Channeler Epic - Final Named

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  1. Laita Well-Known Member

    Honestly, if you can survive 5 minutes, then you can survive for 6 minutes, just need to keep at it, and try saving your 'oh *****' for that last minute.
  2. mapel New Member

    Disregard last post i won the fight after small change
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  3. Ciroe Active Member

    Okay so i read A LOT on this and other forums on this fight before i attempted it.

    I am probably better geared than alot, but I am far form raid gear. (was using wurm spun bow from Dom)

    As of 3/14/14 my spec on EQ2U is current ( Full 3 Gem Potent (Two overcharged) except for leggings, that are 4gem arcane. Decent jewelry mix of DPS/Heal. and i WAS wearing Bloodied Hoops. I did not change ANY gear or reforge specifically for this fight, I ran with what gear i normally run.

    My first 3 attempts i tried, with no tweaks, no changes to my current full heal play style etc. Tried standing there and bruting it out, tried kiting.. neither worked.

    I then spent 20 minutes, and worked up a new AA spec on my own (not taking form anything on forums) for maximum durability.

    I won by this method:

    I bruted it out, i just stood there and healed.

    I had a macro that would target an enslaved, then target a sphere, then cast healing barrage, group heal and vector.
    I had a macro to /cancel_spellcast, cast eyegouge, then poison bolt.
    I used Construct regeneration in slot 1, and essence weave in slot 2... triggered restoration slot 3 (only used this ONCE when the free slot 3 effect came up, but i dont think it made a difference).
    Ran interpose redirect (i always do anyways) and had poison bolt slotted (of course)
    After i triggered the fight i basically just stood in the middle of the room and went for maximum durability.
    I kept Truespirit Rift (WITH POISON DAMAGE) running at all times.
    I kept Construct Regeneration running AT ALL TIMES
    Any time the construct hit yellow, I hit Essence weave (TOP PRIORITY)
    Then i would hit my heal macro (that had 2 /target commands in the front of it)
    If when i hit that macro i saw it target a white con sphere i would hit my poison bolt macro IMMEDIATELY (cancelling current spell cast and firing poison bolt)
    now HERE'S where i differ than alot of stuff i read on forums.... i only hit poison bolt ONCE.. i would then immediately go back to my heal macro whether the sphere was dead or not. 95% the time my auto attack finished off the sphere. If i noticed that after 2-3 seconds it was still up, i would fire another poison bolt.
    I went back to my heal macro just standing there.
    Rinse, repeat.

    I usually had 2 enslaved s up, 3 on occasion, but never more than that.
    I had to use my dissonance lower skill once, about 3/4 the way through.
    When it was over, i was surprised, i hadn't realized it had been 6 minutes. I was super focused... but i wasn't struggling at the end of the fight... i was just super focused... finished with both me and my pet full health.
    ACT reported fight at 6:00 ON THE NOSE.

    Other than that it was a pure Stand and Heal fight... nothing special, no tricks, nothing weird.

    Check my "Trials" spec on eq2U (Cyroe on Antonia Bayle) for the AA build i created.

    I hope this helps everyone out there. It IS a tough fight. I consider myself an exceptional Channeler.. by no means the best, there's always more that i could learn, but without sounding conceded, i do feel i play it very well.

    I realize i am probably slightly better geared than most, but if you copy my Trials AA spec, i think i could have done it in full Arcane as well. Like i said, i never struggled once during the fight, i never had that "Ohh ****" moment. I was just SUPER focused the entire fight.
  4. Tesura Grimm Member

    Just completed it on the first try yesterday. Please note, this wasn't my ultimate first try, that was like a month or two ago. Been trying several times per day, then just gave up till I had the urge to try again.

    I used my heal spec (look up frostfeather) except I switched out of Draconic Regeneration into Nature Dragon Scales- 10-1-10-10-1. You probably wouldn't even need the ward though, when I did the fight I forgot to cast the ward and the death prevent beforehand. My diety was karana - I used the 10 minute buff Blessing of Serenity (only needs the 2nd quest done) which heals fora bout 15% max health instantly and every 6 seconds...and it can critically apply. Put the white defense adorns in any slot you can...I went from 29.7% avoidance to 45% just by dropping them in my both of my rings and my chest. I also used a few purples that gave me potency increase, haste, and one that reduced damage done to me by 2,500. I also used block chance adorns on my weapons as well.

    My conduits I used were - Essence Weave, Triggered Restoration, (did not use 3rd slot), I had Channeled Cleansing and Truespirit Restoration but did not use them at all, Weapon Dissonance (macro tied to the name), Hidden Reserves, and Interpose Redirect.

    The main point of this fight is to be able to keep your pet up above 75% and be able to kill the orbs while keeping your dissonance as low as possible. My haste wast about 200 and my dps was about 350. (it'll probably show higher on eq2u, I use an item that lowers it by 150% to save on my celestial / infused spiritshard arrows...I used dragon bone arrows for this fight though) I let my auto attack hit the adds whenever there were no orbs, but mostly just focused on them. I saved all my attacks for orbs...used harder hitting ones to take down elemental (stops auto attack I think) and then had auto attack + 1 other ability to kill other orbs. Used my cure when the arcane detriment popped up to keep dissonance down even further...remember, all mobs are targeting you so all you need to do is click the cure. I may have clicked cure curse once or twice but I mostly just stood in the center. Between the tunare deity and truespirit rift, I was getting healed well enough. I think I only casted healing barrage for the heck of it mostly. If you can't target the orbs fast enough (the arcane is the worst - stops all beneficial spell casts...i.e,, heals) tie a macro to some of your abilities, such as healing arrow, wrath, etc - /target sphere should work just fine. Try to avoid using dissonance abilities as much as you them for pet heals. Triggered Restoration heals for a lot very quickly especially when you have like 7-10 adds on you and costs fairly low dissonance.

