Channeler Epic - Final Named

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  1. The Jones Active Member

    Pick your poison between a HoT or the reactive. I do think you need to have a direct heal as one of the repairs though. If you get in the yellow you want to immediately fix that...
  2. phlik Member

    i used the reactive with 50 triggers once or twice in an emergency, other than that all i used was truespirit rift hopefully timing it right before a sphere then the healing barrage right before a sphere popped killed the sphere then had an extra barrage after as rift resets it. so was just a case of timin wen to rift so u have an extra barrage up
  3. Noctifer New Member

    Trying all this but cant go past 4mn. 4mn30 if i am lucky. Seriously. It's getting on my nerves.
  4. Bredbeddle New Member

    Those that are waiting for a nerf - i'm seriously doubting that they will. Have they said somewhere that they were going to balance it a bit? I might go back and give it another go now that I have all potent and some raid pieces, but every time I've gone in I want to leave the game lol.
  5. akrysos New Member

    For the final Solo Heroic instance, I found a few tricks that FINALLY made this doable.
    1) You can HIRE a merc once in the zone, but not make it return. I used Krivok on passive for heals.
    2) Go to Battlegrounds and get the slayer 'heroism' set. It is all defensive gear, and increases your health quit a bit.
    3) I reforged for AE damage, and AA specced for being able to run and gun. You can look me up on EQ2U for the AA build. (I used the spec called 'stamina' for this instance.)
    4) Make a macro "/targ arcane sphere" and add poison bolt to it. use the macro whenever you find your heals are unusable.
    5) Run from the adds and the named in a circle (as well as you can), using barrage to enable you to drop truespirit rift and fire off 2 healing barrages. (Don't worry about killing adds, you just want the heals from the healing barrage which can also trigger free dissonance spells in slots 1-3.)
    6) Interpose redirect and construct's interception are necessary.
    7) only use Merc to kill the arcane spheres.
    8) for pet heals I used Swift aid (because it is instant for emergency) and Essence weave to keep dissonance low but pet healthy.

    I tried almost everything I could think of, and had spent several hours each day for about 4 days trying to figure out what works. Finally using the above, I did it. It wasn't super easy but was in the end successful. Hope this helps.
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  8. Bredbeddle New Member

    Good info, akrysos. But personally if I had to go get BG gear I'd slit my wrists.:eek:
  9. Eileithia Active Member

    I wish I'd known I could have hired a merc in there. It would have been killed long before I actually got it. I didn't run around like an idiot though.. I stood in the center of the room and took the hits so I was in-range of all spheres at all times.

    What worked for me:
    - Full heal spec - Defensive Dragon line (Death save, regen ward etc)
    - Full heal gear (Basically the best gear you currently have access to, regardless of stats, if that's DPS Gear great, Defensive, great, but bring the best you have - I'd say minimum 3/4-gem Arcane)
    - Tribunal Deity buff (20% reduced damage)
    - Shield and Hammer (Do not use a 2H Weapon - Block is your friend)
    - Remove any jewelry that damages you (Blooded Hoops etc)
    - Life-tap Guild Banner
    - Triggered Restoration + Essence Weave
    - Use Truespirit Defiance every time you proc zero dissonance use from Healing Barrage (Efficiency from Left Prestige), and immediately follow up with essence weave to replace construct health.
    - Macro "/target a sphere" and hotkey/keybind it - You can take a little time on everything but Arcane sphere. If you are on arcane sphere poison bolt, eye-shot, anything you have to take it down as fast as possible, and follow up with Healing arrow/barrage immediately.
    - Construct's Interception on your self
    - Interpose Redirect running (And only that running)
    - KEEP CONSTRUCT IN THE GREEN <--- Can't stress that enough. If that means you top up your construct instead of taking out a sphere (except arcane), do it. Once construct hits yellow you're done, especially near the end of the fight.
  10. The Jones Active Member

    That merc trick has to be a bug. Use it while you can folks, but yeah that would make things more doable. Personally i'd use the paly merc then and go fully defensive spec. Amends would probably trivialize much of the issues.

