Changes to Resolve Leveling.

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    First, I want to explain why we made these changes, as they were actually done with good intention. The idea was to remove the wall of having to grind the leveling of weapons. Making it easier to get new players and/or replace players without having that task against them between each and every tier of weapons.

    The idea of the patch today was supposed to be positive, however the change wasn’t exactly implemented as we had conceived. That being said. We will be placing all of the resolve values on weapons and the Ethereal items back to the MAX resolve on the actual items as if they have been maxed out by leveling with the next update [4/02/2019]. Resolve will no longer level on any item that levels. [If a weapons max resolve was 165 when leveled, it will now drop at 165. All other stats can still be leveled as normal.]

    Also, we will also be increasing raid tier 3 drops in many places and adding pattern drops to the mischief raid zone as well as making the armor tier un-locker drops more available within raid content.

    We understand this update turned out to be highly negative, but we are listening to the feedback of the player base and are adjusting accordingly.

    Thanks for being patient with us. See you in Norrath!


    Will you be raising up the resolve levels on the zones again?

    We will be reviewing the zone resolve numbers, chances are they will not be raised in most cases. Especially not Heroic and Teir 1 raids.

    Question !
    Does this include the ethereal items?

    Yes. You will still need coins to level the other stats, but the resolve will come at max.

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