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  1. hobonumber2 New Member

    Make materials matter again.

    Level 1-10 crafted items need the materials they need.

    Level 11-20 need what they need, plus 10x the materials needed for the previous tier.

    Level 21-30 need what they need, plus 10x the materials needed for the previous tier, and 20x the materials needed for the tier before that.

    Level 31-40 need what they need, plus 10x the materials needed for the previous tier, and 20x the materials needed for the tier before that and 30x the materials of the teir before that.

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  2. Jesaine Well-Known Member

    Just what I want to do, spend 12 hours gathering to make 1 scroll. :rolleyes:

    Let me guess... This is some harebrained scheme to inflate the cost of materials you want to sell on the Broker, right? Get the devs to create artificial scarcity for your goods.
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  3. Tkia Well-Known Member

    Exponentially stupid ...
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  4. Almee Well-Known Member

    I have to assume the OP isn't a crafter or is a troll. It might sound reasonable, to someone who doesn't harvest and craft, but is totally unreasonable to those of us who do.
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  5. Maldaris Active Member

    Not going to lie - standing at the forge and mindlessly hammering out tier 1 metal bars, or producing usable tier 1 leather, or (fill in the component here) was a great way to play the game when I didn't have the motivation or energy to actually play the game. Outlevel the mobs, harvest until my eyeballs were leaving gooey trails down the monitor screen (quite a feat considering I sometimes wear glasses, and my eyes are nowhere near prehensile), and then churn out components...yes, it was a good way to get a few crafting levels before going to Freeport, but...nah. I'm at the point where there's plenty of content in crafting as it is, going back to the nitpick days of yesteryear (crafting-wise) is neither a wise idea nor a realistic one.
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  6. Bludd Well-Known Member

    im sure denmum will get right on this great idea

    :eek: :eek: :eek:
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  7. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    Imagine applying this silly idea, but we also have to use this method to craft the sub-components that we used to have to make and then apply it again when making the final.

    Every last person and guild's harvest boxes would be empty before the week is out.
  8. DENSER Well-Known Member

    the only usefulness of this post is the set of negative responses, tinged with irony that it will generate
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  9. Mugwort Active Member

    Sounds like something Qho Augren might think up.
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  10. Flightrisk Well-Known Member

    Op's idea is less than useful, dare I say destructive even ?. As Jesanie noted, its either a troll or someone hoping to help themselves out at the broker...
    however, changing the creation process to a cute little slide puzzle (the mechanic used in Freerealms) would be way way cool. It's not going to happen ... but it would be cool.
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  11. Arandar Well-Known Member

    Can you imagine the excitement, the thrill, the sheer joy players will experience when going back to the Isle of Refuge to hoover up the 10's of thousands of tin and roots they'll need? And certainly new players will appreciate their august presence, as every last harvesting node disappears, knowing that they will simply need to wait their turn as their betters strip mine the area.
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  12. Tanto Done, finished, gone.

    Or any of the other newbie areas as there are many.. Terrible idea though, this one's a real stinker. There should be a sticky sub-forum where threads like this get to rot for all of eternity in read-only shame.
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  13. Riverbear Active Member

    There is enough friction from the developers already and there certainly is no reason to fall on this pitchfork.
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  14. Pharliquin Member

    I read this several times thinking i must be misunderstanding. However, that plus word over and over tells me i reading it correctly. Now if it had said you COULD use 10x 20x 30x previous tiers raws in place of current at least it would have made a tiny bit of sense. Sorry, this is one of the corniest ideas I have read in 20yrs.
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  15. AOE1 Well-Known Member

    1) NO!
    2) of all the stupid ideas presented over the years, this one tops the list
    3) If you don't like the crafting we have in EQ2, don't craft or GO someplace else where you do like their crafting.
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  16. Holdolin Member

    I must disagree with the majority here. I think it's a great idea. I mean what's not to like about it. I vote they make the OP CEO of DBG and see how many other great ideas they come up with. Ok ok, put yer pitchforks down folks, I jest, just like i believe the OP is doing. However, might I suggest such jokes be saved for April fools day, or even Bristlebane day.
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  17. Cheallaigh Well-Known Member

    well, if we were to do that, how about herds of harvest ponies to go with it and entire teams of gatherers too...
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  18. Typhon Member

    As someone said up thread, did Qho post this?
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  19. AOE1 Well-Known Member

    I already have a herd of pony's and it takes an hour every day just to unpack them once along with the plant. Not really interested in adding more. I doubt anyone else is either. But I get your point, well made.
  20. Pantaro Member

    albion online does this it helps to keep low level materials relevant, it's very common in sandbox mmorpgs which their economies and gathering and crafting are pretty much the backbone of the game. pretty sure eve online does this also and eve's economy speaks for itself!

    So your not wrong, but even i who love sandbox mmorpg economy's wouldn't want to gather the amount of low level mats your suggesting lol

    so i dont blame themepark minded players to totally just be like ewww gross. i just gave up on themeparks having crafting that was worth something and go play the sandbox when i need my fix.