member

    I am up to about 14% exp debt now trying this fight. I've followed strats, changed AA's several times, repaired countless, and reforged. I continue to get a curse very shortly after the fight starts, and by the time I cure it, I'm way behind the healing game. I've done over 3000 quests and many of the raid zones and have not had nearly the problems on any of those fights that I've had on this one. I completed the ToV questline within 3 days of it's release, prior to any changes they made to make it easier. I'm not a bad gamer, but this is not fun. I am highly disappointed in SOE for making this fight so difficult. I did the original epic on my Paly, and it was work, but could be completed by the average player. This, this is just stupid, especially with all of the work I had to do to get to this point. What complete waste. I am highly disappointed I spent the money on this character and will be discouraging any of my guildies from doing the same.
  14. Ciroe Active Member

    I'm sorry to hear all the hassle and stress this has caused you. I know you said you have tried all the strats etc discussed, but maybe take a break for a week, then re-read some tips, and give it another go.

    The key, is survival. AA Speccing for that is vital. Making a target/heal macro (already explained in this thread) is ALSO VITAL.

    If you spec survivability, use that target/heal macro, and as you say, you aren't a noob, you SHOULD be able to get through this, even if you are only in Arcane, and heroic gear.

    By no means am i saying it is easy... it is not, its quite difficult... HOWEVER, it is doable.

    Feel free to toss me a tell if you like. antonia_bayle.cyroe
  15. LordRavenWhite New Member

    My head hurts!

    I've tried a dozen specs, but get further with my Survival spec that I built then any other.

    The furthest I've got so far is about 3-1/2 min. I've figured out a couple of issues, like the spike earing I had on was bad, so I'm on my way to replaced that. I have macro's set up and seem to be getting the spheres in 2 casts, but I am building diss. way too fast. I'm also going to try to use a shield on my next go.

    To top all of this non-sense off, I have to wait 30 min for the diety spell to recharge. So the time it takes to get this done is getting into the beyond epic stage! I'm not even sure how to comment about how inadequate the bow is now with ethereals out.
  16. jordash Member

    Do not waste dissonance if you are in a pure heal spec, using combat dissonance spells makes your dissonance cost more and hit less, use eye shot and vengeful arrow
  17. Rosie Active Member

    As I haven't been in here in ages, I gave up trying to complete this. I have no access to ethereal weapons so the bow would have been nice. But the aggravation on my inability to complete this quest is just not worth it.
  18. Malleria Well-Known Member

    Hrmm, actually, it seems if you kill the spheres too quickly their det remains on you until another of that type spawns and you kill it again. Not very good when my auto attack can one shot them :mad:
  19. Brewslayer New Member

    This is the worst so called solo / non-fun encounter ever. If anyone completed this is past few months gratz to ya.

    If anyone thinking of making this class run away fast now. This is currently just a horrible waste of time to attempt to complete.

    As of today, starts named after you, 10 seconds in add, then few seconds later sphere. Need to kill sphere fast as can. Both spawn every 15 seconds throughout encounter. All 3 hit you with focus damage with whatever other damage. Also, you'll be cursed 20 secs or so in and every minute afterwards that roots you. Basically, you'll be overcome with adds, sooner if get 2-3 no healing allowed spheres in row.

    This is just a poorly thought out encounter in its current state.
  20. Ciroe Active Member

    Many MANY of us have completed it. I am not trying to point fingers, or say you are incompetent with your class, but basing an encounter, or even a whole class off your inability to complete one encounter is ridiculous. I'm sorry.

    By no means is the fight easy, but on the same token, by no means is the fight impossible. Its difficult YES.. but not impossible. If you look back for my first post in this thread and my strategy, you'll see (without going into detail/repeating myself) that the adds (not spheres) died from AE Auto/Healing Barrage. While I was fighting this encounter, i don't think i ever had more than 3 adds up at one time, maybe 4 at most (again, not including sphere). Like i said, AE Auto/Healing Barrage will bring them down fast enough. That, manage your dissonance, make a macro to target, and kill the spheres, then heal yourself works fine. Create a "survivability" spec, and gear for that. Don't be wearing stupid jewelry that damages yourself to proc/dps.

    Anyways, i don't want to repeat my first post, so, scroll back and find it.

    I'm posting now because I'm tired of channelers that are incapable of finishing this encounter, telling everyone that the encounter/class sucks and is not worth playing. That really pisses me off, because i put ALOT of time and effort into learning the channeler, and i play it DAMNED WELL. It is not like ANY other class, and requires different thinking than a typical DPS or a typical Healer class. When you figure the class out, they are quite powerful when played right.

    Sorry rant over.
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