Chainmail Sambata Gauntlets of Destruction

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Rashi, Jan 9, 2020.

  1. Rashi New Member

    These items are tagged as legendary and not no-value or no-salvage yet they cannot be salvaged and when you transmute them you get the components from Planes of Prophecy such as Infusion of the Planes and not the current adorning materials. This seems to go for all of the Sambata gear I have come across.
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  2. Rashi New Member

    Same with the Chainmail Sambata Bracers of Destruction, Overseer's Steel Linked Chestplate, Chainmail Sambata Bracers of the Deathless, Sambata Ring of Tension, Platemail Bloodtribe Pauldrons of Enlightenment
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  3. Rashi New Member

    Sambata Cloak of Rage, Chainmail Sambata Greaves of Enlightenment, Bloodtribe Bracelet of Endurance, Bogling's Barding of the Potent, Bloodtribe Bracelet of Blasting, Sambata Cloak of Spirit, Chainmail Bloodtribe Breastplate of Destruction, Bloodtribe Necklace of Spirit, Overseer's Ebon Chain Boots also all have this same issue.
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  4. Rashi New Member

    Umbrallium Alloy Linked Leggings and Chainmail Sacrarium Bracers of the Deathless are 2 more examples
  5. Rashi New Member

    Sambata Bracelet of Intensity, Chainmail Sambata Gauntlets of Enlightenment, Chainmail Bloodtribe Pauldrons of Enlightenment, Bloodtribe Necklace of Stamina, Chainmail Sambata Breastplate of Destruction, Chainmail Sacrarium Bracers of the Deathless, Overseer's Steel Threaded Gloves
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