    Also I agree with almost everything Eileithia said, except I used a spec with high AE auto so that I could burn through adds. I wouldn't have done it this way had I known I could hire a merc in the zone. I do recommend revisiting my post when I created the thread. At least consider using the macro.

    I didn't try truespirit defiance. I was turned off by the 15% hit to construct health. Might have used it after rethinking this though... only when it's free.
  11. phlik Member

    i agree the merc thing has gotta be a bug, im kinda glad i didnt do it with a merc the incredible sense of achievment that i did it myself was awesome tbh, but thats not to say if id have known of said bug i probably used it myself as by the end i was so
  12. akrysos New Member

    BG heroism set is only 700 devastation points and is pretty easy to get considering you get double right now if you're a gold member, 50+(x2 if gold) for a win, 75 for both PvP quests (x2 if gold). That's 400 devastation marks if you get it all done in one match, and the BG armor is only 100 marks for the Slayer gear I used. Was the fastest and easiest way to gear out for defense without spending any plat or questing.
  13. silentstalker65 Member

    I have tried and tried. I quit. gratz to the few who have made it.
  14. Noctifer New Member

    Did 5mn5. Twice. Can't be better unless i have a full green gem fabled. Seriously developpers should tune down the fight to 4 mn, not 6.
  15. Darkon Well-Known Member

    Using a merc in the zone is an exploit and is punishable via a suspension, I'm sure.

    Definitely avoid doing that.
  16. Brainwashed Member

    Finally beat this last night, like others have said the key for me was speccin for survivability in dragon tree (mit increase, passive ward, auto rez for 1 oops moment) and keepin the pet in the green made a big difference. The thing that screwed me up the most was the arcane orbs popping and stopping a healing barrage mid cast, poison bolt those asap to get back on heal duty.

    My stats were roughly 500k hp
    potency ~ 430
    CB ~ 440
    haste/MA - ~200
    dps ~ 400
    max on cast/ reuse
    flurry ~ 33
    ae auto was ~ 70
    adds do very little dps compared to the named but at most had 3 up at a time, usually 2
  17. silentstalker65 Member

    I just noticed for every add that was up shissar got a got a buff on him and with 2 adds the buff with a 2 on it. let me do some tweaking for AE and see if that helps
  18. silentstalker65 Member

    I still do not know what the Devs are thinking when they made this, priest quest, but have to dps my backside off, survive and heal pet and no chance to beat this in X amount of time. Just live till it stops.
  19. silentstalker65 Member

    To me the elemental spheres take 2 to 3 times as long to kill, maybe 4 times longer. here is my link, Pls give me some feedback, and not the feedback that basically says you suck. I am a casual player. Not a people person so you wont find in the LFG channel trying to find groups.
  20. Annabea Member

    Well your gear surely looks good enough, i wouldn't use the earspike tho. You cannot afford to get dazed for that long periods in the fight when your main source of dps to kill spheres is autoattack. I'd try to look into gettin a flurry cloak and belt to balance a bit more damage out. Also your reuse looks really low, the couple seconds in heals can make or break the fight once you get past 4min. Maybe change adorns on neck to Avoidance ones (3% riposte each). Not sure what spec you've used since none of yours is named hinting to the fight.

    I did it before the latest change to sphere order, so cant comment what they meant with predictable. But each sphere does have its own effect, the worst are arcane (no bene) and elemental (dazes, really the most annoying to kill cause you have to poison bolt them or run in and eye shot). Since if there is a real order to them now, you can stack up before say arcane goes up by hitting named with Dazing so he cant hit you while your healing is blocked. If you don't already make a macro with '/tar a sphere' and if you use ACT an audio trigger to when he summons a sphere.

    And the stacking buff on the named its from the adds, its just a timed thing as the fight progresses (think it ranks up each sphere you kill), hit 15 stacks and he dies. You dont actually need to kill anything but the spheres to succeed, but ofc some dps makes it simpler with less adds up.