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Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Lare, Nov 20, 2014.

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  1. Gromz Member

    Everything SOE is doing is forcing people to solo, and thus destroying a "healthy population". Nerfing DMs is actually hurting the population because we had thousands of people doing them, and actually having fun running them together.

    Now no one wants to do one, and the game feels dead again.
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  2. Gromz Member

    It wasn't posted a head of time? Or were you being sarcastic? There were zero patch notes regarding the DM nerf for today. We hunted on the forums everywhere for the information.
  3. Gromz Member

    Supposedly DM xp for people below 95 wasn't nerfed? Any idea if this is true?
  4. Atan Well-Known Member

    To be fair, on my home server there was literally no one spamming to DM PL players.

    When I play my characters on AB, it is a non stop spam fest of people offering DM PLing.

    So, I suspect there were a fair number of people on a few servers making some decent coin with this.
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  5. Mizgamer62 Well-Known Member

    Couldn't those same people have fun as all players did before DM existed? For example, grouping together to quest through the new content, or do dungeons together, etc? How is DM stopping that from happening? I am not against DM, but it didn't exist for the majority of the life of this game, and people played and had fun any way.....and here we are 10 years later.
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  6. Atan Well-Known Member

    I can confirm later when I can log in, but that was my understanding.

    Also, much has been done to increase the xp of the contested as well as lower the difficulty. I don't know about all the DM groups that have been running, but I know the ones I've seen formed in guild are fully capable of going to the contested instead now.

    I'll probably go there tonight and get some numbers on the xp there just as a reference point. So long as it is reasonable, there isn't much to complain about. If it isn't appropriate and grindable by level 95's then SoE has some more work to do.
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  7. Gromz Member

    No one "groups" for quests anymore. Last time i tried on AB (the most popular server) no one ever took me up on the offer, or I got "sorry, i prefer to quest alone".

    Dungeons are generally run by friends, or guild members whom know each other and feel they won't "screw up" as much as a pubby will. I don't have to go with friends/guildies to do DMs, and that's why it was fun because i got to actually play with people i didn't know and make new friends.

    The problem is that SOE nerfed EVERY OTHER method of leveling into the damn floor, and the only way to level now is either through hidden secret exploits that have been well kept so they don't get assassinated by SOE, or you're forced to quest which, again, is a soloing only bore-fest.

    Your imaginary world of people grouping for everything and having fun grinding 15xp per kill is quite the fantasy. The reality seems to be completely opposite.
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  8. Gromz Member

    Please pm me and let me know about the contested stuff. If i can find SOME decent way of leveling with my friends from 95, and DMs aren't nerfed 20-95, then we can level new toons up to 95 together and then go do contested from 95+ :)!

    If not, then I'll probably let my subscription lapse again until SOE fix AOM as it seems highly broken and very boring atm.
  9. The_Cheeseman Well-Known Member

    I'm not telling you how to play anything, I am trying to explain why closing these sort of massive exp loopholes is actually good for the health of the game. I'm also saying that the game has many facets, and that even if you don't like one of them, you don't somehow deserve the right to entirely bypass then. If you want the exp, earn it. DM was obviously far faster for leveling than SOE intended, so they fixed it. That's THEM telling you how to play, which is also known as their job.
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  10. Droll Active Member

    Apparently you're not reading anything.

    I already said there isnt enough population to group with in the new content... and even if there was they wouldnt/couldnt take a 95.
  11. Atan Well-Known Member

    I'll let you know what I find.

    I have alts I plan to level up this way as well, cause I have NO INTENTIONS of repeating that quest line.
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  12. Dulcenia Well-Known Member

    Someone in General chat on Freeport (he was L98) said he was in Fabled SoS and getting 4xp per mob there. That may just be part of the first wave of xp nerfs, I'm not sure. One thing I am sure of...I haven't leveled a toon to 96 yet, and I'm switching them to 100% AA because all but 1 still need that last 10 AA.
  13. Droll Active Member

    You're daft. They didnt "fix" it. they destroyed it. Fixing it, would have meant a reduction of xp that still provided usable xp... not zero. Cut it in half maybe, or even a quarter.

    And pray tell how is making me so fed up because I cant level my alts, good for the health of the game. I see quite a few people here that are so aggravated they WILL stop playing.

    That's the destruction of the game.
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  14. The_Cheeseman Well-Known Member

    Sorry if we're not going to take your assertion as fact. I have plenty of friends and guild mates to group with in contested zones, and if the buddies you raid with really have so many alts to get to cap, then you do as well.
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  15. Dulcenia Well-Known Member

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  16. Droll Active Member

    I logged on for a couple hours today.

    Uncle was spamming LFG the entire time.

    I looked around for a decent place to try and get some levels on my adorner. Then spent 20 minutes in an adv solo for a single powder.

    Uncle never found a group. And he has an entire guild of his own.
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  17. Mizgamer62 Well-Known Member

    One factor is that the f2p can't buy the expansion yet, so not as many people playing. Also, those that used dm to get to 100 quickly, have surpassed many others who are leveling the normal way, so again less people to group with at 100.
  18. Dulcenia Well-Known Member

    Yes, and 10 years ago it was also uphill both ways in 6 feet of snow to get to shcool, too, wasn't it?

    Now that people can't use DM to level, it's highly unlikely they'll be using PUGs instead. Most tend to stick to groups with friends and/or guildmates. Honestly, your in-game social life isn't likely to improve due to the DM xp nerf.
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  19. Nocturnus Member

    Here's a constructive post on the topic:

    I've been reading most of the threads that have been posted regarding this topic, and I think that the two extremes are really coming to a head here.

    Let's start out by just admitting: The DM experience was ridiculous. There's no doubting or denying that. Everyone who participated in the DM system to level KNEW that. So let's just acknowledge that fact, and then move on.

    On the same token, expecting people to have to progress through a single quest path for every character they want to put into their raiding organization is also a little bit much.

    So... how about meeting somewhere in the middle?

    Here's the fact of the matter: Leveling should take a bit of effort. It shouldn't be "stupidly" easy. It shouldn't be mind-numbingly difficult. And with that understanding, there should also be multiple ways to achieve that, be they solo questing, or going to a contested dungeon and grouping with friends.

    So... with the removal of DM as a leveling path for people from 96-100, I would ask that the devs have a look at the contested dungeon experience. It shouldn't be as fast as DM, but it should be something that a group can viably do with each other to gain experience as well, either as a full on substitution to the quests, or as a supplement.

    If this isn't already the case, i'd hope that it could be evaluated so that it becomes the case. I loved going to places like Varsoon when the game was first launched and leveling with friends that way. Reintroduce that experience with this expansion in light of the removal of the DM.

    My 2cp.
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  20. Droll Active Member

    I will Argond... I will.

    My fun in this game is playing 'dress up' with my little pixel barbies. I run heroic content and gear alts. So I can have a huge selection of different toons to play, and dress up.

    Now, if it's going to take weeks to level each toon, I wont be playing my dress up barbie game, and wont be having fun. I'll go play EUIV or Rome II instead.
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