Change to Curse of Darkness

Discussion in 'Warlock' started by ARCHIVED-urgthock, Feb 18, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-urgthock Guest

    Anyone else seen the change to this spell? I think I like! Although I am not sure why the spell gem is colored purple. I thought that was for buffs. From the description shouldn't it be green?
  2. ARCHIVED-Captain Apple Darkberry Guest

    urgthock wrote:
    It is a group temp buff...
  3. ARCHIVED-Selpone Guest

    I've been getting nothing but compliments on this change. I'm using it on pulls and hanging back a few seconds, letting other members get some hate. When it's about half over, I lay into the enemy(s) and it seems to help with hate. I'm still open to ideas about useing it, but it's nice, nonetheless. I have a T7 master version of it and it's critting for me at about 700+ to each mob.
    Also, check your group power regen, it now has a health component added to it. With the maxed AA in the warlock tree and a master T7 version, I'm giving about 400+ health and 100+ power to each member of my group every 1.3 seconds for 16.8 seconds. With a combination of AA and gear, it's up every 40 seconds. Who needs a backup healer when all you need is a Warlock? Heh... KIDDING of course! I don't need all the healer classes getting mad at me.