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Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by puppybreath, Mar 26, 2020.

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    Changing t he subject for a moment if I can... First off, OTH hopes you are HEALTHY and all have a HEALTHY future!

    Most of us are home now so more time to play game. :D
    I want to remind us of the changes this virus IS making on our gaming world. Even if you dont realize it, it is.
    Membership in guilds grow like weeds in a wet season. Many returning players and many new to the game. Your chat windows will be flooded with wtg and questions.
    Guild Governments be ready! The flood gates have been opened! :eek: Try your best to answer all those new questions from those new to our world. Lets treat this like we do any other pain in the *** quest the game offers us and just do it. Everyone is under stress right now so lets all take 6 steps back and breathe! We will do this and we will have fun! Its EVERQUEST 2 :p

    Remember this:
    Gamer's Never Die . . .
    We Just Respawn!

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  2. Pixistik Well-Known Member

    From what I have noticed it would seem that a flood more people have left than have returned or even started. You really can only push people so far before they throw in the towel and aside from the raiders and a few diehards here and there the game is just an empty shell now.

    I too wish everyone the best in these stressful times, but to be honest this game is now more stress and disappointment that many of us don't need in our lives right now. So many have taken 6 steps over instead of back to other new release is WOT. For others FFXIV and GW2 are the new stress relievers and shining examples of MMO's done right.

    I have never seen the point in Ascension, nor Overseer stuff, nor heroic dungeons that you cant run 3-4 people in, nor the generic every armor piece has the same appearance...and now the broken crafting system where armor stats for things you make don't make any sense whatsoever in the grand scheme of things, etc....

    Thank you for the kind words and cheerful optimism tho, the old EQ2 will always hold a spot in many hearts

    And.. I realize that its possible that I may be the only one who feels this way, but I have asked for some response for a number of years on the possibility of a return of the Old Original Battlegrounds on these here official forums only to hear absolutely nothing from those who make the game, its almost as if the subject is taboo ... now it doesn't really matter and that saddens me more than words can express.
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  3. michael baker Active Member

    As a subscribed, regular player of eq2 I do not see the original post happening in game. Instead I see the opposite, it could be a lack of money due to the issues in the real world, it could be interesting game design decisions.... but all I see is a declining population and game designers who do not seem able, willing or large enough staffed to deal with the issues
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  4. michael baker Active Member

    On an aside... I have friends who are cancelling subs to Netflix and such like as they cannot afford it with all the current work issues. Steel crates and 1000's to get mounts or familiars is just an insult to them
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