Center Announcements Window missing

Discussion in 'Players Supporting Players' started by Linolil eQuorian, Sep 24, 2014.

  1. Linolil eQuorian New Member

    On only one character, the center window where announcement pop up, such as quest advancement notices, doesn't appear anymore. I suspect I accidentally closed it, but can't find any commands to open/close it. Heck, I don't even know what its real name is....
  2. Enric_of_Neriak Member

    It will be one of these two most likely.

    show_window MainHUD.Onscreenmessage
    show_window MainHUD.OnscreenMessage

    I have a macro set up because I can't stop messing with my UI layout.

    hide_window MainHUD.Onscreenmessage
    hide_window MainHUD.OnscreenMessage

    That hides them again. If the window hasn't been pushed off screen hitting F10 and using the aforementioned commands will cause it to show up.
  3. Linolil eQuorian New Member

    LOLROF..... /show_window MainHUD.Onscreenmessage presented a box saying;

    [DEVL] You have reached level 10! jlkjlk jlk jlk jlk jlk jlk jlk jlk jlk jlk jlk llklj;;klj; ...... and so on.

    I am definitely grateful that you included the hide messages. :

    /show_window MainHUD.OnscreenMessage appeared to work, but I am working on the gathering obsession and the harvesting updates are still not appearing. Also, hitting F10 does not show it as one of the present windows.
  4. Linolil eQuorian New Member

    FYI - Under Options -> User Interface, there is also a check box for;
    Keep Main HUD Window Visible.
    It is checked.
  5. Linolil eQuorian New Member

    Rats -- I just heard the "you have advanced" tone ... and have no way to find up what I achieved. One pet peeve of mine is that those messages are not logged to a chat window.
  6. Linolil eQuorian New Member

    I went to Options, User Interface, Game Windows and used the [Reset] button to reset the locations. That appears to have fixed the problem.
  7. Linolil eQuorian New Member

    One last note for the record: When you hit F10 to see all the windows, this one is not shown, even though it is there and active.
  8. Marae Well-Known Member

    I have this same issue, on one of my characters (I have not had a chance to check the other one yet). It just started (I noticed it today) so it may be related to the recent patch. The problem is that the window is offscreen. I know this because if the announcement is very long, I can see the end of it at the very top of the screen. But short messages, or the beginnings of long ones, are not visible. I have it checked in the interface options to not allow windows offscreen, but this problem persists regardless. And I am reluctant to reset wndow locations, because I don't know what else that will change that I don't want changed. But I may have to do it eventually. It is driving me up the wall the same as it was you, Linolil.

    For the record, I would also like to see these messages logged in the chat window. I hate missing these things, and I often do if I don't look quickly enough - or read quickly enough, especially if the message is long.