Chains of Eternity - Level 95 Question

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  1. ARCHIVED-Yella Guest

    I don't think they will require 280+ AAs to level when CoE comes out. You don't really need that many AAs to play, most of them are fluff that give marginal incremental improvements anyway. The 280 requirement for Skyshrine was probably there to create an incentive to play the game more than any actual need to have so many AA.
    Remember that there are two overland zones, and those typically are created for casual players. So, if there is 95 casual content it follows that you won't need 280+ AA to be able to play there. That would be pretty stupid if they did that.
    AA requirements will still be in place to get the higher level AAs though (such as prestige). It could be used as a gatekeeper for higher level dungeons but even then it is not really necessary to do that.
  2. ARCHIVED-WanyenII Guest

    Alternate is definitely a misnomer. Adventure level and ability enhancements and addItIonal abIlItIes are tied together. Perhaps a more appropriate name is warranted. Even something as unimaginative as 'secondary skills' mIght remove any connotation of beIng largely optIonal.
  3. ARCHIVED-Britefire Guest

    Honstly, I hope that the cap is not removed.
    It makes it so that you can count on people to atleast have a decent amount of aa's by 92, so you don't end up in the group with a 90/70 tank and 90/108 healer in a zone, and just waste your time while wiping over and over, like waves on a beach.
    It does make leveling a lot slower, I have only gotten two characters to 92, but it greatly improves grouping at 92.
    It is much less often now that I get in a PuG where the tank dies instantly, and the bard outparses the wiz.
  4. ARCHIVED-Quart Guest

    tbh i made a mystic got him to 92/320 AA without a merc or any grouping and betrayed him to defiler in 4 hours its not a difficult achievement and no reason to remove it players are already terrible and cant do current heroic content with 280 AA couldnt imagine people with less....i cant stand to group in pugs anymore because of players who dont know their class and if the requirement was removed the frustration could be a flop for more than just the few casual players
  5. ARCHIVED-Yella Guest

    Quart wrote:
    AA's dont have that much of an impact. The difference in performance between a player with 200 versus say 300 is minimal. I have been grinding to 280, and honestly choosing what AA to select is more random, since by then you have most of what is usefull anyway. When you reach that level the AA you add go into abilities that you rarely use. At that point you are making a few percentage points difference in performance, and that is not enough to be a break or make scenario.
    What you are talking about more likely has to do with gear and spells. A casual player equiped with quest gear and regular spells is going to be at a big performance disadvantage compared to a hardcore player in raid gear and master spells. not to mention the fact that a casual player is going to use what they have less efficiently than a hardcore player. All of that has very little do do with AAs.
  6. ARCHIVED-BroGerras Guest

    I am a casual player too, I have a main char - Wiz 92/320 and have decent gear (SS - Legendary/Fabled, and level 92 Master Crafted Fabled) and most of my spells are mastered (all but one) but I have to admit I can't seem to keep up with some wizards I have seen play.
    Dam I was in an ST group the other night and sat 4th in the parse. Granted most of them were raid geared but I figured to at least hold 3rd, let face it the troub was out parsing me but not by much.
    So my point here is in reference to the comment left by Yella "not to mention the fact that a casual player is going to use what they have less efficiently than a hardcore player."
    I agree with this and like in life this is due to experience, but it also comes down to setup in this game - proper AA setup/prestige and cast order.
    I have gone through the Wizard area on Flames and have respeced my AA's and Prestige and even looked at the cast order and restructured to that. But I have to ask, is the raid gear really providing 200k in dps??? Or am I just screwing up somewhere else.
    I am not looking for or asking for a flame, just maybe someone or someplace to go to help out a casual player with tips without criticism.

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