    I hope this helps, and if you have any questions, please send a mail in game to me...Butcherblock.Frostfeather
  5. Tesura Grimm Member

    I also agree with Ciroe...I never had an "oh ****" moment. Before I knew it I was at the 5:30 mark and I had to make myself calm down. Don't try to use some crazy spec from the forums, use something you are familiar with. I only switched out a few of the adorns I had for the fight (and I even decided to keep the defense adorns, which has made a positive difference thus far). If you are trying to kill orbs, heal yourself, heal pet, trying to figure out what some abilities do or how useful they are...well, it's best to go by what you already feel comfortable. It's certainly fine to look at what other people used, and I'd definitely encourage it...howver, I would also encourage you to build your own build for the fight. I had points in stuff I didn't even use for the fight and I did just fine (although I think that tunare diety thing helped ALOT)
  6. The_Cheeseman Well-Known Member

    I would like to reiterate the Karana deity spell, "Blessing of Serenity" is amazingly OP for this fight. Totally worth the 10 min. Of questing required to get it. Just kit yourself out in the +max HP gear with Potency, use a shield, and spec/adorn for maximum HP, block chance, and defenses. If your HP is upward of 500k-ish and you have 480+ potency/crit bonus, you really never need to heal yourself. Just spam Triggered Restoration (the 12 trigger reactive repair) and hit Essence Weave if your pet ever drops to yellow. You can spend the rest of your time nuking spheres from the middle of the room. I highly recommend putting ten points in Uncontrollable Wrath, as it really helps kill spheres without needing to use Poison Bolt. I also had the Master Strike neck that I saved for blowing up the arcane spheres, but I don't think it make too great a difference.

    Anyway, this strat should work for just about anybody, so give it a try!
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  7. Menko Member

    so...after 20+ deaths i set this aside for about a month. took two tries today and finally got this kill. looted the heart from dude. quest says give the heart to naggy. naggy is not updating the quest. im in the special instance, arbiters master. i dont know what im suppose to do here...
  8. Ciroe Active Member

    I wish i had an answer for you. You should speak dragon, as you have had to talk to Naggy prior to this step, so its not a language issue. You say you are in the correct instance (the first one on the list).... i would double check that. Are you close enough to him, and camera angle enough to see his text bubbles? That's the only thing i can think of. I do not remember anything special i had to do, just talked to him and was updated.
  9. Malleria Well-Known Member

    I think you're in the wrong instance for the turn in. IIRC when you go to talk to naggy again there are 3 options:
    Nagafen's Lair
    Nagafen's Lair
    Arbiter's Master

    You want the top Nagafen's Lair.
  10. Menko Member

    thank you so much ciroe. i went into arbiters master..which was the wrong one.
  11. Solzak Member

    eyegouge? You did mean Eye Shot, right? Just wondering if I missed an AA mod or replacement for it.
  12. Ciroe Active Member

    Yah, I wrote that write-up at work, from memory. I also said i used the wrong spell in slot 3. I forgot the name of the slot three spell i used (again I'm at work), but it was the Reactive. But again, i don't think i hit it, but maybe once early in the fight.
  13. Solzak Member

    Checked eq2u, and that spec is no longer there.
  14. Ciroe Active Member

    Yah unfortunately, i replaced it. Sorry. It was pretty much all about Durability, and dissonance reduction. I didn't worry about dps at all.
  15. Zrisse New Member

    Can someone post the ACT trigger for the sphere's? I cant seem to locate it. Thanks!
  16. Ciroe Active Member

    just put:

    /target enslaved
    /target sphere

    in front of your heal spells/macro

    if when you hit that macro/spell you target an enslaved.. keep rolling.

    If when you hit that macro/spell you target a white con sphere, start poison bolting it. (i ran /cancel_spellcast then my poison bolt in a macro, so that when i did notice my target change, i would stop casting what i was currently casting and immediately poison bolt the sphere.)
  17. Daalilama Well-Known Member

    Did this last week for my channeler alt...wasn't terribly too hard needed a few days to basically get the hang of the script but from start to finish lasted longer and longer till finished. Besides the target commands only other thing I did was set up act to call the when the spheres were up.
  18. Ravenlook Member

    There u go:

    <Trigger R="focuses his energy to summon a sphere of power" SD="Sphere Up" ST="3" CR="T" C="Ssrez&apos;Ras: The Final Confrontation" T="F" TN="" Ta="F" />

    and good luck :)
  19. Jinkies New Member

    so does auto attack not hit the spheres? cause it isnt hitting them at all
  20. Ravenlook Member

    are u using "Earspike of the Gullible" ? if so consider getting a replacement, that 1 will daze w/e it reaches 5 increments which means it disable auto attack for the duratuion. there is just 1 sphere that u can't auto attack and that's cause that sphere will also daze u, hope this help.