Chains of Eternity

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    So I am currently doing this timeline for my epic. But I got to thinking, since this is basically the land of the dead, (am I right?) what happens to the souls of the NPC's that you kill? Like when you are doing the part where you have to kill the Ogres for the timeline at the very beginning and destroying their camps and what not, where do they go? Is that explained? Like a void of some sort maybe?
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    If I remember correctly, the souls in Ethernere at this point in the overall story are those who chose to remain and/or those who chose not to follow any particular god. So they eventually "respawn" right back in Ethernere, where they started.

    While the gods were absent from Norrath, all mortals became stuck in Ethernere when they died. Some of those mortals either became disillusioned with the gods while there, or they grew comfortable there and decided to remain. There's even a side quest where the quest giver has been tormenting a wood elf by killing her repeatedly, and she's gone on to become a shadow knight as a result.
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    Ah thank you. That must have been why Venekor was there then? As I understood it, his soul must have been being "used" by Cazic Thule. I haven't gotten that far, but it's definitely got me curious.
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    Yeah the questlines explain it all. One of them has you kill a right ******, and the next time he sees you, he begs you not to hurt him anymore.
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    Venekor is a devout follower of Cazic Thule. He made the Temple of Cazic Thule his home, escaped from death when the Frogloks were freed in the Spirits of the Lost raid, shows up again the Halls of Seeing in Kingdom of Sky pretending to be a follower of the Awakened, and was ultimately killed. He shows up in the afterlife as a vessel of fear because that's what he is.
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    OHHH, okay. I see. I thought maybe he was possessed in the Temple of Thule instance. I know he was killed in KoS, but I don't really know much about him. I really need to start paying more attention and looking this stuff up I suppose lol
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    a good wa
    a good way is recording in books i'm currently doing a lot of that....
    i'm about to finish my inquisitor's journey to obtain her epic weapon....*spoiler* it has a sad end....
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    I also know Eidolon Jungle was all messed up because two dead gods had slogged their way through, EQ2's version of Rallos and EQ1's version of Cazic Thule. That's why half of Eidolon looked like the Plane of Fear had regurgitated all over the place.
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