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  1. Critic New Member

    The problem with EQ2 is there is no challenge no need for other classes , gets boring really fast. I mean really the missions should take the group to complete instead of just 1 person running through and zerging everything down without taking more than 5% damage . you guys want more subs make it a game not a game where everyone is nearly boss mode . I love the concept , tradeskills and the way the game is based but killing targets should require more than just 1 spell to kill a mob that is 2 up and 4 lvls higher than you . EQ1 is perfect it takes a group to do group made content if you could take the concept and merge it to EQ1 with new models you have a win, and that is why this one flopped and EQ1 is still going strong after 17 years , it doesn't look fancy its not WOW remake its because it requires game play to enjoy it , it requires skills . I leveled a toon and NEVER grouped solo all the way to 95 in about 6 days the end game is reached way to soon MAKE IT A CHALLENGE
  2. Apan Member

    there is a lot more to this game.
    Have you tried joining a guild and raiding?
  3. Critic New Member

    if a player HAS to raid to get any type of challenge then this game is broken
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  4. Regolas Well-Known Member

    The most recent content is generally a challenge. You won't be able to do anything other than basic solo without others.

    The problem is that over time the older content gets totally trivalised by the attemps to make things more interesting and relevant at max level. More abilities are added, or they're made more powerful, and then your average player has a character that's 10 times more powerful at that level than the content is designed for.
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  5. Ryuken Active Member

    What Missions are you talking about Critic?
  6. Asteroid New Member

    I do know on TLE server like 90% of the game requires group to do. the fastest XP to level requires groups,, to get nice loot requires groups.. to do endgame or harder quests require groups.. Endgame is nothing but group play and by endgame i mean group dungeons,, then there is raiding which is amazing and brings many groups together.. Everquest 2 is amazing because of its group play and they even made it so if u want to solo you can do quests/missions solo. There is a new TLE server coming out sometime this year called Fallen Gate, im hoping its popular. but pretty much all you do is look for groups and run dungeons for loot and xp, hopping from boss to boss maybe getting some nice loot, i def recommend giving the new TLE server a try bc i think its what your looking for.. everquest 2 is my fav mmorpg ever but the most fun i ever had was at release or Death Toll pvp TLE server.
  7. Breyer New Member

    I just love how "lack of challenge" is poster child for problem for EVERY game.
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  8. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    So your complaining, that you soloed your way to 95. 5 levels below the max, in 6 days. utilizing gear I'm sure which was made much later then the content you were doing, ie, gear from EoF is massively overpowered for older content even if it is the same level. the level 20 stuff from Butcherblock is insanely powerful compared to the level 20 stuff from Thundering Steppes.

    this is a trend that is common in older games. and Eq2 a flop huh? that's why it's 13 or so years and still going?

    once you hit 100, your going to find that there's virtually nothing you can do without a group that's actually designed for a group.

    complaining that your destroying content from several YEARS ago, using gear probably from more recent expansions, is a bit disingenuous

    like you said you were 95. are you using armor from skyshrine/withering lands? or are you using stuff from AoM/Cobalt scar? becuase yes, the Tranquil/Phantom sea armor is leaps and bounds more powerful then Skyshrine. even if they can be worn at the same levels.

    95 isn't the end game. 100 is. and you still have ascentions to grind after that, and epics to do. and aas to get. what' your character on eq2u? I'd love to see hwo this level 95 toon is geared in comparision to the content you claim to be crushing.
  9. Jamzez Member

    I thought with the addition of the epic2.0 the dev team is starting to bring challenge back to the game, EQ2 also started as a group based game but for some odd reason we have a loud minority that want to solo all the time or if something take's longer then 5 minutes to get done it's broken or the other team is cheating or it's pay to win because they paid for their spell upgrades. Plus a great thing is you can always check out the Agnarr server on wednesday .
  10. tiptaptricktrack New Member

    I would like to dispute the argument of making it a challenge. On Stormhold, the game was a joke through DoF. Truth be told, DoF could have been completely cleared in the first day if a guild wanted to play 24 hours that day. Then came KoS....

    KoS was a challenge. It beat the crap out of everyone. I remember even the top players and the top guilds were getting face ***** in zones that are normally easy, ie SoS. KoS was a hell of a challenge and 70 to 90% of the players quit playing because the game was HARD.

    You live in an instant gratification world today. There is no concept of long term goals. If it can not be done in the immediate future then it is not worth doing. Making the game a challenge will result in only the most dedicated players sticking around. Creating a more difficult challenge is not the answer, unless the question is "how do you kill a game?"

    I admit that the super easy mode of Stormhold through DoF was also causing the server to fail. There must be a balance between the two, and I am not sure where that balance is. The answer is defiantly not making it a superb challenge and the answer is also not making the entire game a face roll.

    In an case, to make the challenge extreme on Fallen Gate will make Fallen Gate fail within the first month.
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  11. captainbeatty451 Well-Known Member

    Make the game too tedious, and the playerbase will shrink. It's what we have right now. I mean, we grabbed a pug from the PG the other night. Then yesterday needed to grab another pug. Guess what, it was the same dude! From a different server! Across multiple servers, what are the chances with a huge population that you would get the same person at a totally different time of day? Sometimes it feels like 50 people are currently playing eq2. At least when alts were feasible, those 50 people FELT like 300.

