Chains of Eternity Perorder COE 59,99$=56,99€ ?

Discussion in 'Expansions and Adventure Packs' started by ARCHIVED-Ronin von der Butterblume, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Ronin von der Butterblume Guest

    The SOE Info Page shows 59,99 $ but the following "BUY" Screen shows 56,99 € for european players.
    These are 74 $.
    But 59,99$ x 0,7 (1$ =1,3 €)+ 19% german taxes = 49,97 €... maybe not?
    Is this a typing error or a "very" special offer?
    Official response needed.
    Thanks and greetings,
  2. ARCHIVED-SlashnGut Guest

    If you are in Europe expect to pay about $15 more for the collectors edition of CoE than those in the USA, for the most part.

    You will most likely not see the full price until you actually are completing the purchase.
  3. ARCHIVED-Pakhet Guest

    Believe the difference in prices were because European players must pay taxes on it, while American players don't get taxed on most online purchases.
  4. ARCHIVED-Ronin von der Butterblume Guest

    Hakdagutz@Butcherblock wrote:
    Chains of Eternity - Collector's 56,99 €
    Gesamtsumme der Bestellung:
    Steuer: 0,00 €
    Gesamtsumme der Bestellung: 56,99 €

    That is the purchasing windows view.^^
  5. ARCHIVED-Ronin von der Butterblume Guest

    Pakhet wrote:
    The tax is 19% but was included in my calculation example.
    Not knowing what the werewolf is worth, so I keep waiting until the fog clears a little.
    For 57 € at least it has to be a Solo Raid Merc with auto offline crafting abilitys^^.
    Thanks for reply!
  6. ARCHIVED-Brigh Guest

    Pakhet wrote:
    No tax on virtual goods.
    Buy something from NewEgg in California you bet you are paying state taxes.
  7. ARCHIVED-Pakhet Guest

    Brigh wrote:
    True, some states tax on online purchases for non-virtual goods.
  8. ARCHIVED-Zergosch Guest

    Ronin von der Butterblume wrote:
    Thx for calculation, done that in the force chat.... maybe we should pay for the transferrate for donwloading? (Just j/k about that one)
    Officeal statement please! Why the hell, we should pay more? Did we get a bunch of candy extra ;) from pss1 ^^
  9. ARCHIVED-yohann koldheart Guest

    Zergosch wrote:
    euro customers have always paid more for expansions, for dov or aod they posted why. been digging but cant seem to find the dev post explaining it atm tho
  10. ARCHIVED-ladybird84 Guest

    Actually for DoV I believe they did eventually adjust the prices after much player complaint and several weeks, because it was repeatedly proven that there was no real reason for it other than outdated exchange rates being used. This was certainly the reason behind the subscription prices being adjusted at around the same time.
    Was pondering whether to get the expansion and start playing again until I saw the price difference was still so massively unfair to non-US players. An official statement about this (with figures to back it up!) would be great.

    Edit: Found the old thread -
  11. ARCHIVED-ladybird84 Guest

    Interesting though how the official post regarding the adjusted prices for UK and AU players has since vanished.
  12. ARCHIVED-Zergosch Guest

    I cant remember which expac, but at least one, i bought from another onlineshop, with better pricing oO
    But who sells EQ2 anyway these days
    (Maybe one reason to get rid from boxes ^^)
  13. ARCHIVED-ladybird84 Guest

    Lots of players on the other thread were suggesting buying from Direct to drive? I've never looked into it, as I waited for SOE to adjust prices last time General consensus was that it was significantly cheaper than buying from SOE though.
    It's a shame really, as it's just a bit of a turn off. EQ2 is a fantastic game, but it isn't exactly in the first flush of youth, or thriving, and this sort of thing sadly doesn't do it any favours either.
    Not to mention that with all the previous fuss (a 17 page thread of complaints and calculations proving unfair pricing for DoV counts as quite a fuss in my book), one would have hoped that steps would've been taken to prevent similar situations arising again. Le sigh.

    Edit: All of that said, I went away and compared prices and exchange rates etc... the mark-up after 20% VAT is added to the price, for UK players, is fairly minimal this time. Humble pie for tea then! Still seems overly pricy in general to me, though...

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