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Discussion in 'Community News' started by ARCHIVED-Dexella, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Dexella Guest

    It’s an exciting time in the world of Norrath! Beginning on November 13, 2012, there will no longer be coin restrictions for players with Free and Silver memberships!
    “We’re always looking at ways to make sure our Free and Silver members are getting a good value now that we’re Free to Play. Lifting the coin limitations is one way we’re doing that,” says Producer Holly “Windstalker” Longdale. “The launch of Krono is a really exciting feature for us, and we want to make sure all of our players will be able to participate in the program (buying, selling, and trading Krono in-game). After hearing that same desire expressed from the players directly, we knew it was the right time to make this change and remove the coin restriction.”
    Free and Silver players had previously been limited to a certain amount of gold coin per character level. They will now be able to accumulate an unlimited amount of coin on each character.
  2. ARCHIVED-Pumancat Guest

    That is awsome!, Just recently I had to delve out 670p to my guildy at 18p increments to get her to buy me a krono. It took almost an hour to give all the money.
  3. ARCHIVED-Kaito Guest

    Kudos for it,.............................. AND now they lack the function to convert KRONO into SC Points PERMANENTLY from an NPC or something for customers who unable to pay with REAL $ to purchase SC Points from players/system.
    expect the rise of priceS in broker/player as KRONO/etc might become epic!?!?
    [BUYER] [IMG]
    [SELLER] [IMG]
  4. ARCHIVED-Detor Guest

    Kaito wrote:
    Kronos don't seem to function like normal items (you can't have them in an inventory slot like everything else) so who knows if that's possible. They made in game NPCs able to consume station cash, so it is something they COULD do I'm sure, just not sure how much work it would be for them to do it. That and possibly buying expansions for Krono does seem like two things fixed the same way. A NPC that sells in game redeemable items that convert to either SC or expansion access for fixed Krono values.
  5. ARCHIVED-Tuckker Guest

    Pumancat wrote:
    See .. Im confused by the whole Krono vs F2P topic which this implies and people seem to be excited about.
    ...Krono = Gold Sub Time...
    So, the ONLY reason a F2P account would buy or care about Krono would be for them to BUY In-Game PLATINUM with Real Life cash... Yes? So with F2P accounts being limited to 18p @cap then they would be excluded from Selling Krono in game... meaning they wouldn't be able to BUY GOLD for RL CASH... yes?
    So, 30days of Gold Sub time w/ a CC is $15 and 30days of Gold Sub-time w/ a Krono is $18. The current in-game P2P sale of SC Game card codes seems to be around 400p - 800p depending on the server you're on. The only difference in buying a Krono from the broker or trade window is that it is a trackable and secure transaction. The SC Game card sales seems to be what is setting the current Krono price on the broaker, but this price is going to go up and down based on the market and the community and the inflation allowed to remain in the game.
    I cannot see removing the Plat limits on F2P anything more than a way for SOE to encourage GOLD FARMING, only this time they 'Think" they will be able to control it... Control the Gold Farmers... Ha! Is there ?REALLY? that much Plat being bought and sold on the servers these days in the first place?
  6. ARCHIVED-Freejazzlive Guest

    As a Silver account, the coin cap didn't bother me a whole lot until I got to 90th level. Then, it became a huge PITA.
    I don't know that removing it will get me to log in again -- I haven't logged in for nearly 2 months now -- but it might.
  7. ARCHIVED-Calthine Guest

    Kaito wrote:
    Because of the devaluation of SC, SC and Memberships have been seperated. Simple.
    I'm trying to come up with a scenario that fits your statement. If you can buy a Krono, you can buy SC.
  8. ARCHIVED-Detor Guest

    Calthine wrote:
    That person was saying if they could convert Kronos into station cash they could buy kronos off the broker, then convert that into SC. He wasn't saying he wants to buy Kronos from SOE directly and immediately convert them into SC himself (that would be illogical afterall, like you point out.) If they did allow Kronos to convert into SC it would probably be at a rate of 1500SC per 1 Krono.
  9. ARCHIVED-PsiaMeese Guest

    Thank you for the freedom of coin. Now can you offer Silver Norrathian Express stamps or offer the option of x number of Norrathian Express mails per week?
  10. ARCHIVED-Deveryn Guest

    I think this is a great change and it may encourage more people to play. Being a high end player with an 18 plat limit was a drag. I tried it myself. This change alone opens up so many possibilities for a player, like buying raid loots and master spells. Every so often, they can enjoy a month of gold, if they're farming enough plat. Alternatively, they could splurge on some plat, if they're happy at silver level.
    Koleg@Unrest_old wrote:
    There's always been someone looking to buy or sell SC for plat on Crushbone. This isn't so much about controlling the gold farmers as it is making sure they get their money for subscriptions. They lost out on a lot when subs were available for purchase via SC and SC cards were being sold for plat. People were paying next to nothing for a year's time, which is worth about 100 dollars. Time will tell how much this helps, but it certainly won't hurt them as bad as it was.
  11. ARCHIVED-Celline-Layonaire Guest

    Woot finally!!

    Do you know how many items I have had to throw out from my inventory, not selling?

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