    Point is, I agree. Making it super challenging would be bad. But more to the point, making fallen gate AT ALL is a bad idea, because now the 50 people who play on live will be cut down even more. I know that my favorite people in my guild are currently planning on playing there, which means the pool of those who can group with me will shrink during non-raid hours.
  12. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    I never buy armor or weapons. I level every one of mine with drops from the zones they are doing and nothing more. You are right, you cannot make an alt, buy the best available armor from the broker or made by one of your other alts and then complain that you flash through the older content.

  13. Critic New Member

    look all I am saying is eq2 and always has been just like WOW , its overly easy . and it doesn't matter what gear or content im using when I can pull a room full of mobs that are yellow and orange to me and make it through . something is wrong . you should have to work to get to max lvl . not ZOOM to max lvl and then say ok now this is what it should have been while leveling , and I am sorry but 4-5 servers with ALL low population is not strong . its still going because its still making money when all it requires is plugging the server into the wall (sarcasm) there are more bugs than can be counted on 1 hand , check the reports . and sure ppl have their preferences is why there is still players , but look at the start of game most or ALL your gamer came from EQ1 cuz it was new and different woo hoo new EQ , then a month later ONLY a month later some in a week they knew it was crap and thousands left , WHY ??? SOLOING all the way to end game is NOT how you build clients . hell you can max lvl just from the collections once your in guild and or have a little plat to buy them REALLY ??? like the battlegrounds the gear you get from those missions are LESS than what you need to be able to do one to get tokens to get the ****** gear hehe
  14. KythosMeltdown Active Member

    once upon a time that was true.

    WoW PvE is the best, and hardest, its' ever been (lore/itemization aside) while EQ2 hasn't improved anything mechanically in encounters since RoK

    right now the only thing difficult about EQ2 is trying to figure out what the handful of trivial mechanics are (that are reused over and over) through the terrible UI displays (and hoping they dont bug) while dealing with a large majority of players that don't understand itemization [which is DBGs fault]
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  15. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Do you want to play FPS or MMORG?
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  16. Snikkety Well-Known Member

    If a player has to do the hardest content to get the best gear, then something is broken.

    You should try LoTRo. Roll a warden and solo raids. Its fun
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  17. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    It does matter what gear and content your doing. it matters because for example, a level 20 peice of gear form Thundering steppes has like +5 and 10 and almost no blue stats. a level 20 gear from Butcherblock has like 20-30+ in stats, and 2 or 3 blue stats.

    the mobs of skyshrine, for example, are tuned to the idea your are geared from Wakening Lands and the SS questline. which is barely even a drop in the bucket compared to the PLAYERMADE gear from AoM, which can also be worn at 92. giving yourself a massive power advantage, and then complaining that it's too easy, is pretty relevant to your argument.

    when eq2 started, there was no 'soloing to max' you needed groups. and no one in your group could die without giving you debt. and there were corpse runs (soul shards) people didn't like it. and yes, now, 13 years later, most of the content between 1-90 is soloable. AAs, gear inflations, power creep has made alot of that content relatively trivial. Obviously you weren't here when Eq2 went live, or you'd know that. you'd remember soul shards, group xp debt, tradeskills had subcombines and interdependancy, even things like the black silk sash heritage needed groups, instances virtually didn't exist, contested zones were swarmed with people.

    I been here since launch. So yeah, I know what it was like when it started, and soloing to 50 (the max level then) was NOT a real option.
  18. Critic New Member

    That's how it should have stayed Rainmare , give you some feeling of accomplishment , and yes you should have to kill bigger named and bigger bosses for the better gear that's the point of any game unless you like WOW , reminds me of a p2p browser game supper easy then again as I said where is the challenge .
  19. Veta Well-Known Member

    Maybe I misunderstood you. Although, I agree with you, somewhat, WoW actually does what you stated should happen. So I am not sure which version of WoW you are playing. If you get raid gear it is best in slot, for PvE. As you progress through raid content and go through higher tiers, they tend to drop better, usually the same item with a slight increase, around 10% per tier. If you get best in slot raid gear, that gear is not best in slot for PvP, and vice versa.

    I didn't want to go on more about WoW, but I guess I should bring it up anyway. As you increase in tier for the mobs, the mobs actually become more... difficult. They gain new aspects of a fight. So if you are doing a LFR raid version, it may have a script or two less than lets say the mythical version, or some of the scripts are more forgiving (if you fail a script, it tends not to be as bad). With the introduction of expert zones, basically a tier increase, we saw the same mobs with nothing really different to the encounters. They basically had the same exact script setup, but with more stats. This only made the same fights we were already killing longer, with around a 20% stat boost on the previous version of the item.

    I put in a notice to my guild that I was going to be done this Thursday. Due to the lack of enjoyable content and challenge, I am rather done with the game. However, I did tell them I'd finish out this expansion, so I am going to. Honestly, if I was to quit this Thursday, I'd probably return to WoW. Yes, the game is a bit more watered down, but at least the content is enjoyable. Something that frustrates me in WoW is the lack of variation, such as limited abilities and AA tree pick-ups. That being said, EQ2 is not really that different. 1 or 2 setups tend to rule them all, it is either good or it is bad. The next expansion they are consolidating 2:1 or 3:1 on abilities. EQ2 is going to be more watered down than it already is.
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  20. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    First of all at release of EQ2 was gazillion of group content that was soloable by some classes and it was a case all way up to KoS. At EQ2 release I played coercer I could charm named heroic mob and mown whole on-land heroic content with it. After charm nerf I was playing warlock and until SOE nerf sorcerer roots - warlock was unstoppable with 2 roots :)

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