Channeler Epic - Final Named

Discussion in 'Priests' started by The Jones, Jan 4, 2014.

  1. Chunk Member

    Thanks for this information, OP. I frustratingly pulled the mob through 2 full repairs in a full defensive spec and never made it past about 4 minutes. I switched into a full dps spec and had him down on the second pull. Key for me was your macro. I think I finished the fight with only one skeleton up and never had more than two up during the fight.
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  2. Ivix New Member

    So, today there is a curse I don't remember ever being hit with. Shissar Touch - Roots me, does a small amount of damage, lasts for a long time. I can cure it, but it comes back again and I can't keep it cured.

    Is this SoE's way of telling me they don't want me to kite the mobs? Also makes it hard to bunch up the adds to Barrage them.
  3. Bodiddle Member

    agreed never seen the curse until today something is off
  4. silentstalker65 Member

    That curse is no joke, first I have seen of it also. adds a new element to the fight. for me it is still unwinable
  5. Noctifer New Member

    It is worse than before. Now can't go past 4mn - used to get sometimes to 5 mn ... I quit. Thanks SOE.
  6. silentstalker65 Member

    Finally beat this today, after taking a week off. I didn't do any different from before.
  7. Urgthock New Member

    I have tried most of the specs listed here, most of the advice listed here. I just can't seem to get it down. I tried kiting but the room seems to small to effectively kite not to mention that it only lasts 9 seconds and you typically end up missing one of the new adds that seem like they are spawning every 10 seconds. The spheres seem to spawn too often as do the adds. Trying to keep the pet near 100% requires almost constant healing (if I don't kite) such that it makes it feel like I need to be able to cast 3 spells at once. One for healing the pet, one for healing myself and one for taking out the spheres which are constantly spawning!

    This is not fun. I give up. I am seriously rethinking continuing with a game produced by a company with a proven track record of putting out content that the majority of players won't be able to use/access until the next expansion.
  8. Darkon Well-Known Member

    It's a 'slightly' challenging solo fight. I really enjoyed doing it.

    If you truly find yourself against a wall, rather than quit, try taking a few simple steps to make your character better. The fight is easy once properly outfitted. Not talking raid gear, either.

    Deity/jewelry is all you need to kill it easily.
  9. silentstalker65 Member

    Alot of players say get the tribunal for the 20% hit reduction, I haveused both but i liked the karana one the 14% heal and power every 6 seconds is nice. here is my link the only new peice of gear i have that i didn't have then is spiritbreaker. the shissar fight AA spec, i would change the mobil assault to something else since the curse stops you from that. and the macro from an earlier post helps alot, but i added the repair in to it.
  10. Joys New Member

    I did this a few weeks ago, took me 4 attempts, mainly just figuring out which gear to wear. I ended up just going full heal spec and sitting in my pvp gear with max hp, while staying on killing the portals. At one point however I was tanking a goos 6 or so adds, but aside from that I found it rather easy. My death save never triggered and I used no god spells. Just needed to be quick on killing the portals was all, and debuffing the named. Also I used the reactive heal.
  11. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    My question is the Epic worth doing now. it's got a TON of pain in the *** prerquisites, and if the bow is still only 'equal' to a dropped bow in a zone you have to to anyway for the epic, I might just skip it all together.
  12. silentstalker65 Member

    Spiritbreaker bow is 330 wis 540 sta, 51.6 attack speed, 19.9 crit bonus and potency, 110.2 crit chance, 12.9 ability casting speed. 234.54 rating
  13. Arieste Well-Known Member

    The fight has been done by multiple people without any kind of elite gear or setup, so if you're not getting it, just work at it more or try one of the other strats. There are at least 3 workable strats for the fight: Defensive/heal through it, Defensive/kite and Offensive/ kill adds - at least those are the general concepts.

    Multiple people have posted exactly how they did the fight, with what gear and what spells. I myself did the fight in a combination of gemmed arcane and ungemmed potent (no VD items). Miracle is supposed to help, but i did it without, since i didn't feel like getting a deity just for that.

    It's a very specific fight, so you need to fully set up your character 100% for doing the fight and then you need to practice. I didn't kill a single add during the fight, only the spheres. Just kited around in the widest possible circle using tank gear. Since i was using a kiting strat, i limited my casting to ONLY things that could be cast on the run, with the exception of poison bolt, which i could spam twice if i was short dps for the sphere.

    It's a challenging fight, but it's very doable - as many people can attest. If you can't do it as is, get some more upgrades. The offensive proc jewelry from SoS should really help with the spheres (i didn't have anything like that myself).
  14. Nightime New Member

    Whats the best diety to go for to help out with the last mob??
  15. Romadon New Member

    I just went full heal/defense and tanked the named and adds in the middle made a macro:

    /target (Name, I forgot what it was called)
    /target a Sphere
    /target a Sphere of Arcane

    and clicked it every second so I was always on the right target, only used poison bolt on the elemental sphere casue it dazes you and you can't auto attack so as not to waste dissonance, then when I got back on the named spammed heals. Took quite a few attempts but I did it. It was all about getting into a rhythm.
  16. Redlight Well-Known Member

    I hope that SOE revisit the finish to the Channeler epic quest line and tone it down some ( maybe even subtract a minute or two of the fight ) so that players who have bothered to do the Epic quest can complete it without jumping through hoops,resorting to DPS jewelry, tank armour,Diety quests and luck etc and ask the person who came up with it what revelance it actually has to a weak DPS healing class, what would have been a much better finale would have been collecting Construct parts from the Heroic instance end bosses and building a Construct to fight the last battle for while you kept it alive ,now that would have been an epic final battle, the servers in general are quiet and SOE should be doing its best to engage players not frustrate them, so please revisit this, Prince'
  17. Laita Well-Known Member

    Weak DPS and healing class? Not to be rude, but if that's your opinion of the class, then you are doing something very wrong and it's no wonder you're having issues on the final name.
  18. Redlight Well-Known Member

    I actually posted "a weak DPS healing class" not a weak DPS and healing class, I can solo heal DOM up to the last named so the healing side of the class is fine but I can't do great DPS and heal effectively, like most of ToV you have to chose, I didn't think you were rude I think you miss understood that line.
    I never posted I couldn't complete the final named encounter either, I have finished the questline so not sure how you jumped to that conclusion? but my post was about the way it was being completed opening it up for discussion but again I dont think you're being rude you just made a wrong assumption.
    I don't know how to make a link but if anyone would like to look at how I set up look on EQ2U for Princely on Unrest, I have left him and the AA set up, the main thing is to keep the pet at full health I can elaborate more if anyone is interested.
  19. Brainwashed Member

    With your gear you should be able to do this fight, must be your technique. What worked for me was running around in circles spamming my target macro for sphere while auto attacking/healing barrage the adds. As soon as a sphere pops, poison bolt it. If you have access to some different gear sets try mixing and matching until your dps mod is ~ 500-600 and your haste/multi @ 200 and shoot for as high as possible ae auto, think I had around 65 when i did it. You should have at most 3 adds up at once let your ae auto do the work for you.

    But the spheres gotta die quick especially the arcane one. Your aa setup is ok but you can get rid of the group intercept, max out litany of combat,take wild smiting in dragon tree,get the 25% ae auto in shadows tree. Maybe a couple other tweaks you can experiment with.
  20. mapel New Member

    Started on this guy last night. My best time was right at 5 mins. tried the kiting method and standing there not sure what i'm doing wrong any help or advice would be greatly apprenticed and thanks